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Anberlin @ The Electric Ballroom – My Review

Howdy ladies and gentlemen of the internet and welcome to another live gig review and today I will be talking about the crazy I had last night when I saw Anberlin at the Electric Ballroom in London. Now I’ve fairly new to Anberlin and only started listening to them back in 2012, but ever since hearing the songs “Godspeed“, “Adelaide” and “Uncanny“, I became a fan and fell in love with the Cities album. So when I heard they’d be coming to the UK for their final farewell tour I just had to see them.

So how was the show? Well read on and find out!


So before Anberlin went on there were two support bands in the form of Fort Hope and Natives. Now I’ve not been to too many live shows but normally support bands aren’t much to talk about, that being said, the performances I saw last night were pretty damn awesome. Firstly Fort Hope just had a really awesome sound that was really in line with some of the music that my friends listen to and after two or three songs I knew I wanted to go back home and hear more. Also Natives were another great band an interesting and kick ass collection of songs that got the crowd moving and seeing along which was great.


Fort Hope and Natives are bands I’m definitely gonna start listening to and possibly see again live after last night.

Then Anberlin came on and the crows went nuts! The atmosphere was already pretty good thanks to the support bands, but when Anberlin stepped up everyone went mad. You good tell that the people in the room were avid fans who really wanted to see this band play. The entire show was just an experience that was almost indescribable. It was hot, sweaty and there was a lot of jumping and shouting. Being in the crowd along with all the excited fans was insane, I was about 4-5 rows from the front, but constantly kept moving around because of the constant rocking and pushing of people and the mosh pits happening behind me. Just trying to stay on your feet was impossible when the crowd was always moving. There were also crowd surfers and several points where my view was obscured by a taller person or I was hit in the face by other people’s elbows. But the worst person was this fat guy beside me, he was there for the majority of the show and just get pushing his massive belly against me. :S But you know at events like these stuff like that is bound to happen. And I’m not complaining, I endured Alexisonfire’s final show back in 2012 so I was prepared for the chaos that went down in this crowd haha.

Now let’s talk about the band and the song’s that were played. Anberlin were amazing, they played with such energy and ferocity, but what really stuck out to me was vocalist Stephen Christian’s performance. He was totally on-point with his vocals and while his microphone was a bit quiet at first, he got loud enough later on. His singing was so full of passion and he pretty much hit all the high notes very well and you could see his love for the fans as he constantly smiled whenever we shouted the band’s name or cheered for ages. Not many musicians look that humbled and tell their fans how much they care, but Stephen made it very clear and I loved it! The best thing about the band was the fact their music sounded so good live, just as awesome if not more so than the album versions. As for the songs, since I am a newer fan of the band I’m not aware of their full discography, I’m mainly well-versed in the Cities and New Surrender albums, so most of the songs went over my head, but that did not make them any less fun to listen to, I just wish I had known them beforehand. Though when “The Unwinding Cable Car” came on I was just in my element, I sang my heart out and so did the rest of the crowd. Other special moments came with “The Resistance“,  “Godspeed“, “Feel Good Drag“, “Dismantle. Repair.” and “Adelaide” which was a person favourite because that was my obsession for so long. And when the gig ended on “(*Fin)”  it was a perfect send off.

In conclusion Anberlin’s live show at the Electric Ballroom was pretty damn awesome. The band was on fire and the atmosphere in the room was just insane full of the most hardcore fans I have ever seen. The music and vocals was incredible and this was definitely one of the gigs I will never forget anytime soon.

So were you one of the lucky people to see Anberlin last night or during the other last two UK shows? And if so what did you think? Be sure to leave your comments below and I’ll see you all on the next blog post yo! 😀

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