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Favourite Songs #26: Blur – Coffee & TV

Howdy people of the interweb, and welcome to the 26th edition of my series of blog posts dedicated to some of my favourite songs ever in life. Today we’re talking about one of my ALL-TIME FAVOURITE SONGS EVER! I know that’s an overused statement here on this blog, but its is so true with this one. This is nostalgic awesomeness, I am of course talking about “Coffee & TV” by Blur.

blur coffee and tv

Yes, yes, yes! This is one of my most nostalgic songs and I am surprised that it has stayed with me this song, however that should be a pretty good indication of how bloody awesome the song is and believe me it is BLOODY AWESOME YO! 😀

Just have a listen to this tune below:

This music video is so weird, but is still pretty entertaining.

Now the strange thing is that when I first came across this song, I never knew it was a Blur song. I just randomly heard it on the odd occasion on the radio around the age of 9 or 10, possibly 11 and I thought it was a pretty darn good. However then I never listened to the song again for years, but I never got it. Then around the age of 16/17 I started listening to music properly and then I came across this song and then nostalgia hit me!

Coffee & TV” is a song that is very calm and mellow and yet has a sort of melancholy sound to it too, but for some reason it has a very good sound and is addictive. The music is gorgeous and I really like the vocals and lyrics too, but the key thing that I love about the song is the chorus. It was the single most memorable aspect of this song and it is really awesome with the both Graham Coxon and Damon Albarn singing together. And speaking of Coxon, he’s the frigging lead vocalist! Now bare in mind before, in the past I preferred Albarn leading the vocals of the band because I liked his voice a lot more and it felt like a proper way the band should sound. However over the years I grown to like Coxon a lot more and in this song I couldn’t imagine this song without his vocals. Coxon sings almost effortlessly and yet it still sounds good and the way he sings the lyrics feels kind of sad but at the same time incredibly relatable.

If you couldn’t tell already, I love this band, may they never end, EVER! 😀 😀

So to conclude “Coffee & TV” by Blur is just a great sound from the past that hits me with nostalgia every time and makes me feel so satisfied with life each time I listen. I feel like it is one of the most under-appreciated songs in Blur’s discography and I urge you to have a listen, it is really good. 🙂

Well that’s another song review done, what do you think of my song choice today? Whatever your thoughts are leave me a comment below and be sure to come back next time for another song review yo! 😀

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