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My Fear/Dislike of Snow

Ah snow, it’s something that I love but also something that I loath with a passion. Snow is both beautiful and deadly. It brings most people joy and happiness, however for me it only brings pain and suffering. I am probably one of the few people in the world not to enjoy the wonders of snow. Whenever I think of snow I literally think of every bad memory I have of it and it manifests into hate each time. And it’s troublesome, because I do like snow, it’s nice to look at, it can also get you out of school/college/uni/work, you can also get great photographs of it and it also creates interesting situations in a snowball fight.

Ah snow, why can’t I love you the way everybody else does?

Snow is great, well, mainly when you’re younger. For me snow was incredible when I was younger, I honestly looked forward to it each year and when it came it was like a magic feeling, just having it around made me feel happy. It was up until the year 2006 or 2007 when I had my first bad experience with snow, while cruising around with one of my friends down a slippery set of stairs and a bunch of guys walked past us and then bombarded us with snowballs as we almost slipped down the stairs on the way down. And then on my way home I had to walk up a very steep hill and had to hang on to a railing as I was going up and then some punks from the other side of the road were trying to throw more snowballs at me. Urgh! That was the first strike. I realised at that point in my life that snow is only good in contained locations like school, because at least in there when you played in snow and had snowball fights it was in a controlled environment (to some degree anyway). However on the cold streets of realism people use snow as a disruptive weapon, those old enough to have thoughts of evil will use that to throw snowballs at moving cars and simple travellers… Like me!

Snow, a deadly weapon in the hands of cruel people.

After all this time over the next 2-3 years snow has continued to be my friend and enemy as it got me out of many days of college but stopped me from going anywhere else. The snow always tends to come down continuously once it starts, I never went outside and since I had no friends in the area to share the snow with I was always stuck inside. And while it was fun to have time off and watch mindless hours of television and anime on the internet eventually that wonderful feeling of freedom eventually wore off and I got bored. Plus my house would get extremely cold and since we couldn’t have the heating on all of the time due to the cost of bills, chilling in the cold became really annoying very fast. So then when the winter came into play last December I feared the worst and unfortunately the snowy season lasted for ages, from December to at least around the early point of March 2011. Trying to traverse through the snow was a task and half. The people of the UK rejoiced with the falling of snow, while I loathed it as it came bringing back all of my bad feelings. My mate Chris tends to love the snow to death and reckons there’s something wrong with me for not enjoying the wonders of snow, well I say if it wasn’t so disruptive then I wouldn’t complain so much! After 2010 began I started going to the cinema on the regular and made a habit of being down there, so when I tried to walk down the hills to get there I constantly feared for my life as I was constantly slippery on the roads and pavements because our area with never gritted with salt as quickly as everywhere else. And I also feared being bombarded with snowballs but a random group of horrible kids!

Then with the early part of 2011 in full flow the snow only got worse. The snow got thicker and faster and made travelling nearly impossible, oh good gravy I was in hate mode. At that point I couldn’t care less about the snow, I just wanted it to die. There were moments in time where it looked like it was gonna die down, but then it would return a few days later in much bigger loads! I was so saddened by it. One time I was walking to college and slipped for the first time on a long trail of ice spread across the pavement, it happened so quickly it was incredible. In the space of around 3 seconds I was upright and then saw the world spin towards the left and then I was on the floor. Luckily barely any people saw me, but I was still dead embarrassed. Then there was the next event that happened that really pissed me off and it made my hatred for the snowy winter season absolute. One time I had to go put some gas on our gas card so I went to a shop up the road and on the way back in the distance I saw a bunch of drunk guys on the other side of the road, probably around 15 of them. They were snowing snowballs at cars as they were walking so assumed the worst when I got near them. So then one of them notices me and informs his mates to start hurling snowballs at me and so they did, my god did I have some level of hatred in my heart for those guys. That was just like the solidifying factor that just made me hate snow and what idiots do with it.

I don’t think I have a phobia as much as I have a hatred for snow lol.

And so now we are here in the winter season again and I hear that Sheffield is expecting snow and as you can imagine my expression was not a happy one. Now whenever I think of snow all I can think of is pain and suffering and its disruptive nature, basically everything bad. It also doesn’t help that loads of my mates and their mates are all talking about the appearance of snow already coming down or on the way to this city! I just want to cry because snow gives me nothing but trouble and I want nothing to do with it because I’m a punk like that haha. But seriously if it does show up I am not gonna be jolly if it’s on a day when I need to go outside. I’ll try to get some good pictures though 😀





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