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My Thoughts on the Oscars 2014

Good day to you ladies and gentlemen of the interweb hope you’re all doing well and all that jazz. Well it seems another night at the Oscars has come and gone and I stayed up to watch it all. Me and my friend live streamed it online and watched al the fun and chaos that took place on Twitter and Tumblr too. All in all it was a fun and fruitful, if somewhat predictable night.


Anyways here are the winners are as follows:


Jared Leto – Dallas Buyers Club WINNER


Lupita Nyong’o – 12 Years a Slave WINNER


Alfonso Cuaron – GravityWINNER


The Great Gatsby – WINNER


Dallas Buyers Club – WINNER


Mr Hublot – WINNER


Frozen – WINNER


Helium – WINNER


The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life – WINNER


20 Feet from Stardom – WINNER


The Great Beauty (Italy) – WINNER


Gravity – WINNER


Gravity – WINNER


Gravity – WINNER


Gravity – WINNER


Gravity – WINNER


The Great Gatsby – WINNER


Gravity – WINNER


Let It Go – Frozen WINNER


John Ridley – 12 Years a Slave WINNER


Spike Jonze – HerWINNER

Well to be honest I am pretty happy with the way most of these winners ended up. Even though Gravity practically won everything, when it comes to cinematography and visual effects I think the film deserved its awards. I also am glad that The Great Gatsby won costume and production design, they were well-deserved. But most importantly was the awards won for Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong’o. Both of them did amazing jobs in Dallas Buyers Club and 12 Years a Slave. I was especially happy for Lupita Nyong’o, I had hoped that she would be recognized for her work in 12 Years a Slave, I was so happy for her and her speech was very inspiring. And speaking of 12 Years a Slave, I am so happy that the film won best picture, SO happy, it rightfully got that award and was happy that Gravity didn’t take that award too (because by that point it would have been ridiculous). And finally seeing Matthew McConaughey win best actor was a fine moment in time, just put everything in perspective and made me smile because it is about time he was recognized for his talent.

All that being said I can’t help but say that I was disappointed with some things. “Let It Go” from Frozen is a good song, but SO overhyped now that it is ridiculous. I would have preferred “Happy” by Pharrell or “Ordinary Love” by U2 win the award for best song instead. But what I am most gutted about is Leonardo DiCaprio not winning best actor, his performance in The Wolf of Wall Street was amazing and I prayed for him, I really did, but he was up against absurdly great actors this year.

BhxWutnCEAAtEQ6.jpg large

Outside of that and all the awards there was a lot of fun moments with Ellen DeGeneres as the host, she was a bit cringeworthy at times, but she also got in some nice conversations with people, got this amazing photo with several actors and actresses and got pizza delivered. That makes her awesome in my book. Also the musical performances by U2 and Pharrell were real highlights for me because I love “Happy” and “Ordinary Love” is an amazing song by one of my all-time favourite bands and hearing them live just brought warm feelings to my heart.

And finally there has to be this addressing of the Benedict Cumberbatch hype going on especially on Tumblr. Mr. Cumberbatch has been showing up all over the place and has been photo bombing people, and since then, loads of people online have literally slapped him everywhere. His obsessed fans have gone overboard and made gifs, funny memes and photo edited images too, it is crazy how fast they are. But it has been humourous for me and my mate to watch the chaos unfold.


In conclusion I am okay with the way the Oscars turned out, show some of my films and actors didn’t win and Gravity pretty much swallowed everything. However it was a fun and entertaining night and where it counted, justice was served.

So what do you think of the results of this year’s Oscars? Are you happy or are you mad as hell? Leave your comments below and I’ll catch ya later. ūüėÄ

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My Thoughts on the 2014 BAFTA Winners

Howdy ladies and gents, I have arisen from the depths of the earth to make a new film post. So the BAFTAs have come and gone and while I didn’t tune in to watch it because my TV was occupied by my family, I still read up on the winners and just wanted to deliver my thoughts.


Well the winners of this year’s BAFTAs was certainly unexpected and had a few surprises which is ultimately a good thing because the people who give out these awards obviously could see the talent in some of these films that weren’t just the favourite choices to win big.

Right now have a look at the full list of winners below:

Best Film: 12 Years a Slave

Outstanding British Film: Gravity

Best Director: Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity

Leading Actor: Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Years a Slave

Leading Actress: Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine

Best Supporting Actor: Barkhad Abdi, Captain Phillips

Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Original Screenplay: American Hustle

Adapted Screenplay: Philomena

Animated Film: Frozen

Documentary: The Act of Killing

Film Not in the English Language: The Great Beauty

Outstanding Debut: Kieran Evans, Victor + Kelly

Cinematography: Gravity

Visual Effects: Gravity

Original Music: Gravity

Make-Up & Hair: American Hustle

Costume Design: The Great Gatsby

Production Design: The Great Gatsby

Sound: Gravity

Editing: Rush

British Short Film: Room 8

British Short Animation: Sleeping With The Fishes

Rising Star: Will Poulter

Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema: Peter Greenaway

BAFTA Fellowship: Helen Mirren

So it seems like Gravity got a lot of love last night winning in several awards including British outstanding film, cinematography, visual effects, music, sound and best director. For some of those awards it is a given like visual effects and cinematography, which to be fair are rightfully won because the film really was unmatched in those areas. I’m also happy it got recognized for its great soundtrack, I really loved it especially at the end of the film.

12 Years a Slave at got least the two awards that I hope for, best film and best actor for my man Chiwetel Ejiofor. Other awards I’m happy with include Barkhad Abdi getting best supporting actor for his work in Captain Phillips, well deserved in my opinion. And even though Rush only got an award in editing, the film did have so great editing so it is nice to see it be recognized for something.

And then there are the rest which I don’t really care about or didn’t see so I can’t give an opinion. Jennifer Lawrence for me wasn’t that great in American Hustle, I didn’t see Blue Jasmine unfortunately, but I can guess that Cate Blanchett did a good enough job to earn her award. Frozen was a given for the animation award and The Act of Killing is a really good documentary that I’ll have to check out at some point considering the critical praise it’s getting.

As for the Oscars that’s coming up in a few weeks, I dunno if I’ll tune in and watch it online again because that takes a lot of effort and while this year will be a close call, I’m not sure I’ll get the result I want. I guess we’ll see what happens.

Well that’s my quick thoughts on this years BAFTA winners, nota bad turn out in my opinion. What did you think of the winners? Right down your thoughts in the comments below.


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My Top Ten Film of 2013

My top 10 films

Howdy ladies and gents, since the year is almost over and I have seen pretty much all the films I can see this year, I think it’s about time that I release my 10 ten list of films this year. Now the following stuff is a segment from my End of Year Review which will be up very soon, so I thought I’d upload this first as a separate thing in case people miss it in the other blog post. But anyways I’ve talked too much, here’s my list:

When it comes to films, I thought this year was a pretty disappointing especially when compared to last year. There was so much promise of awesomeness and unforgettable material, however there was just a lack impact and presence when it came to a lot of the films this year. I even¬†wrote a post about it a while ago. Now that’s not to say that 2013 was a complete waste of time, there were some really fun and impressive films on show that were on show and luckily made those days in the cinema not as painful.

Annoyingly just like last year there are films that came out this year that I’ll have to wait until next year for (12 Years as a Slave¬†and¬†American Hustle¬†come to mind), but I’ve gotten used to the fact that the UK film distribution is totally unfair.

So it’s now time for my top 10, but before that keep in mind this was a frigging hard list to do and I’m only counting films released in 2013, films from 2012 that were released in 2013 for us UK residents DON’T COUNT! Okay here’s my list:

Top 10 Films of 2013

  1. Captain Phillips
  2. Now You See Me
  3. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
  4. Iron Man 3
  5. Gravity
  6. Saving Mr. Banks
  7. Rush
  8. Thor: The Dark World
  9. Frozen
  10. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Honourable mentions:

When it comes to upcoming films I think that 2014 will be better, I’m praying for it. With epic titles like¬†Godzilla, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Interstellar, Sabotage, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past¬†and so much more, I’m sure that it has the potential to rectify the mistakes of this year.

So what do you think of my list? Do you like it or do you believe me to be insane with my choices? Are any of your favourites in there or are there ones I’ve missed out? Gimme your thoughts down below yo.


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The Film Reviews Will Return, I PROMISE!

Hey ladies and gents, as you might notice, as of recent I haven’t been reviewing films as frequently as I used to and I don’t want you to think I’ve given up or dropped off the face of the planet, I’M STILL HERE, I just have other commitments with uni and my new job, So yeah let me give you some info on my situation.

cinemaonscreenThis is where I belong, and I’m being denied of it!

Now as I’ve said before, I’ve gotten a hell of a lot of stuff going on in my life at the moment. Firstly my animation course has been bleeding me dry with the three modules I’ve had to do and while it’s not been hard per-se, it has been tedious and time-consuming. Secondly I started my new job last weekend and that eats up all of my weekend and since its night shifts, when I get hope I’m almost dead and crash out, but for some reason I sleep even longer during this time which in turn means I have no time in the day to do anything and that sucks! All of this has made my cinema going experience very difficult to tackle.

However never fear as I shall return to the cinema soon!

With the hand-in of my uni work coming around next week and most of my work being finished this weekend, I’m thinking that I will treat myself to the cinema after all this stress and bullshit.

So what’s on the card? Well here’s the list of films I want to see and review:

  • Frozen (I have heard LOADS of people go one about this film like it’s the most amazing thing ever, I’m curious to see if it meets the hype)
  • Saving Mr. Banks (I’ve heard so many good things about this film and I have to see it because of the actors involved)
  • The Butler (This is film I had followed for a while so I’m hoping to catch it at some point)
  • Philomena (It’s got Judi Dench in it, and Steve Coogan in a serious role, plus Mark Kermode said it was good. I’m down)
  • Kill Your Darlings (It has Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan in it, I’m interested by that alone)
  • Anchorman: The Legend Continues (Liked the first film, wanna see the sequel, nuff said)
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Loved the first film and early reviews say it’s better than the first so I CAN’T WAIT!)

Here are films I am kind of half and half about:

  • Homefront (I heard this film isn’t anything special, but I like the cast and the trailer, may check it out)
  • Bad Grandpa (The trailers for this looked hilarious, it’s still showing in Sheffield, so I’m gonna try and catch it)
  • Oldboy (This is remake that didn’t need to happen, but I may watch it to see how much it fails)
  • Carrie (It’s a remake, I like Chlo√ę Grace Moretz, but I’ve heard lame things, I can take it or leave it)

As for films I want to re-watch well we have:

  • Thor: The Dark World (I really liked this film and annoyingly I haven’t seen it since opening day, weak!)
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (This was a good film and I really liked it above the first, need to check it out again)
  • Gravity (Great film, gotta see it for the crazy amazing visuals again)

Films for December 2013I know Homefront isn’t on this list, but I messed up on the Photoshop alignment lol

So yeah expect a good deal of reviews over the next few days/weeks. TRUST IN ME! ūüėÄ

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Space is scary in this Gravity Review

Okay ladies and gents, it is time for me to review a film I have been waiting to see for AGES, I am of course talking about Gravity. Now I’ve been wanting to see this film since I saw the first trailer, but then I saw it in the cinema like 20 MORE TIMES! Bloody hell that got annoying. Then the film came out in the US a whole month ago and while critics loved it, the audience response was spilt into love and hate from what I read online.¬†So I finally checked it out today and now I’m ready to talk about it in this review yo.


The story for the film simply put involves a medical engineer and an astronaut who survive the mid-orbit destruction of a Space Shuttle, they then have to work together to survive and attempt to return to Earth.

I thought that the story in this film was very good, not at any point did I feel cheated by what I was watching or thought that anything came across as cheap or forced. Things progressed in a natural way for not only the characters involved, but also the action that took place too.¬†Everything¬†came across in a very realistic manner displaying the slow-paced nature of zero gravity and movement through space and then demonstrating the more chaotic actions that happens when moving objects collided. Now obviously one can question the¬†legitimacy¬†of the¬†realism¬†in the film, but in terms of science fiction films I have seen, this is one of the most/if not the most realistic¬†deceptions¬†I’ve ever come across. I got a lot of nostalgic references to Alien and Sunshine¬†because¬†of the¬†loneliness and fight for survival aspects of the film and those were the points that really freaked me out. As a person who fears death by space I was cringing throughout the film witnessing all of my worst fears come to life in this film and the fact that it felt so engaging and real is a great thing.


In terms of the cast we have just Sandra Bullock and George Clooney to talk about, but they are fabulous and really do great job considering the location and situations their characters are put in. Sandra Bullock is incredible as Dr. Ryan Stone, Bullock displays some truly deep levels of emotion and her acting is so real that I felt as scared as she did because I was emotionally invested in her character. As for George Clooney he was wonderful as Lieutenant Matt Kowalski, Clooney has been a very hit and miss guy for me, but luckily he was this strong-willed, humorous, calm and collected man who worked with Ryan and I enjoyed his character a lot.


When it comes to the presentation it is virtually flawless in its execution. Visually the film is just breathtaking. Now there has been some brilliant special effects in films this year including Oblivion, Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and Elysium to name a few, but this film just beats those all on a whole new dimension. The CGI in this film is frigging INSANE! Everything is so crisp, sharp, vivid, colourful and looks beautiful. The cinematography is also some of the best I’ve ever seen with some incredible tracking shots, long and wide shots space and Earth in the background and just the way the camera moves and displays the action in the film is gorgeous. As for the soundtrack by Steven Price it was amazing, the score was very varied and really amplified every scene it was used it. There moments of soft, beautiful music and then it’d ¬†switch to a very hard-hitting sound and it was all handled with such style and care, one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard for a while.¬†And seeing it all in IMAX 3D was just beastly, the massive screen and absurdly awesome surround sound made everything so much more intimidating and for the first time in ages, I actually enjoyed the 3D in a film. The 3D made Gravity feel so interactive and while it wasn’t overly noticeable after a while it worked well for this film.


In conclusion Gravity is awesome, it is one of the most terrifying and gripping films I have seen in the cinema in a while. The story, characters and presentation was all top quality and just the way it depicted the cold, merciless and unexpected nature of space was unlike anything I’ve seen before. Now obviously film is subjective and I assume there will be people who won’t like the film, but if you’re patient, have a brain or is a fan of sci-fi films then you’ll have a good time with Gravity. While I can’t decide at the moment whether I liked this more than Captain Philips remains to be seen, but I say go check this film out, it is an experience that all people should check out.

Rating: 9/10 (A terrifyingly awesome sci-fi thriller with incredible production values and two great lead performances)

So what did you think of Gravity. were you one of the people who loved it or were you on the opposite side of the fence and hated it? Whatever your thoughts drop them below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo! ūüėÄ


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