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Howdy people and welcome to another instalment in my blogging rants. It’s been a while with since the last rant and things have been good for a while, but yesterday I experienced what can only be described as the worst train journey in existence. So now I’m gonna regale my story to you today.


Waiting for trains is a pain in the ass, but being stuck on one is even worst.

So yeah yesterday my sister and I were meant to head off to London to meet my uncle in London and watch Man of Steel with hid friends and my cousins. We caught out our train after 6pm and we were on-route, however after we got to St. Albans the train driver said that our train was gonna be delayed due to signalling problems at St. Pancras and since there were a few trains ahead of us we couldn’t move until we got the go ahead from the St. Pancras to move forward. To say that I was annoyed was an understatement, but I thought we’d get out of this just around time… Oh how wrong I was.


So yeah the train eventually started moving again but then stop at another station and the train driver stated that again due to signalling problems and the trains ahead of us we had to stop again. He apologized again and said that when he’d get new information he’d let us know. Me and my sister were pissed off. I was still living in hope… Until it happened another THREE TIMES! We only moved ahead one station at a time and with every minute that went by it got closer and closer to that screening time for Man of Steel. Sitting there on the train with no way to tell when you’re gonna move or not was horrible and was slowly driving me insane.


Eventually by the time it got to around 7.45pm I just decided to give up on the film. Me and my sister live by a serious code of conduct when it comes to watching films in the cinema. Basically we never like to get a cinema screening late, EVER and be bash people who do come in late. We never want to fall in that trap. So after a lot of debate, since we’d seen the film already we chose to go to Camden Town and eat instead and catch up with my uncle later on.

In the end we got into St. Pancras around 8pm and I just thought that it wouldn’t be worth us trying to rush over only to show up over half an hour into the film. So yeah not even worth the effort.

Now granted if we had left earlier like my sister had wanted then we wouldn’t have been in that situation, but there’s no way I could have foreseen that load of bullshit. Train delays have always been troublesome but I’ve never experienced them until yesterday and holy crap does it suck, especially when you’re stuck on the train and have no means of escape.

After yesterday I know to NEVER take chances with the train service ever again! RANT OVER! XD


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My Little Internet Problem

Howdy people, time for me to do a little mini update/rant about my current status with the internet. Now the internet is something I use A LOT and while I can live without it if I’m watching loads of TV, playing video games or chilling at the cinema then I’m fine. But annoyingly when its taken away from me I freak out and then become useless as so much of what I do these days revolve around it. So imagine my surprise last week to find that the internet in my house way gone!


This is how I feel about the internet when it’s gone.

So yeah I was chilling in my house the other day just watching stuff on YouTube and playing games, I think I went to check a gaming website for help on Metroid: Zero Mission, but the page wouldn’t load. I tried reloading the page, nothing happened. Then I saw the internet logo in the corner said there was no signal. So then I went downstairs to see that the modem and cables had been removed! Noooooooooooooooooo! Luckily I had games play and videos to watch but I felt terrible. And since then I’ve had to deal with using my phone’s internet and travelling to other people’s houses for my internet needs.


This was my reaction when I found out about my internet’s disappearance.

Now technically it is partially me and my mate’s fault for not paying him recently for the internet bill (because he’s the one who deals with it), however he’s never been bothered about our long-term payments. Plus both me and my housemate have been in shit financial situations with our landlord for ages, he knows this, so for him to just run away with the internet in such a shady fashion is really ugly of him. Butt you know what I say fuck it. Let him have the internet, me and my boys will be in a new house in around 5 weeks so as long as I have mates in the area who has internet I can borrow I’ll be good yo.

So what does this mean for my blog? Well as you know in addition to doing film reviews I’ll also be doing my Month of Superhero Film Reviews starting June 1st, so this may get a little tricky not having internet and all but heck we’ll give it a try. Just don’t be surprised if there’s some hiccups along the way yo. 😛

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Rant 11: Ewwww. I Can See The Snow Outside My Window Again.

Yo yo people and welcome to another installment in my blogging rants. Today we are moving back to a subject I just can’t seem to stop rating about these days, of course I’m talking about everyone’s favourite form of weather, snow.


I don’t understand why this keeps happening. For a while now we’ve been enjoying a good few weeks of basic dry sunny days and the occasion rainy day, and that’s all I want at this time of year. This is the point when the snow along with the winter season should just fuck off and give spring its time to shine. But no, the winter seems content with continuing its stay and throwing that horrible snow in our direction once again. It makes me feel so much anger and sadness at the same time.


I might as well look like this when I’m moaning about the snow because that’s how I feel.

Now for those of you who have been following my blog you know that I tend to moan and rant about snow A LOT. And you’re probably wondering, “How can this guy rant about snow so much?” And I say how can I not. It’s just disruptive, annoying and cold. I can’t stand it. All I want is the sunshine and warm weather. Maybe that’s due to my heritage as black man from the Caribbean as I fare better in hotter conditions, but whatever the case is this madness needs to stop.


I want this hoody.

I looked at the weather forecast for the next few days for Sheffield and it looks like this snow is gonna continue for a few days more which really bugs me. If I need to go to the cinema over the next few days which will be a very likely situation then I’m gonna hve to endure this horrible weather in full force, meh. I really hope this ain’t going down on my birthday or things will definitely be in the shitter. X(


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Living in a house that isn’t a home

Good day to all who may be reading this blog post, since I won’t be going to the cinema until tomorrow I guess I’ll share another chapter of my life with you all. Today I will be discussing my housing situation and how living in this house is just not a jolly time anymore.

I dunno about this but it would make things a little more interesting haha.

You’ve probably heard the term “a house is not a home” or possibly heard of the song by Dionne Warwick, anyway the fact of the matter that is how I feel about my current living quarters. However it wasn’t always this way, back when me and my other housemates move into this house back in July things were on the right track. However problems continuously came over the months. Firstly we lost our most lively house mate when he just disappeared off to Manchester and left us with a random Russian lass who I swear is the hardest person to get a conversation out off. Secondly we lost another housemate when he had to go back to his hometown to take care of his mother’s house taking his dog with him too. And thirdly we have this asshole of a landlord who I may have mentioned before on this blog, he basically just invites himself into the house on the odd occasion, he’s proper nosey and he demands money continuously from me and my other housemate who aren’t in the best financial situations.

Then add on top of that the fact that there is barely interaction between people in this house. Back between July to October that was a connection between me and my fellow housemates, however after 3 people left, 1 randomer moved in and the Freeview box on the TV broke no one hangs out in the living room. It is as empty and barren as an abandoned warehouse. Normally it’s just me and my best mate Craig talking while the other 2 we barely interact with because their rarely here or just choose not to talk to us. However when Craig goes home I'[m left alone, and that’s the key word here. Alone.

Back in our flat accommodation last year even though we were pretty individual we always made time to hang out and bond. But back then I had 3 whole friends to hang with, but no I only have 1 of them to hang with. In this house there is no family, no bonding, just people living in a house who sometimes complain by each other’s backs and steal things.

So what’s the point of this blog post? Well I just wanted to highlight that if you gonna live in student housing make sure you move in with people you ACTUALLY like and want to be around, also make sure your mates don’t desert you randomly too.


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What the hell is going on with my life right now?

I don’t what the deal is right now, but in my life right now I don’t even know what the deal is. I feel like I’m just going through the days of the year not actually paying attention to what’s going on around me. Besides my nights out, hang time with my friends and when I go to the cinema everything else feels so tedious, boring and lifeless. And once again it comes back to education.

See this picture perfectly sums up how I feel about my life and education at the moment.

Now while I really shouldn’t be complaining about my life because it could be much worse, honestly though I feel like times could be a lot better. My course at university is no longer interesting and my current modules are a far cry from anything actually worth doing. It is just some stuff that I’m no longer paying attention to. You when you were in school and daydreamed while you were in lessons? Well I do that nearly all the time, sometimes I wonder why I wake and go into class, it just feels so pointless. And that’s not the way one should feel when they fought very hard to get into their chosen university with the course they really wanted to do. Right now in my second year of animation I’ve grown tired of university and I really just want it to end.

Even outside of my course things are totally out of whack; on my days off from uni most days just blend in to each other and never know what’s going on. Besides blogging that keeps my mind at ease and when the cinema has films I want to watch I am content with the world, but right now I am dealing with my current financial issues as usual and also dealing with the worst landlord in the history of existence so life isn’t terribly easy.

Right now I just want the months to speed up so we can get to the summer where uni will be over and I’ll be moved out of this house and moved into a much better place with my good mates.

Well I apologize for giving you such a disheartening blog post to read and I pray the next one will be much more fun to read!


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Rant 10: Annoying People In Cinema Screenings!

Hey hey here people and welcome to another installment in my blogging rants. It seems like this is first one of 2013, woo! Now I was planning on doing another rant for a while, but the more I thought about today’s subject matter the more it started to piss me off, so today’s subject will on those annoying members of the public that disturb you when you’re in the cinema.

Behaviour like this is just annoying as hell. Look at that guy with the popcorn, I am the same way…

Now this is nothing new. Every person who’s been to the cinema at least once has experienced at least one questionable or annoying time thanks to a member of the public. Whether it be ringing phones or parents who bring disruptive babies/children or people who won’t shut up during a film or those who eat really loudly or those punks who’s brightly illuminated phone light flash in your eye line. Those a just a taste of many of the annoying things I’ve had to endure over the years.

Now let me regale you with a story from my latest time in the cinema which lead me to make this blog post in the first place. Basically I went to see The Last Stand yesterday (which was good by the way), but during the beginning of the film there was a scene at night which made the room dark and in came this old couple. As they ascended the stairs slowly all you could hear was them moaning about it being too dark and not being able to find a seat. It was very annoying and I am sure someone told them to shhh, but they continued to make noise and it only got worse… The old man sat down already and kept telling his wife to sit near him, but she said she couldn’t find him, she was like “Where are you?” And the old man kept replying “Jesus Christ, I’m over here!” People started laughing quietly while other people like me were growing more and more frustrated. At one point another man tried to help the old woman out telling her to move along the row, but she then asked “Are you Geoff?” to which the man replied “No.” and her husband was like “Jesus Christ come over here, I’m right here!” My god! What the actual fuck!?! This woman was actually useless. Eventually she did move down the rows to her husband and FINALLY sat down, and then the old couple continued to mumble for a bit longer until they eventually went silent. That shit was going on for just over 5 minutes! AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!

It’s moment like these where you just want to freak out and tell the people in question to shut the hell up yo!

Now I’m normally a pretty jolly guy, but if you mess with my cinema experience then I’ll take you out and leave you in a dark corner somewhere. I read on the BBC news site about cinema ninjas where there are people in morph suits crawling around in the dark silencing people and stopping them from disrupting other people’s experiences, and that sounds like a grand idea. Like it is said in the video of the news report, there is an etiquette that comes with going to the cinema, you want to watch a film to be entertaining, however too many times an experience can be ruined because of one or more sets of individuals who decide to be pests.


They need these in every cinema!

Anyways I just wanted to get that annoying experience out of the way. Luckily I enjoyed the rest of The Last Stand yesterday, but those first few minutes was a fucking endurance test! Okay, RANT OVER! So have you had any annoying of frustrating experiences in the cinema? I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a comment below and let me know yo. Until the next time people, later on! 😀

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Rant 06: I Hate Being Left Out

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another installment in my blogging rants and today’s subject will be on how I hate being left out of things in general.

Now I know this really a trivial and selfish thing, but it really does suck when you’re the one left out or forgotten about when it comes to family and friends doing fun and exciting things. It’s happened to me for years since my days since school and while some of these occasions I have been able to get over, in more recent years it really does feel like some of the people I know have done it on purpose.

No one likes to be left out of anything fun, me especially.

To be honest I love to be at the center of all things fun, whether it be with my friends or family, I just love to be part of great and happy situations like birthdays, weddings or nights out in the company of good friends. Though unfortunately there are occasions where you cannot be there to experience the epic happy times either because you weren’t invited or because you couldn’t be there and it does suck when you can’t be part of it.

Ever since I was a child I guess I’ve never liked the concept of missing out on anything fun when it comes to my friends and since in recent years I’ve gotten attached to people a lot more, when they do things that sound hella fun  can get incredibly jealous very quickly. I know this sounds childish and trivial but I can’t help it, it’s just in my nature to be part of things and if I’m not there I feel like I’m missing out on good times. And since coming to Sheffield and hanging with my new friends thata I’ve with in my flat over the course of my first year in student accommodation, there have been occasions where I’ve gone home for certain durations of time vary from a weekend to 2 weeks and in that time there always to be something fun going down when I’m away! And while I assume they don’t do it on purpose, sometimes the stuff they get up to is really the kind of stuff I’ve wanted to do with them like going to certain bars or eating at certain restaurants or going on nights out to places the normally wouldn’t and it just bugs me so much that they just can’t wait for me.

Unfortunately I’ve been in this situation many times ans I don’t know why.

At the time of writing this I have been left out of another situation, while I won’t go into the detail as to what specifically it is, in the end I was technically deserted and left to party on my own while I was left out again. Annoyingly there seems to be a pattern forming on my nights out with my friends and situations like these where I’m the odd one out are starting to become more and more apparent. Who knows? Maybe I just need a change of scenery and another set of people to hang with. And just for the record it’s not like I set myself up for these scenarios, I am genuinely a nice guy with very bad luck. 😦

But hell whatever, I just wanted to rant about being left out of fun situations and I guess for now I am done ranting, thanks for reading! 😀


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Rant 05: My Horrible Restaurant Experience

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another installment in my blogging rants and today’s subject will be on the horrible experience I had at an Italian restaurant the other night.

As it says in the title of this post I had a horrible time in a restaurant the horrible day, it was incredible, ridiculous and unnecessary. Never before have I had such a bad experience in any restaurant in my life! Anyway, let me go back to the start of things and explain how my night went from brilliant to horrible in the space of 2 hours.

So check it out, my mate Ela wanted to meet up with me and our other college friends before she went off to Barcelona, so the other night we all met up in town and decided we wanted to go out and eat somewhere fancy. However some of the guys were being picky about where they wanted to eat, but then it was suggest we go to a Greek restaurant, but when we got there that place was closed, though across the road we saw an Italian restaurant and decided to try our luck in there.

Italian food, can’t go wrong right?

So we step inside and it’s all nice, cozy and pretty-looking and very surprising because on the outside it doesn’t look as fancy. The host is pretty charismatic and funny, he got the drinks for our table pretty quickly and he moved around the restaurant a lot when more people came in. Then me and my mates clocked on, he was not only the host, but he was the only waiter in the restaurant (it’s no wonder there was a ‘help wanted’ sign in the window). Me and mates were literally just having a great time catching up and taking pictures, but some us were getting pretty darn hungry (me especially). Luckily the starters showed up and they were actually really good, but we destroyed the starters in a matter of minutes so most us were ready for our main courses… Only problem was that it was gonna take a long time to get to us.

Waiting for food, it is no laughing matter.

I’m not sure when we specifically ordered our food but the thing is after 30 minutes we were starting to get a little irritable and after around an hour even the people on the table behind us asked if we had received our food yet as they hadn’t gotten their food either. It was at this point when we started to get annoyed with the service and wanted to ask what the deal was, so my mate asked the host why the food was taking so long and the man replied “What would you like me to do about it?” And mate said that he should try to speed up our food in the kitchen and then the host/waiter said he’d try and by that point you could see him getting a little agitated with us, not that we cared because we were bloody hungry. Unfortunately the pain only ascended.

By hour and a half mark I was suffering and so were my friends. One of my mates wanted to leave and at one point I was gonna leave with her. A few of us reckoned we could have gone to several other places and gotten food so much faster than we could have in that restaurant. A little while later my mate asked the host/waiter again about our food and as he walked by our table he literally said “It’s coming.” But the waiting was killing me, I was so totally gonna leave. I was rocking forward and backward and stabbing the table with my fork. I was freaking out without my food. Ela kept trying to keep some us calm and told us to stay when we kept saying we gonna leave. But what really drove me to the point of insanity was that the people who came in after us were starting to get their food before us and I was just so ready to blow up, I felt a fusion of anger, confusion and depression. Me and my mates were asking each other what we ordered and thought that it really wouldn’t take that long to make some of those main dishes. I mean two of my mates were waiting for pasta dishes, PASTA DISHES! PASTA DOES NOT TAKE TWO HOURS TO MAKE!

At one point my mate asked the host/waiter for the third time where our food was, and the guy said it was ready and my mate was like “Then what are you standing around for? Go and get our food!” And everyone started laughing, me especially. It was that moment that saved me from being completely depressed in that restaurant, I was still hungry, but I was well happy about what my mate said. Eventually and I mean EVENTUALLY our food did show up after the two-hour mark. Some of the food was good, but mine specifically wasn’t worth the wait. I was just annoyed that it took forever.

Making someone wait for food when they’re hungry is not a good thing to do. It makes them crazy and unstable! No joke.

In the end that was the worst experience I had ever had in any restaurant ever. I had only seen customer service and food-waiting that bad on TV like when I was watching Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (great show by the way), but now I know the pain from the customer side of things. It was ridiculous how short-staffed the place was, I only saw two people in the kitchen and there was only ONE waiter! Which was tragic, then add the two-hour wait for our food along with the horrible service we got from the host/waiter guy and that was a recipe for a bad restaurant experience. The food wasn’t bad, but it took too damn long and I will not be returning there anytime soon.

At the end of the day you should never have to wait for your food, if your food takes an hour to get to you, leave beforehand and find somewhere better.

Thanks for reading my rant. Later on! 😀

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Life and Stability

Good day to you people of WordPress and welcome to another blog post. It’s strange a haven’t made a done anything on my blog for a few days now which is very strange by my standards, though I have had a lot on and have had to change the material I was going to put up. So in the end I decided to talk about where I am in life and stability, two things that are quintessential to anyone trying to get by in this world.

My life since becoming a university student has been a turbulent rollercoaster ride of ups and downs that come with being a student away from home and living that lifestyle that you only here about it stories. While my experience here in Sheffield wasn’t like I anything expected, in a way I wouldn’t take it back because it’s all part of the learning experience and of course, growing up too.

Since coming to university I have realised that stability is a necessity, everything needs a sense of perspective and normality, without it things can go wrong, it can turn mess with you emotionally and send you into a world of chaos! In my case when I came to university to do my animation course I treated it like I did with college; I worked but I was also lazy a great deal of the time coz in my mind everything was stable enough for me to handle. My laziness never really came back to bite me in the arse until January when I had to had in 3 assignments in one day and let’s just say everything ended in a very messy fashion due to bad timing and computer malfunctions. It also didn’t help that while all of this chaos was going on in my course I had problems with my finances. To sum it up in an abbreviated fashion my accommodation cost more than the amount I got from student finance, so I was behind on many payments and in a constant fear of being kicked out. I had to borrow lots of cash off of my family, I had to sell my Nintendo DS and games and also cut down on the amount food I ate just to stay afloat. It was a dark time in my world that almost broke me completely. I lived in an unstable where everything was in a constant state of flux…

For a while this was the level of stability in my world…

Luckily things started to look up after March started up, there was my return to the cinema that got me back into a familiar groove when I went to see John Carter and The Hunger Games in one day in the Cineworld in Sheffield and then there was my birthday a few weeks ago that put me in the happiest place I’d been in for a long time. And I finally got a taste of stability when I paid off all of my money that I owed to my accommodation. All that fear and panic that had plagued my mind for months disappeared and I felt like a massive weight had been lifted off of my shoulders! So with this newfound level of freedom I went back home in the Easter and watched The Cold Light of Day, Wrath of the Titans and 21 Jump Street in the cinema which felt like the normal me. I also bought myself a Nintendo 3DS with Mario Kart 7 and Kid Icarus: Uprising which has put me in a good groove. Seeing my family back in Luton and London put a massive grin on my face (the free dinners made me epic happy! XD) and when I got to catch up with all my lovely friends in Luton and on one trip to Milton Keynes it was a great feeling!!

However it hasn’t been all plain sailing. When I came back home for Easter I was faced with many moments of frustration and  grumpiness because of the people around me and the overall atmosphere that comes with being back in Luton. Firstly let’s start with my friends, now don’t get me wrong I love my friends, they’re my heart and soul yo. And it is hard to live so far away from them in Sheffield whereas before I went to university they all used to be within walking distance back in Luton. So when I’m away they tell me so much that they wanna hang out and that they miss me, however when I got back most of them didn’t wanna hang at all besides a select few. And it’s not like I didn’t try to contact them, I sent text messages but they never got back to me or others I hollered at on Facebook who said they would hang out only from them to cancel or say that something had come up. That’s just a few of the scenarios that I’ve had to put up with. I think a lot of this was due to scheduling conflicts and the fact that I came back at an awkward time in the Easter when my friends had other plans. But some people really didn’t have an excuse as they didn’t have anything on and just didn’t get back to me. The main issue with some of my friends is the communication element. There is none.

Miscommunication. A very troublesome thing in life. It happens a lot to me.

I try to contact friends by every means possible and yet I never get a holla back. And that’s what really frustrated me when I spent my 12 days back in Luton. All those so-called friends really didn’t seem all that friendly and it was really annoying because a lot of them I wanted to see but couldn’t because they were useless in the communication department…

Also I didn’t realise until I hanged in Luton for a week how much the place saps the energy out of me. Outside of the cinema, my friends and seeing my family, there’s no reason for me to go back home for an extended duration of time. I mean I don’t hate the place and I have a lot of nostalgia there, but going back recently has just felt long, tiresome and funky. This Easter I saw a good few family members which was great, I got to hang with my best friends and went to the cinema and caught up on some long hours of TV. But other than that it just felt horrible. I missed Sheffield extremely after just a few days and wanted to get back there so soon. So yeah I got back to Sheffield at the start of this week and the normality of hanging around my flatmates kicked in and I felt at peace with myself. While I still have a fair amount of uni work to get on with in a short amount of time and I still haven’t got my finances completely sorted yet, I’m sure with hard work and a little hope I’ll get by. Plus I have a lot to look forward to with The Avengers coming out next Thursday here in the UK which I’m totally hyped and can’t wait for anymore and then in May I get see Men In Black 3 which will have to be good because its got Will Smith in it XD Also waiting to play Sonic 4: Episode 2 and break in my PS3 too. Then there’s the MCM London Expo, my place of happiness, I will be attending later on next month. And lastly of course the summer is edging ever closer so when that kicks in I’ll be bleeding it dry coz its my favourite time of year! So times can only get better from here 😀

Life is a balancing act, you could fall at any time if you’re not careful. So keep your guard up yo!

So in conclusion I just want to tell anyone who is reading this that life needs stability for it to be enjoyed and whatever problems or troubles you have in your life weather them out and find your own sea of tranquillity. I think I have finally found mine. How long it’ll last will be down to time and whether fate will keep me in my happy place. I just hope all of you out there have a level of stability of your own too because it is necessary for life.


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What happened to the fun times?

It’s strange how fast things can change in a week, I mean last week everything was fairly turbulent and stressful but ended on a good note and my world was finally in a fun groove. But now I look at my life at this current point in time and its dull, ever so dull, with nothing to do, no one to hang with (well no one that wants to come out and hang at least) and terrible weather, its like some sort of force is in the air preventing me from having fun and enjoying life at uni. One may ask what exactly do I mean? Well I shall give you one basic example of how my world was incredibly fun and fantastic and then literally dropped into the area of bordem in a short space of a few days.

So let’s rewind back to last week Friday where I was facing one of the most stressful days of my life where I had a uni assignment to had in and a job interview to tackle as well and I was in a state of panic, stress and confusion. Needless to say things ended terribly in both departments, not intentionally of course but I encountered a number of problems leading up to my uni assignment hand-in time and I didn’t get in on time and that had messed me up for my job interview I had to do straight afterwards. The way in which my job interview went was just tragic, let’s just say I failed. And then after that I got lost when I decided to walk home from where my job interview was which clearly was not the smartest choice due to the fact that I barely know the geography of Sheffield already so walking was just a bad choice. I was in unknown territory and had to follow signs heading back into the city center and it took me around one hour and half to get back into town and took me an additional half hour to get back to my flat, so all in all it took me around two hours to get home. Thank god I had my music to hold me together or I would not have survived that ordeal. Sure one could argue that if I had taken the bus I wouldn’t have been in such an awful situation, but due to the fact that I left my wallet at home I wouldn’t have been able to get on anyway, plus I don’t like taking public transport and would much prefer to walk most places because I’m stubborn and an idiot in some cases lol.

So as you can imagine by the time I had gotten back I was completely tired and my feet and legs were not functioning very well, so after a quick conversation with my flatmate I crashed out for a few hours and awoke in the later hours of the night. And by this time my flatemate and my other friends had come over and were making noise loud enough to wake me up from my sleeping state (which is hard because I sleep like a rock). So then I ventured out and met them, then we went out to the pub and we actually had a very jolly night out. For me and flatmate it was great to get out and hang in such a cool environment on a social event like that one since we don’t do it that often. We drank, we conversed, we laughed and enjoyed each others company and I got to eat some fast food for the first time this year and it was delightful. That night was incredible, from the disgusting way Friday had started and panned out over the course of the day to the way it changed in the evening it was a massive transition and much-needed one too. So just by the way that night ended I knew that the day after would be just as good if not better. 🙂

So then Saturday came and it was one of my flatmate Matt’s birthday and for many weeks prior to that date he had spoken of the epic night out we were going to have. And so on that day I was woken up by him and his girlfriend, we sang a happy birthday for him and was treated to some lovely cake too. Then several hours went by and then we all got ready and the pre-party session began and my goodness it was incredible, the dancing, the games, the atmosphere, the alcohol, it was perfect. I shall not go into details about the exact happenings, but let’s just say it was very lively and crazy. So then we headed out to meet some other mates in the pub and from there the night just got even crazier, there was a lot of picture-taking, drinking, dancing and madness that ensued. It was a mad night, so much so that I actually forgot the majority of it. I was that far gone. The morning after I felt terrible, but I got a recap of the night from my flatmate Craig and then saw all of the pictures I took and it started to fill in the gaps for me. Even though I still don’t quite remember all of the night, from what I do remember it was the best night I have had in Sheffield for a long time, maybe ever. I was having fun, I was smiling, yes I was in my element… However I think that’s where the fun ended.

And on the day after I spent the majority of the day recovering from the worst stomach ache in existence and only saw one or two of my flatmates that day. And from there the times just got considerably dull, people barely came out of their rooms and when I did come out I barely saw anyone or no one at all. And that continued for days, it’s like the communication between us broke down and no one came out anymore and for the first time in this flat since coming here in September everything felt so disconnected. Which is a complete contrast to how we were for the first few months, just hanging in each others company in the living room all the time either playing games or just making food or just sitting around talking about whatever was on our minds. That was the kind of thing I was used to and to have it taken away felt horrible. I always knew there were going to be times where we weren’t always hanging out but I didn’t think it would end up like this. For me I like my alone time just as much a the next man, but communication and interaction with other people is something I need or I cease to function and get sad. It also doesn’t help that one my flatmates is constantly in and out of flat at the moment and he normally is the glue that holds us together in a lot of ways and he has the fun factor that keeps us together when we’re not all closed off in our rooms.

At at this point in time I’m not sure what the deal is, things are just extremely boring, dull and uninteresting and because of this factor I’m stuck. Without fun I’m not jolly or positive and since I’m still in this funk I can’t function, I don’t feel like being productive with my time and if I’m not doing my own projects or going to uni I have no structure to my life, so nothing happens. So at this current point in my life I write blogs to feel productive. I have YouTube videos to make, unfinished science fiction stories to write and yet I don’t feel like doing it yet because my mood is so wrong. Man this sucks. 😡





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