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The Brief Nature of Friendship in Adult Life

If you’ve read this blog for a while then you know I’m all about that friendship and have written several posts about that particular subject since 2012 because I love it and I have opinions to share. And today I’m returning to that topic of friendship and how they can be all too brief when we grow up.

You see friendship like any relationship is one that everyone deserves to have. It is our ties to people that gives us strength and support, helps us along our journeys and makes life more enriching fun in general. And for some they have friends but then lose them and I think those connections break down because of:

  • Hanging in different social circles
  • Moving away from each other
  • Changes in personality
  • Trying to maintain long distance relationships
  • Or simply not having the time to meet

Whatever the case maybe, things don’t work out and so, as an adult, the landscape of making friends is every different from it works in the world of education.

The Brief Encounters

In school, college and university its different, in that landscape you’re essentially thrown into a space with other people and you can make the choice socialize or not, but in most cases you make friends and start forming those important bonds. However with life, once you once university kicks in or you get a job, then things get trickery with not only your established friends but also making new ones.

One of the worst things for me is the brief encounters we share as adults. Even with old friends, once you get a full-time job or start a family, everything comes down to scheduling, and even when you finally get around to seeing said person you’ll probably only have a few hours together before having to shoot off again. Or when it comes to new friends, you could meet someone or several people you get on with so well, whether you’re similar in personality or love for the same music or are complete opposites that attract. Whatever the case is these are people spend a short time with, but enjoy being around, they could be work colleagues, fellow volunteers or people you meet on a night out or abroad, but when the job, event or situation ends, you’ll never see those people again. It sucks when you’re surrounded by such awesome individuals, but then they’re gone almost as quickly as you met. Since going to university I’ve met countless people who have become some of my favourite mates or friends for one day or a nights out or a few months off and on when we’ve seen each other. Even this year while volunteering I met such a colourful set of diverse and great people who I will probably never see again and it kind of hurts that these people will exist only in my memories now and nothing more.

revolving doorSometimes adult friendships feel a lot like this ^^

The Long-Term Connections That Break

There a lot of people who I thought I’d be friends with forever, but those connections faded. Now some of those break-ups are partly my fault but there are others at fault as well, but it all comes down to circumstance and time, life’s to unpredictable to make any assumptions on anything, especially relationships. Sometimes shit happens and things that were long-term become short or disappear entirely. Obviously if the emotional tether is there then your relationship will survive any storm, but there are times when you’re surprised to see those connections you believed to be so strong, broken so easily. I’ve had to learn the hard way what its like to lose friends through college and university. I used to be under the dumb assumptions that it was awesome to have many friends and thought I’d be cool with everyone I knew forever, but obviously things never turned out that way. I know that I’m forgetful, don’t reach out enough and sometimes make plans with people only to cancel later on because of a more pressing matter. But anyone who knows me knows that I commit 110% to them and no matter how long we’re apart, we’ll pick up where we left off on our next encounter.

Goku-and-Krillin_DBEp95_1It is those people, the ones who you don’t see all the time but can instantly reconnect with who are the best. I am extremely grateful for those who have yet to give up on me and consider our friendship as close as family. That stuff is special.

It just hurts when a friendship ends when it comes to someone you really care about, and in most cases most people simply drift apart with no significant reason as to why. Those are the one’s that can be random and troubling as you may wonder what happened for things to end up as they have. I know I questioned it heavily when some of my friends started dropping off my radar in college, I started to think I was a bad person and attempted to try and keep all the connections alive, but failed miserably. In the end I’ve accepted that some those who know and respect me will be around for the long haul and circle of good friends have never tighter, though I’ve also noticed that there will be brief friendships that come and go and while they will vary in their level of significance but there will always be someone new around the corner.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you found this somewhat informative and if you have anything you’d like to contribute about this subject matter please comment below and I’ll see ya on the next blog post.


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The End of An Era: Finishing University

Howdy ladies and gents today I just wanted to make a short blog post about something that has been on my mind recently and that is the fact that the university part of my life is over. Now I’ve made one or two blog posts about becoming free of university and embracing the real world, but at times, I still feel like I haven’t escaped that lifestyle yet and while I don’t miss the educational side of things, I miss the city of Sheffield and all of my peeps. But after last week, I think I can say that I am just about ready to move on.

Now last week was pretty hectic week for me, I went to see someone about an internship, then saw Jack White at the O2, and even went for an interview for a job on a farm in the middle of nowhere, but none of that was as significant as Thursday, the day I graduated from uni.

misc-freddie-mercury-lThat’s how I felt when I got my moment in the sun on graduation day.

Unlike more uni’s that graduated from uni in July, mine happens to do it in November and for months I’ve been waiting for this day just wondering how it would turn out.Would I get from Luton to Sheffield on time? Would I be able to see all of my friends? Will I be able to get up on stage without doing anything embarrassing? Would I get to throw my hat in the air? Lots of questions, but no way to know until I got there.. Luckily for the most part the day was perfect. Getting up to Sheffield was a task, had to leave my house around 6:20am and drive up the motorway enduring traffic and pit stop because my family needed a toilet break. That being said, I got to Sheffield before the ceremony started, got my robes and official photos taken with time to spare. So much work and so much running around, bloody hell, I was so frantic. I got to the hall, met up with my friends again and endured the graduation of 300+ students. Luckily my department was first and we gave them a good show, but after that, the ceremony went on forever, so many students had special titles and so many of them got talked to while up on stage, it was SO painful, that being said it was fun and humourous at times. When everything had ended I got to chat and hang with me mate and take a good few pictures, it was a delightful and beautiful few moments of fun and nostalgia. I love my uni friends and seeing a few of them for the first time in four to five months was so special. After all the pictures, I went for food at Pizza Hut which was nice, never eaten so much pizza in a while.


Me on graduaion day, yeah I know, not a very flattering picture but heck I did what I could haha.

After all that build up and hype, graduation is over and my ties to university have officially been severed. Now I pretty much have no reason to  go back to Sheffield when it comes to uni and I feel like that is important factor. For months now I have been done with my course and got my grade certificates and everything, but graduation felt like the final piece of the post-graduate uni puzzle that needed to be solved, and now that part is done, I feel like everything is done and dusted. It feels mental that I can look back to three years ago and I was just starting my uni adventure, making friends, playing games and living away from home. Even though most of my time for first year is pretty hazy now, I still remember a lot of uni life like it was yesterday. Remembering the house parties, late night gaming sessions, going for takeaways, spending long hours in the library, etc. It feels like a lifetime ago now, but at the same time I can recall it as clearly as I see things in life now. Such badman times.

In the end, that point in my life has passed and now I have to grow up (unfortunately) and move on. Graduation was the final step in finishing uni and now that’s sorted, everything is complete. Thursday was a good day and I know that I’ll want to go back to Sheffield sooner rather than later, but for now I’m just glad I got through uni without falling part haha. 😀

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The Bonds Between People; How They Can Strengthen & Shatter

Howdy ladies and gents, time for another personal and opinion-based blog post. Now friendship is a big deal to me, I consider it to be just as important if not more so than family. For those who have read this blog for at least 2 years you’ll know what I’m talking about. So today I just wanted to talk about the connection between friends and how it can be strong or fall apart.

Friendship (When It Works)


There’s no secret to a successful friendship, all you need is the following things: love, trust and commitment. If you have those 3 things you’ve got a friend for life.

For me, my friends are my lifeblood and even though I only have a handful that I adore to the highest degree, I love them all. I have made many friends over the course of my young life, ranging from old school friends to recent work colleagues. Now while I can be a bit lazy and overly emotional, at the same time most people tell me I’m great friend material.

Besides a few school friends, most of my best and most trusted friends I met when I was in college and university. It was in higher education where I met some of the most beautiful and amazing people ever and I consider them to be my family. These are people I have known between 3-20 years, and can spend endless hours with and they just kick ass. When you have people like that life is always good.

Friendship (When It Fails)


But then there are the times when things don’t work out, when the friendship tank runs out for whatever reason. Whether you grow apart or fall out, when It happens it’s never a good thing, well sometimes.

For me, most of my friends that I’ve lost has been down to growing apart after leaving school which sucked, and while I tried to keep in contact, some of these people just never hollered back. Now I hate to lose friends and it is only recent years I’ve learnt to let go of certain people. And in some cases it is actually good to let go, sometimes people who you call your friends actually can actually mess with you mentally. Some ‘friends’ can stress you out because they don’t keep in contact or choose not to, some will even go as far as to say that you’re the bad friend when clearly it is the other way round. That shit I cannot stand.

This year I had another loss in my friend circle, basically I’ve known said person for nearly 4 years and I considered us to be tight as hell. However due to a questionable conversation a few months ago, we never spoke after and now I don’t know what we are. I would like us to be friends again, but I assume they want nothing to do with me. While I understand why we are where we are, at the same time I don’t. It is not like I haven’t tried, the problem has been one of financial and distance-related issues. Plus it is hard to commute to Sheffield to London on a continuous basis especially during university time. And to say that I’m a bad friend and that I wasn’t putting any effort into is just unfair and totally bullshit. This could have easily been sorted out with a civil conversation, but alas I feel like things may be beyond that stage now.

It really is lame when someone you thought you’d be tight with forever ends up cutting contact after a short time. But when it comes to the loss of a friend I always think of the song Drifting Apart” by Alien Ant Farm as  that song’s lyrics have always stuck with me and helped me to accept things beyond my control.

In the end friendship is great thing and all people deserve it, however sometimes it cannot always be sustained. It just depends on how much how much effort people are willing to put in.

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To All My Blogging Peeps… Thanks

Howdy ladies and gents, welcome to another blog post! 🙂 So 2014 is in full swing and I’m feeling a lot better after the after day and now I’m feeling like this year could be my time. I have a stupid amount of plans for stuff I wanna get done in my life and I tell you blogging is definitely one I’ll be doing more of haha. But before I continue my adventure into the new year I would just like to take the time to thank all of the regular people who have come by and supported my blog whom without I don’t think I’d be as noticed as I am now.


Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews 

This guy has been there almost since the beginning and while I started this blog back in September of 2011, I never really got any people that commented on my blog frequently or at all besides my mate Chris and the odd person here and there. But then Dan came around summer of 2012 after my Bourne Legacy review he’s been pretty much commenting on most of my reviews ever since and I’ve tried to do the same on his end but I’m not there as frequently as I should be.

Claire (MyReelPOV)

And then we have Claire, the first kind of friend I’ve made on WordPress and someone I’m glad I found on here. Now I’m not sure who found who first but I know I loved her opinion on films because it was straight-up, honest and way more relatable and it also helped that we had similar opinions to each which meant we could compare notes. Claire also was my first sort of friendly blogger who did more than just comment but also just kind of talk and be friendly. So yeah thanks Claire, you amazing lady you! 🙂

Tim the Film Guy

Oh Tim, such a legend. This is a man I found through Claire’s site and I was attracted to his site because of his crazy sense of humour and descriptive ways of doing his reviews. In addition to Tim’s kick ass site, he eventually became my most frequent commenter. Tim is just the kind of person I’d love to sit down and have a good conversation with about films and other stuff in general. Thanks for being such an awesome fella Tim! 🙂

Mikes Film Talk

Mike is a man who found my site and commented on my blog a fair amount and then I visited his site and found his content to be very entertaining, fun, insightful and inspiring. I’m not sure if we’ve talked enough on the same level as Claire and Tim to be online mates, I still think he’s awesome.

Natasha (Films and Things)

Natasha is one of my newer online compadres, I dunno whether I found her sit first or she found me or whether I found her through Mike’s website. All I know is that she is a very talented lady with her film work and painting skills and she has a knack for writing good and concise film reviews. The way we work is that I comment on her blog when I can and she does the same. Natasha, you’re cool.

Lauren (mykindofmovie)

Ah yes Lauren, just like Claire we have some very similar thoughts on films on a good few occasions, plus her reviews are very interesting and entertaining to read. Lauren’s got a delightful personality has been a great person talk to and have comment on my reviews and reply to my comments on her reviews.

Sidekick Reviews

This is another blogger whose name I do not know, but one thing I do know that his content is awesome (at least I think the user is a guy lol). Over on that site I was attracted to his material because there was a lot of love for superhero stuff and comics which is my realm of entertainment too. Since I started reviewing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. we’ve been actively commenting on each others material and he also comments on some of my other posts too. So yeah thanks dude, you rock! 🙂

My Mate Chris

Even though he’s technically not a blogger, he’s still my best mate from college and during my first year he commented on my posts almost all the time. These days he apparently still reads my blog but doesn’t comment and while it hurts me to know he doesn’t comment, its nice to know he’s still paying attention. Chris if you’re reading this I love you man! 😀

So to conclude thank you to all the people mentioned above who I consider to be my allies online in this blogging world, thanks for your being awesome and showing your support. And hopefully we’ll have some more happy fun times in 2014. 😀


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I Tripped Into The New Year

All I can say is about one of my current situations is this: “You Done Fucked It Up!”

Howdy ladies and gents. So yeah, 2014 is here, I’ve waited for this new year for ages. 2013 had its moments of fun but just like previous years there was drama, drama I wanted to leave behind. So on New Years Eve I was out with my mates, drinking, dancing and waiting to usher in the new year. Then the time came. There was fireworks, smiles and photographs. It was perfect… However, I messed up.

Just after midnight I said something to someone in a text message that I didn’t mean to say. Me and the person in question have a wonderful friendship that’s just had some issues that needed to be ironed out, however my subconscious thoughts became surface thoughts under the influence. This has left me feeling guilty when I read it this afternoon. So then I tell a friend about it and try to explain myself. But I messed up my words, then went and fucked myself over again. So instead of cruising into the year in style, I buckled and almost fell over. Caused problems and the year’s only just begun.

Now I’m not a bad guy, I try to do right by people all the time especially with my friends. But every once in a while I trip up and cause problems unintentionally. And I’ve had my fair share of friendships deteriorate ever time or fall apart pretty quickly. With these two people in question I’d done so much with them, if our friendships fall through because of this little thing, it would be like I messed with some dynamite and accidentally brew up our bridges of friendship to kingdom come. I feel like I’ve created some ripples in the water which will turn into massive waves that will eventually crush me if other people hear about it. And I also feel like there’s no amount of explaining I can do to remedy my situation. I don’t understand how this has happened to me, how this keeps happening to me. Am I some sort of idiot? Some days I wonder. I don’t expect to be forgiven any time soon and if I never do then that’s another life lesson learnt. Well all I can do now is push on and endure. Whatever happens I’ll accept the consequences, I mean no one else can take the blame besides you right?

There’s a quote from Spider-Man 3 that I can’t believe I’m gonna use, but the fact it is represents my life in a very similar manner:

“I’m not a bad person, I just have bad luck.” – by Flint Marko/Sandman

So I will leave you with a quote that I feel is appropriate:

“Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well.” – Jack London

Imma try to remember that this year.

This better not a precursor to the rest of the year. Sorry for starting the new year on a sour note but I just had to write something about this.


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Secrets and Lies

“A friendship built on lies won’t last…”

That’s what I said on Facebook the other day and those are words that I stand by. Secrets, lies and deceit, that’s the kind of stuff that can break any kinds of relationships and make them fall apart… And today I’m here to voice my opinion on those matters in light of recent events.

So yeah, before I continue I just want to say this first; I have lied myself. Obviously this makes me sound like a right hypocrite, however I’ve never told any lies that would hurt the feelings of others, when it comes to my friends and family I try to be as true blue as they come. I mean you wouldn’t want people keeping stuff from you and keeping secrets from you would ya? Of course not. I try to be the nicest person in existence with truth at the forefront of my relationships and I expect the same thing back…

But unfortunately there are those who wish to go against this way of thinking. And there are two types of people that really piss me off in this world; those who inconvenience me and those who LIE TO ME!

you_know__i_hate_liars_by_autumnflier-d5nlkoqYep, that sums up my feelings pretty well.

I’m not sure when this became a big thing for me, but I seriously hate liars, fakers, anyone who doesn’t seem genuine or those who have secrets to hide and conceal them with lies. I know that there are some secrets that some people never want others to discover, but when they involve you, it becomes your business.

So picture if you will, a scenario when you told something by someone you called a friend only to find out from someone else that it wasn’t the full story, that they had not only lied, but hid secrets from you and one something truly terrible, cruel, insensitive, that kind of shit that a REAL friend wouldn’t do. All I have to say to that is why?

Why would someone who is your friend do something to betray your friendship? And that’s what troubles me. My relationships are all built on a pretty solid foundation of trust. Any relationship whether it be with your family, friends, lovers, etc. It’s all built on trust, once you take that element out of play and the foundation falls apart.


So in case you haven’t guessed already, I am talking about someone who I thought was a friend who has betrayed my trust in the probably one of the worst ways personally and I’m trying to figure out how to handle the situation without blowing the fuck up. Guess we’ll see what happens, all I can say is that my trust in that person has all but dissipated.


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Freshers Week Year 3: I can’t be bothered…

Howdy ladies and gents, today I’ve got another personal blog post for ya and it focuses on the whole first week of university partying known as Freshers Week, and how this year I’m just not arsed about it.

freshersgraphFreshers used to mean everything to me when September came around for the last 2 years but this year I can easily let it skip by.

So yeah for those who don’t know, I’m a 3rd year uni student doing animation in Sheffield. I don’t really care for my course, but I love my friends on the course and I love the nights out, best part about being up here at uni. I honestly love nights out, it is one of my favourite things to do and it totally dilutes all the pain, suffering and drama that comes with university. For the last 2 years I’ve been out during Freshers and had a pretty jokes time. It really is a week designed for first-year students and believe me when I came to uni 2 years ago it was one of the most hectic, crazy and awesome experiences of my life. And even though last year wasn’t as good, I still had a brilliant time with my mates… So again now we’re here, however, this year for some reason I’m not so excited. In fact I could just let this major student week of partying pass me by.

So what’s the deal? Why have I just decided to call it quits on the biggest partying week for students?

Some may blame the fact that I’m 23, I’m too old and above the normal age group to be out with all the youngins, and to that I say bullshit! Honestly I love nights out, I’m probably one of the biggest party animals ever and I’ll probably be rocking for the next 20-30 years if I’m lucky.

I think the reason why is quite simple; I’ve just moved on.


Change, I took it on-board and now I’m doing things differently.

The more I think about it the more I just don’t care about it. Sure its a big week for partying out on the town, but in truth I’ve got plenty of other things that I could be doing instead. I could be playing video games, catching up on all my TV shows or doing blogging online like I am now. But I think the main reason I’m not bothered is because just like all things in life, we go through a period of loving something so much and then as we move on that specific thing just doesn’t have the same effect on you. Then the thing you loved becomes the thing you no longer like.


Here’s hoping there’s some truth to this statement.

In conclusion I’m not saying that I’m giving up the party life, far from it, I’m just saying that it’s not so much of a priority and I’m just gonna be slowing down for a bit. So to whoever’s out for Freshers this week or the next, party hard! Just don’t expect to see me that often, if at all. 😛

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Howdy ladies and gents of the interweb, well it seems like the pain and suffering in my life has ended. Last Friday I handed in my last major assignment at uni and now I am free to enjoy my summer.


Now for the last few weeks I have been going out of my mind doing uni work and it has pushed me to the edge of my sanity on numerous occasions, but not only that but it has messed with my regular day-to-day activities and pastimes like blogging, playing video games or watching TV shows online. I was literally going between one and the other and it was secretly driving me mad! But luckily all that madness ended when I went into uni on Friday and handed in that assignment, god, the sense of weight that was lifted off my shoulders was incredible and I’ve been chilling ever since.

That’s why I haven’t been so active of recent, I’ve just been adjusting back into my lazy summer groove lol. So what have I done with my newfound freedom? Well firstly I immediately went to see Stark Trek Into Darkness and that film was incredible! My review will be up for that soon.


This film is kick ass and everyone needs to see it!

Outside of that I went back home to Luton for the weekend, also saw some family at London and got fed incredibly well haha and then got to catch Iron Man 3 again which is still a brilliant piece of material from Marvel Studios which makes me even more hyped for Marvel’s Phase Two films.


Still awesome. Fact.

Yesterday I came back to Sheffield and had a filthy night out and today I am feeling the effects of all that drinking haha. So technically my summer has begun as of May 10th so what does that mean for me now, well let explain:

  1. I’ll be able to sleep again as I have had a severe lack of sleep over the last several weeks.
  2. I’ll finally be able to go to the cinema and not feel guilty about ignoring my work.
  3. And to be honest I’ll just be doing a lot more blogging so expect to see me lurking around a lot more.

What I’m really looking forward to the most is the next few weeks in the cinema and doing reviews as there will be a lot of cool stuff to talk about including Fast 6, The Great Gatsby, Epic and the eventual arrival of Man of Steel. Summer 2013 in the cinema is gonna be some really hot stuff yo! Catch y’all later! 🙂


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It’s My Birthday Today! Kick Ass!


 Howdy ladies and gentlemen of WordPress. Today is a good day as it is my birthday so I thought I’d just blog about it haha.

So yes today is the celebration of my birthday again and I am now 23. This age is apparently unlikely according to Blink-182 because they say “No one likes you when you’re 23.” So I fear for what will happen to me in the future, though I seem to have made an enemy already so I’m fulfilling that prophecy already, more on that later.

Birthdays are a strange thing aren’t they? It is just one day in the year when people will pay attention to you, spoil you and treat you right nice. It is a lovely feeling. Birthdays are one of those things that always feel good. Sure after your childhood and the age of 18 birthdays tend to lose their staying power and become less special, but I believe birthdays can still be kick ass as long you make the day epic. This may sound a little sad but I love birthdays because it reminds me that people still care about me. When I’m just chilling in life things tend to be a little dull at times so when I get all this love on my birthday it makes me feel absurd amounts of happiness.

For my birthday this year I had a house party last night with me mates and it was pretty filthy. I had a “It’s my party and I’ll do what I want to, do what I want to!” kind of attitude. While only half of the people I invited showed up it was still a cracking night with mates from work and uni together partying hardcore style! We danced, burned stuff in my metal bin in the back garden, got drunk and had a crazy time. It was very self-contained but for what it was I was satisfied and glad to be around my friends.

20130330_004900This was Matt and myself last night, I was smiling like that for the majority of last night haha.

It was primarily beautiful for the most part; however there was one party pooper who tried to ruin my night. Now earlier in this post I said I was fulfilling the prophecy by Blink-182 in their song “What’s My Age Again?” and that is down to one of the horrible housemates I am currently living with. I am going to watch my language over the next few sentences but suffice to say she isn’t a nice person and I don’t like her. She’s had it out for me for months and last night she tried to shut my party down and argued with me in front of everyone. She even said she’d call the police on me. Wow, okay… Why? I kind of lost my top in front of her but in all honesty it’s all good, she even woke me up this morning threatening me. To that I say good, if she wishes to make an enemy, she has one now haha.


That sheep that shitted, that was her last night.


Too right.

Anyways at the time of writing this post I am hung over from last night’s house party and I’m currently having a Will Smith session on my iTunes, I’m in a good groove right now (plus Will Smith is the best ever so his music must be played). In between I had a listen to my mum’s radio show online and she gave me a shout out and song dedication too, I was so jolly about it. Today I feel immaculate, fine, incredible and crazy all at the same time.


This is me today with my amazing birthday card that my mate made for me. BEST. BIRTHDAY. CARD. EVER!

As for the rest of today I’ll probably be recovering and then get a take away and watch a good DVD later on, oh and I’ll also be eating the cakes my mate bought for me too. Well that’s it for this blog post, just thought I’d share my birthday happiness with you lot haha. I guess until the next time I’ll catch ya on the flip side yo! 😀 😀


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Random Blog 04: It’s All About Cats!

Okay so it’s time for Random Blog number four! And this time I’ve got a blog pots that’s just as random as the last, it’s all about cats!


I love cats, they’re awesome. I’ve known many friends who’ve owned cats and had family members that’s owned cats here and there and then there’s just the cats I’ve run into in the street on my many travels. So I’ve never been too far away from the furry felines. Even though I have nuff love for cats I’ve never owned one specifically myself, that may sound surprising but that’s only due to my mum’s rule of having no pets in our household. Even though I was gutted to grow up with no pets when I was younger I think it was for the best, I am very selfish and have a hard enough time taking care of myself let alone another person/pet. But enough about me let’s get back to the main topic here…

I’ve cats are awesome, but what makes them cool? That is something that is hard to answer, you sort of know without having to say it, it’s on that subconscious level. There’s many reasons to like cats like some of the following reasons:

  • They’re really playful creatures
  • They like to chase after laser pen lights, that never gets old
  • The way cats meow is cute
  • It’s nice when they purr when you pet them
  • They can climb up and chill in your lap
  • They don’t depend on you all the time and can go off on their own sometimes

Those are just a handful of reasons why cats are just the best ever. I’ve had some jolly experiences with cats from my junior school mate’s cat to my grandparents old cat to my best friend Chris’ cat. They’re just fun pets.


I’ve always been a fan of striped cats, they’re my favourite.

Outside of the bullet points I highlighted I think there’s two other key reasons I like cats, reason one is due to kittens. A kitten has to be one of the cutest baby animals ever, all you have to do is look at their faces and you fall for them. How can you not like them. Their real small, some can even fit into your hand! But like most creatures in their early years they need to be taken care of and their movements are small and in this state cats are just the definition of adorable!


So cute and fluffy, I want this cat.

The second reason would be due to cats similarities to lions and tigers. Lions and tigers used to be my favourite types of animals growing up, they were big, strong and fierce carnivores that clawed their prey to death and ate their remains (sounds grim but we can’t deny the fact that it’s true). Now I know that there is a massive difference between domestic cats and lions, but their technically the same besides their visual aesthetics. If I may, let me just go on a little tangent here. Lions, they’re basically big cats. They’re like my favourite form of big cat, especially the male lions with their manes (so cool-looking). And when lions are cubs they are positively cute as hell just like kittens!


Lions and tigers, the REAL cats of the world that kick ass!


Little lion cubs, they are adorable. I seriously want to own a cub one day… Or at least hold one. 🙂

Of course there’s that point where someone might just shout of something like “Dogs are better!” So which do I prefer, cats or dogs? Well ladies and gentlemen I don’t have a preference. I like both. While cats are less hassle than dogs I can’t choose one over the other because both have good qualities.


Cute and yet hilarious at the same time.

In the end cats are just the best thing ever. They’re nice, cute, fury and just the definition of fun. And before I finish this post I just wanted to dedicate it to my awesome friend Callie! It was her idea for me to do this blog post in the first place haha, but it was a fun little write-up though. Anyways I guess I’ll call this post a slightly delayed birthday present haha, hope she enjoys this and had wonderful birthday too! 😀


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