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Me and my love for TV shows!

Howdy ladies and gents, time for another blog post about me, but this time it’s about me and my love for TV. Now TV is something I’ve loved since childhood and it has shaped me into the dude I am today in a lot of ways, but its only in the last few years that it has become an essential part of my life especially in the live-action department. And since I talk mainly about films,  wanted to make a blog post that focused on my TV obsession just to let you know that I do watch it haha. 🙂

Now before we start just wanted to mention that I won’t be talking about cartoons in this post because consider them to be a totally separate entity from live-action shows and if I were to put them in the mix then I’d be writing and debating with myself for ages. Cartoons will have their own separate blog post, eventually. Anyways let’s move on.

Anyways let’s start!

The Early Days

When I saw a child the only stuff I watched was cartoons, that was my life right there. Even when I started to grow up and become a teenager and the people around me started moving on to live-action TV shows I still remained the same. There were a few exceptions like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Kenan and Kel, Moesha, Sister Sister, Malcolm in the Middle, My Wife and Kids and The Amanda Show that are nostalgic and I will always save a soft spot for. But other than those shows, there was never any live-action telly that I liked. However there are only TWO shows that I ever loved in my teen years and they are Hotel Babylon and The IT Crowd. Now Hotel Babylon I found randomly while skimming through TV and it was the first show I got attached to, but around series 3 it got pants and I dropped the show midway through series 4. As for The IT Crowd, that was my first TV obsession and it is the only TV show I’ve ever followed and consistently watched from its inception until the end. One of the funniest and best TV shows I’ll ever know.

My Childhood TV Shows

When I Moved To Uni

It wasn’t until I moved to uni in 2011 when I started to watch TV shows properly. And while it was mainly the one’s that were currently airing at the time, I found this window of TV shows that I never expected to like and now love thanks to the recommendation from friends. I think my first love was Fringe, such an amazing sci-fi show with characters I love and adore. Then there’s Community, the first comedy-based show outside of The IT Crowd I fell in love with that’s to its crazy cast of characters and insanely good parody episodes and pop-culture references. I also decided to re-watch 30 Rock from the beginning and found one of the strangest and most entertaining comedy shows I have ever seen that’s to it’s overly strange and elaborate storylines and cast.

Boardwalk Empire was another show I fell in love with due to its deep stories and characters and long build up to satisfying conclusions. It was also at this point I jumped on the Breaking Bad hype and discovered the incredible TV I’d been missing over the last few years, the incredible adventures of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were too good to ignore. Game of Thrones was another show I was hooked on thanks to the incredible cast, action and violence and mythology. And I think Sherlock was the other show I became addicted to thanks to the incredibly smart storylines and the lovely Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

My Current Fav TV Shows

These Days

At this current point in time I’m hopping forward and back in time with TV shows. Besides the shows I just mentioned that are still currently airing, I currently am watching: the-okay-but-needs-to-get-better Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I’m on and off with The Walking Dead, a show which I really like but has been hard to watch because of season 4’s rocky introduction. Grimm is a show I really ought to start watching especially after how addicted I was to the last two seasons. In between new shows I’ve been going back to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and discovering that for the first time and loving what I’ve seen so far. Even before Buffy I decided to go a Joss Whedon hype and go through all of his TV stuff and liked Dollhouse, but LOVED Firefly, such a short but incredible sci-fi show with a great cast of characters that remind me a lot of Cowboy Bebop. And yesterday I started a new obsession in the form of Parks and Recreation, it is a bizarre comedy show with a weird premise and funky cast of characters in main and supporting departments, but is what makes it so good. Really liking what I’m seeing so far and I’m only on season two.

Current Watching TV Shows

My All-Time Favourite Shows

  1. Breaking Bad
  2. Fringe
  3. The IT Crowd
  4. Firefly
  5. Hotel Babylon

I know this list isn’t very long but I haven’t seen that much TV and still have much to get through.

My Favourite Currently Airing Shows

  1. Game of Thrones
  2. Boardwalk Empire
  3. Sherlock
  4. Community
  5. The Walking Dead

Okay well that is it, that you for reading and hopefully that has given you some insight into the world of TV that I like to watch. Feel free to comment below and tell me what you think and possibly tell me your own kind of TV stuff that you’re into. Until the next time peeps, laters! 😀


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New TV Reviews Coming In The Near Future!

Howdy people of the internet and good day to all the people who follow my blog, today I’m just going to update you about my upcoming TV reviews. As you may have noticed on this blog I do a fair about of film reviews, I even do music reviews a lot more these days and after that while I don’t do that many video game reviews, when I do they’re hardcore! But then there are TV reviews and there’s a severe lack of those, and according to my About Me page I do TV reviews so I think I should start making good on that statement.


So many damn TV shows in the world and watch plenty of shows, so it’s about time I got to reviewing some of them.

So yeah when it comes to television, I’ve watched so much of it since I was a kid. I have plenty of shows to reviews both newer and older. Some of the shows I’ve been meaning to review on this blog include Hotel Babylon (mainly season 1 & 2) and one of my favourite shows ever, Fringe. Other shows include Community, Breaking Bad and Buffy the Vampire Slayer which I’ve recently become acquainted with.

Fringe-Season-2-fringe-8996659-1920-1200 tv_community023 BuffyCast-S1_(1)

3 TV shows, 2 of them are my current all-time favourite and the last is one of the most well-known shows from the 90s. Man this’ll be some interesting stuff to review yo! 😀

Outside of the live action stuff I’ve got loads of animated shows I want to review including returning to the Ultimate Spider-Man and then talking about the FAR superior Spectacular Spider-Man. I’ve also been meaning to check out Avengers Assemble and Beware The Batman. And lastly after recently re-watching Young Justice and falling in love with it again I feel like reviewing that show too. 🙂


Marvel’s current animated shows aren’t really that good from what I’ve seen and heard… That doesn’t mean I won’t watch them anyway, I can’t help it. I have a problem! XD

In conclusion I have a fair amount of shows in the pipeline that need reviewing. I’m not sure when I’ll get around reviewing some of these due to the summertime coming into its final month and dealing with work and travelling from Sheffield back home and vice-versa. But I’m gonna try to get these reviews out asap yo so look out! 😀

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Alison Brie Isn’t ‘Opposed’ To ‘Captain America’ Role

I found this article to be pretty interesting, because obviously I saw the picture first and was like “Damn!” And then I went to investigate and found the information on Alison Brie and how she felt about the upcoming Captain America sequel. The following article comes from Splash Page MTV:

“Chris Evans is Captain America, but there’s another actor out there who might be better-suited for the part.

Recently, a photoshopped image of “Community” actress Alison Brie as Captain America found its way online — and onto Brie’s radar. The actress spoke with MTV News all about the “Captain America” picture at Sundance, and also spoke to rumors that she might have an actual part in the upcoming sequel.

“Many, many a person have sent this to me on Twitter, actually,” Brie said of the photo, pictured below. “I’m impressed with the abs. I’m down with it. Are you kidding? I love it. I’m going to go break Chris Evans’ kneecap, because obviously the second-best person to step into that role is me.”

Brie might not have to break any kneecaps to get a role in “The Winter Soldier,” as she’s already rumored for one of the film’s leads. For now, her lips are sealed on the prospect. “But I wouldn’t be opposed to it,” she said.

As for the directors of “Captain America,” Joe and Anthony Russo, Brie had nothing but glowing reviews for the sibling filmmakers — and she should know, having worked with the pair on numerous “Community” episodes.

“I’m excited that they’re going to do it,” she shared. “I think they’re going to bring something different to it. I love the Russo brothers. I just adore them. I think they’re incredible. Everything they do is incredible. It’ll be a nice change for those Marvel superhero movies, to have a fresh take on it.””


Firstly whoever photoshopped this picture should be commended, it looks pretty professional and almost completely realistic. Now while we know she’ll never be Captain America in the films, if she played an excited fan or parodied the hero in a TV show or film that’d be just fine by me. As for her involvement in the sequel we can see that she’s aware that she’s in the running for the role I think and she does seem interested in being part of Captain America 2. Besides being the absurd mixture of cuteness and hotness, Alison Brie is a great actress especially in Community (one of my favourite TV Shows ever!). She should absolutely be in this film, it’d be fantastic. Here’s hoping she does get the role eventually! 🙂

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Community: Chevy Chase is Out!

This is just something I had to blog about, in my world this is some big stuff yo. I love the show Community and I feel the need to blog about any revelations about it on my blog. IGN have the full report here:

Chevy Chase’s time on Community is over. Deadline reports that after a ton of well-reported behind-the-scenes drama, the veteran comedic actor is departing the series “by mutual agreement.” This will be occurring effective immediately, though Community is nearly done filming its thirteen-episode season, so Chase will be in all but one or two of the upcoming episodes.

As Deadline notes, Chase’s departure will not come as a surprise to many Community fans, given how vocal he has been about his displeasure with the series, the writing in general and specifically the portrayal of his character in numerous interviews. He also had a feud with series creator Dan Harmon that went public shortly before Harmon was ousted from the show, and an on-set blowup earlier this season.

Meanwhile, the future of the critically acclaimed (and IGN-adored) Community is, as always, frustratingly uncertain for fans of the series. Season 4 will debut Thursday, February 7th, after NBC delayed its initial October 19th launch. While it’s easy to think the show is likely in its final season, it has bucked the odds before and it’s always possible it could be renewed for Season 5, depending on how the rest of NBC’s comedy lineup (including their upcoming pilots) looks come late spring. That being the case, it remains to be seen whether the departure of Pierce Hawthorne and Chase will be a major factor in the series, as it’s unclear whether it will be handled during a Season 4 storyline or would be something truly dealt with in Season 5 – even if Chase isn’t on camera for it.

Regardless of whether it includes a goodbye for his character or not, Chase will be in the Season 4 finale, which was shot already, before episodes eleven and twelve. (Community shot their finale out of sequence last season as well).”

Well I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. With all the drama he’s been causing during last season I was just wondering how long Chevy Chase was gonna stick around. Pierce was a funny character, but he’s presence in Season 3 only annoyed me and furthered my hatred for his character and his selfish actions towards the rest of the group. In a way I am in two minds about this, one side of me says “Who’s gonna replace him in the group now?” and the other side says “Finally!” So one has to wonder who will replace him or will the group continue on without him. Only time will tell yo.

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Random Blog 01

Howdy people of the web, it seems about time that I give my blogs a variation, so I am reintroducing a series of blog post I used to do on Gametrailers entitled the ‘Random Blog‘. These posts were completely random and they be made if I was bored and needed something to write or if I wanted to right about multiple subjects in one blog post. With that in mind, I’m gonna start t his thing off and hopefully you’ll enjoy what you read. Let’s get started!


It’s strange, in these days of video games I haven’t really been on the gaming scene that much, besides playing Sonic Generations, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Mortal Kombat 9 in 2011, I’ve barely touched any other games last year and that’s really tragic yo. By my standards (or at least my old standards) I should be out there playing everything that I can touch, but in a way I guess I don’t play that much these days purely based on the fact that I’m primarily a Nintendo gamer. But now most Nintendo-based games are on the 3DS and I don’t currently have one means I have no games to play. Another factor to consider woul be that my interest in gaming has dwindled a fair amount over the course of 2011.

Even though there’s a few small titles heading to the Wii like Mario Party 9 and the long-awaited Dragon Quest X, let’s be honest, no one really cares for Mario Party these days and DQX will probably be better housed on the Wii U anyway. So why don’t Nintendo just declare the Wii dead already, the rest of the gaming community have a in a lot of ways. Though not all hope is lost for me. My sister finally obtained a PS3 at Christmas and I’m feeling good. Only problem is that the console is back in my home town, so I’ll have to wait a while before I play the PS3 while I’m at uni. I still ahve my friend’s Xbox 360 so I think I’ll survive. But enough about that, 2012 looks like a great year for gaming, there’s many major games showing up and I want a good few of those games especially: Street Fighter X Tekken, Sonic 4: Episode 2, SSX, Soul Calibur 5, Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil Revelations, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Kingdom Hearts 3DS & Animal Crossing 3DS are games that stick clearly in my mind, anything else either doesn’t apply to me or I just forgot to mention it.

This is a game I really want to play 😀

Obviously I have listed a few 3DS games and I don’t have one now, but I will obtain one eventually purely for those games I have listed there and eventually getting Mario Kart 7 too because I need Nintendo juice. It seems like Nintendo are finally getting its act together even though they are losing stupid amounts of money because they didn’t meet their predicted sales with their hardware, but I assume once the rest of their good games come later in the year and with the release of the Wii U near the end of the year, Nintendo will be back on form as long as the software line-up that’s better than the 3DS.

Everything Else

Well there’s not much else to talk about really. January has been a very slow month and I just want it to be over. Don’t get me wrong things haven’t been all bad it’s just been really slow and the majority of it has been extremely boring and lifeless. I’m still in my break time between Christmas and since uni starts again this week I’m trying to live up my freedom from education, but with nothing to do I might as well be in university instead of letting my mind turn to mush. I currently have only a few days left of freedom before the wheels of education start spinning, though from the way in which my timetable has changed and the awkward new project we have to do with random people from other courses I am not sure that returning would do me any favours either. Currently in my world I am still quite bored, I have no fun activities so I doomed to stay in seclusion in my flat. Since I have no games to play because my consoles are back at home and with no parties to go to due to lack of funds and people who want to come out with me I just stay attached to my laptop nearly every day. Whether I’m playing music on iTunes to keep me awake at the early hours of the morning or watching ridiculous amounts of videos on YouTube or watching TV shows like Community, 30 Rock, Boardwalk Empire & Sherlock, there feels like there’s the right amount of stuff going on in the world of my laptop to keep me at bay from being completely bored.

I’ve also been rewriting one of my old sci-fi stories I’ve been working on and I’m currently getting back into a working groove to do YouTube videos as I have the review of Spider-Man the Animated Series Season 2 recorded and in editing mode. Plus on the social side of things I have had a few nights out around Sheffield and it has been nice to hang with my people again. I even got to go to London to celebrate my cousin’s 30th birthday which was awesome, but besides that everything else has been a drag. Anyway I just wanna get things in order so I can stop worrying about everything before March when my birthday comes around so I can be happy again.

Well that’s it for this installment of the Random Blog series, this is a sort of test run of the Random Blog series to see if it’ll work on WordPress so tell me what you think of this format in comment section below. So until next time catch ya later people! 😀

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Ready to Work

Today has been another one of those slow days of unproductive activity, though I haven’t been completely bored, over the last few days I have been revisiting on of my favourite television shows, 30 Rock. Originally I used to watch it at home, but I had never seen it the whole way through from the beginning so I have blazed through season 1 to season 4 and remembered why I love this show so much. I mean I hadn’t watched 30 Rock for ages and after leaving it for a while my love for the show sort of diminished. Though after finding and enjoying the amazing show that is Community I decided to give 30 Rock a second chance to make me laugh again and man it didn’t disappoint. I still love the show, its weird, funky, unnatural, but also very brilliant. From the range of interesting characters in the main and supporting cast to the crazy and wonderful plot lines that take place in each episode, I love it and I am in love with this show, it’s great and its my new obsession. Though I’ll have to put my plans on watching season 5 on-hold because while watching season 4 today, the show has inspired me to get back into the groove of doing my projects.

30 Rock, one of my favourite TV shows and my inspiration to get back into my work groove.

Like I have mentioned in my last two blogs (Giving up is bad, but I feel like doing it and What happened to the fun times?) I have a good few projects to do, many of which I set myself the task of completing long ago. Some vary from short projects that could be tackled in a week with the right amount of perseverance to some that have taken years with all of my conflicting ideas and crazy schedules with college and now university too. A lot of my projects are just writing stories that I hope to make into comic stories or animated films/television shows, right now I am just trying to focus on the more solid ideas and solidify them as much as possible. One involves a story synopsis I’ve been writing since 2006 which I have to technically rewrite from scratch because I lost the updated version and version I have now is atrocious so I am forced to make many amendments. I know have to create the script for this potential film I’m working on, but the problem is that I am no writer and while my english doesn’t suck by any means, it’s just a problem because I want the dialogue to be kick-ass and not completely generic or look like it was blatantly stolen from another film, but I don’t have the skills to pull that off yet. So this writing process continues slowly but surely.

I totally agree with this sign.

In terms of the other projects I have they are a little more manageable, those are making YouTube videos. On YouTube as TheHypersonic55 I do reviews of films, some video games and my very important review of one of my favourite TV shows of all time Spider-Man: The Animated Series. In this review I did back in May 2010 I reviewed the first season of this show and it catapulted me from being a nobody on YouTube to being at least a somebody. I think it might have been down to my american accent I was using at the time due to it being my first video, it was the video that got me a fair amount of views and allowed me to keep going on YouTube continuously, though obviously it’s been almost 2 years since that review and since then I have dropped the american accent, done many more videos and so on, but the problem is its been so long since that last review and I’ve had seasons 2 & 3 of Spider-Man on DVD for around a year and a bit so I’ve left those reviews for a long time so it’s really inconsistent timing. Though I figure with the new Spider-Man film coming out later on in the summer, now is as good a time as any to get these up there. So production on season 2 probably will begin soon enough, followed by season 3 because I am in a good mood 🙂

Spider-Man: The Animated Series, one of my favourite cartoons of all time and shall continue to watch this until I am an old man 😀

Well I think that’s enough writing for one this blog post, I’ve got enough writing to do elsewhere. I can sense that this will probably be a long night, but as long as I have my music to keep me alive through the night, then I shall survive! Onwards to the future! Peace out people 😀

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