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Month of Superhero Film Reviews 2: Catwoman

Howdy people of the north, south, east and west, and welcome to Day #30 of Month of Superhero Film Reviews 2! During this month I’ll be reviewing of some of the best, average and worst comic book adapted films. So, on the final day of this epic blog series I have saved the best for last, today I am of going to talk about one of the most disgusting films in the history of superhero films, one that everyone has tried to forget for years and is just tragic piece of film in general… Yeah, it’s Catwoman.


Oh this film, yuck. I have never had the misfortune of seeing this film up until now because I was smart enough to stay away. I’d seen clips on TV, saw the trailers in the cinema way back when and watched the Nostalgia Critic’s review pretty much cementing my need to stay away. But with this blog series, I knew I would have to go the dark places to find some bad films and this is one of the most popular. I do wonder if it’ll be worst than Spawn or X-Men Origins: Wolverine because those are pretty much my most hated comic book films. People wish me luck! 😛

The story can be summed up as the following:

“A shy woman, endowed with the speed, reflexes, and senses of a cat, walks a thin line between criminal and hero, even as a detective doggedly pursues her, fascinated by both of her personas.”

The story is horrible. It’s like the filmmakers wanted to keep some of the original Catwoman elements but create something new, but I feel like the ran with the new ideas too far and created something so far-fetched that the end result is beyond what anyone was expecting. This film is weird, confusing and because of its random nature the level of realism is lost because there feels like there’s no rules. The whole ‘cat’ aspect was taken way too far; from the intro credits to the history lesson from Ophelia to Patience’s character habits in general, it was too literal and quite painful to watch. The whole story felt like a joke, a sick, twisted and awkward joke, and while there was some humour to be found it was because I was laughing at the film and not with it.


Now let’s talk about the cast. Firstly there’s Halle Berry as Patience Phillips/Catwoman. Man, where do I begin? On the one hand there’s Patience, a person who would give Clark Kent a run for his money as the most clumsy, boring and insignificant person in existence, this girl’s life made me want to cry because of how frail and innocent she was. But then there’s Catwoman, damn, this girl is crazy, she’s sassy, aggressive, full of puns, cat-like tendencies and feels the need to be sexy all the time, which doesn’t always work considering some of the dialogue she’s spouting out. Berry is so cheesy, weird and embarrassingly bad in this role that is almost impossible to watch. Whether it is terrible dialogue, battle poses, her overly sexual walk or those strange cat tendancies, it makes me cringe. And I don’t think I could continue without mentioning her costume, the Catwoman costume; it’s impractical, ridiculous and leaves nothing to the imagination, but I have to say that Berry looks good in it. But seriously, that is no superhero/anti-hero costume, that’s a dominatrix outfit for sure.


Benjamin Bratt as Detective Tom Lone was alright, he was charming and fun at times, but other times his character was so dumb and silly that I couldn’t like him that much and his character only seemed to be in the film to be a love interest for Patience. Sharon Stone as Laurel Hedare was pretty bad, at first she’s not too bad, but the over-acting comes in later on and it is so hard to take Stone seriously with some of her dialogue. Lambert Wilson as George Hedare, wow, if you want the definition of a typical, cliché and cartoonish bad guy for the audience to hate, look no further. George is a douche and has no redeeming qualities and so when you see him giving our main character grief you’re just waiting for her to get take him out. Frances Conroy as Ophelia Powers was really hard to take seriously because of how strange her character came across and finally Alex Borstein as Sally was quite fun, sure she was pretty annoying at times but for the most part I found her funny.


Now let’s talk about the presentation. Visually the film is terrible. One of the things that jumped out at me immediately was the overuse of CGI, it is used for most of the scene transitions when moving around the cityscape, would it have cost the filmmakers that much just to film these locations in real life? It would have made the film look a less like a video game. Also the CGI used for Catwoman during her “Spider-Man” moments was so bad, it was blurry and unpolished and some of those actions would have been much better if there was a stunt person doing all the work instead or if these crazy superpowers weren’t included in the first place! Oh and I have to mention the action scenes, they aren’t good. The choreography goes from being lazy to completely random and stupid, there’s no sense of realism, logic or awesomeness involved. The two moments that stand out to me as especially bad was the introduction of the Catwoman outfit (the attention to ass and breasts was clearly appealing to the male audience) and the horrible basketball scene, oh man, that was an endurance. As for the soundtrack by Klaus Badelt, it frigging sucks. I don’t know this guy was thinking when he put this film score together but it is one of the worst things I’ve ever heard. The score is full of sassy and highly sensual music elevated by women singing in the background and it is incredibly cheesy, off-putting and awkward. I feel like the soundtrack was crafted with the fact that Patience was black and the music was a representation of her darker/sexier side, but it doesn’t work, its hella lame, frustrating and cringeworthy. This for me was easily the worst part of the film.

And lastly how does it compare to the comics? My Catwoman knowledge is kind of sketchy but even I can tell that this is not the character I remember from the comics. Besides bearing the name Catwoman, having her whip and love for shiny jewelry, everything else is brand new and doesn’t have any proper connection to the Batman mythos.


So to conclude Catwoman is just bad. I understand a need to create something that is new and different for audiences who have been acquainted with the character for so long, but this is not the way to do it. With a bizarre story, bad acting and incredibly awkward tone and setting, this is one of those films you sit and reflect on just to try and comprehend what you just saw. It is not the worst film I’ve ever seen in the superhero genre, but it is not one that should ever be watched unless you like the game of torture.

Rating: 2/10

And with that reviews done, that’s all 30 reviews done and dusted! GAME OVER SON! 😀 So have you been unfortunate enough to have seen the atrocity that is Catwoman and if so what are your thoughts on it? Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts yo!

I just want to say thank you to everyone all commented and liked the posts in this series, it was a lot of work and I can say it was pretty difficult to stay consistent, but hell I got through it. I would like to personally thank Sidekick Reviews and Tim the Film Guy for their contributions, you guys rock! Well now it’s time to get back to the regular content, until then peace out!


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Films I’m Looking Forward to in 2012: The Dark Knight Rises

Howdy ladies and gents and welcome to another instalment of Films I’m Looking Forward to in 2012. And today’s post will be on what could be described as the most anticipated film of not only the summer, but of the whole year; The Dark Knight Rises.

Now is there really any need for me to talk about how big this film is? Do I really need to try and convince you as a person to see this film? Chances are you already know about The Dark Knight Rises and are ridiculously hyped for it. But there are a number of people in the world that aren’t that well-informed or in some strange cases may not even care about this upcoming Batman film, so for those people this blog post is gonna be about the info surrounding the film, why I’m hyped for it and why you should see it when it comes out in July.

Now TDKR is the third installment in the series of Batman films directed by the awesomeness that’s Christopher Nolan (director of Memento, The Prestige & Inception). First we had Batman Begins in 2005, which was the first Batman film since the disgusting piece of work that was Batman & Robin from 1997. Luckily Batman Begins was a solid film that was dark, gritty and make Batman seem pretty cool again. That film also introduced us to a more realistic take on the superhero genre, Nolan’s take on Batman was more like a realistic thriller with superhero elements attached to it in my opinion. While Batman Begins was good, it did have it’s fair share of problems like: Christian Bale’s raspy Batman voice, horribly messy fight scenes, the tumbler and the poor use of the villain Scarecrow. Overall though Batman Begins was very successful both financially and critically and the fans became obsessed and wanted another one…

The film that started this crazy train of Batman madness. A good entry to this Batman trilogy.

So then wait three years down the line, it’s 2008 and we were given what many comic book fans and critics consider to be the best comic book film in existence, The Dark Knight. Before this film came out, the hype for TDK was insane. No seriously it was like the world was going to blow up. The stakes were higher, the scale was bigger and most importantly we had Batman’s best and most recognisable villain in there too, The Joker. The marketing for this film was very well crafted. The viral campaigns were so stylish and the trailers for the film looked insane and was so much deeper, creepier, darker and more realistic than ever. Unfortunately actor Heath Ledger who portrayed the Joker in the film died 6 months prior to the film’s release which shocked man people around the world, that in turn did make more people pay attention to the film due to the media’s coverage of Mr. Ledger’s death and how he was attached to TDK. So anyways The Dark Knight eventually came out in July 2008 and it blew up at the cinema. It was the hottest film of that summer and of that year. It was a hell of a lot better than Batman Begins, there was deeper character development, better fight scenes, wonderful cinematography, a fabulous soundtrack and an incredibly dense and interesting story. Though the best part of the film really was the Joker, he really just stole show in the film. Heath Ledger gave us a dark, twisted and chaotic version of the character who took inspiration from the comics while still offering up something new. Every scene he was in was incredible. It truly was Heath Ledger’s best performance in my opinion. The film blew up as the box office and broke so many damn records, some of which have yet to be broken to this day. For me TDK is a great film, though it’s a tad overhyped for my liking. Some things were still off for me like: Bale’s gruff and raspy Batman voice,  the film’s pace sort of dragged at times and the realistic setting as good as it was it started to feel less like a Batman film and more of a realistic thriller with Batman characters lurking around in it. And I also thought that TDK lacked a bit of the charm that came with Batman Begins too. But that’s just my opinion.

The film that’s seen by many as the best superhero film in existence.

So after the success of The Dark Knight how do you follow that up? By being Christopher Nolan and busting out another film in 2012, that’s how! After TDK many fans of the film wondered how would one honestly follow-up a film like that when you’ve used the most iconic villain and put Bruce Wayne/Batman through a great deal of pain already. Well, somehow the production moved ahead, we found out that the two main new characters would be Bane and Catwoman and Chris Nolan teamed up with several of his previous collaborators in order to craft what would be his final Batman film.

Now I ain’t gonna lie ladies and gents, as much as I like Batman and have a great love for the many animated TV shows over the years, I can’t say that much of a big Batman fan overall. Technically speaking I’m a Marvel fan, more so than DC. So when it comes to big superhero films I know everything when it comes to Marvel and then casually look at DC-based stuff. So in turn that’s why I’ve been more interested in The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man, and that’s also the reason why’s there’s much more information on those films then the amount of TDKR.

Anyways now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, what’s the story of this film gonna be? Well it apparently takes place 8 years after TDK and it seems like Gotham City has been in a state of peace for a while, that is until two new villains show up on the scene in the shape of Bane and Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman). Batman must then come back into action and save the city from being destroyed. To be honest from what’s been shown in the full-length trailers, this film looks like it’s going to be big and on a much bigger scale than the previous film. I thought that The Dark Knight was the height of epicness that could be reached in Nolan’s Batman films and yet here we see in this film that the stakes are higher, the level of destruction going on is insane and it seems like Batman might actually be defeated or even worse… Killed. I found it interesting back in the early casting days that a few members from Inception was gonna be joining the cast of TDKR in the form of Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And since we’re on the subject of casting I guess now would be as a good a time as any to talk about the cast of this film.

So let’s start with Tom Hardy as Bane because I’m always more interested in the villains then I am in Batman. Now I remembered when he was signed on to the big bad villain role and most of us who had watched either Inception or Bronson knew what the deal was with Hardy so we knew we had a good actor at the ready. Now when the first few pictures came out, a good number of fans were complaining that he was too small and that he needed to look more in-lin with the comic book material. Though you’d think a lot of them would have learned that Chris Nolan’s Batman world is much more realistic than those of the conventional comic book movies so there are bound to be liberties taken with character design. And let’s remember that a great deal of stuff from Nolan’s Batman films only bare small resemblance to their source material. But anyway moving on, I remember when the first trailer came out and Bane’s voice was soooooo muffled and I had to listen really carefully to understand him and that was a major factor with all the people who saw that 6-minute preview of the film back in December. Luckily by the time the latest trailer came out Bane was as clear as day and he looked and sounded like a badass. He just seems like a big badass man of destruction. Not only is he more than a match for Batman himself, but he also seems like a calculated man ready to bring a new type of chaos in a different way from the Joker.

Now let’s take about Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Okay we’ve seen him in the previous two films and he’s a been through a lot, but in this film Bruce/Batman looks like he’ll be put through hell and back physically and mentally. I’m just curious to see what’s been going on in Bruce’s life in the 8 years between the last film and this one. And I also wanna see how the story develops his character too. Compared to a lot of other superhero films, Bale’s version of Bruce Wayne/Batman I’m not overally interested in, he’s alright and I’m sure there are people who love it but for me there’s never been a point where I’ve been attached to his character.

Okay now let’s move onto Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman. I think it’s fair to say that when Ms. Hathaway was cast as Catwoman a lot of people weren’t too keen on her. I mean she’s hot, that’s a fact. But outside of that not many of her films have ever been amazing and she’s not really the first actress you think of to take on the character as interesting and as complex as Selina Kyle/Catwoman. But most us trusted Chris Nolan’s judgment as he’s never made a film where the cast didn’t work in his favour. The first screenshots we got of her were interesting, but lacking the more ‘cat-like’ aspects of the costume which lead a lot of fans to go into frenzy about it, complaining in many of the forums I passed through. Other people just thought she looked hot in leather and never questioned anything else about her haha. Eventually we did see the full uniform and she indeed have the cat ears and to be honest that’s all I needed. In the trailers she seems very suspicious, provocative and acrobatic; all the key aspects hat Catwoman requires, so I am curious to see what Anne Hathaway does with the role and hopefully she’ll do her comic book character justice.

Now I know that there are many other additional cast members that’ll be part of this film, but to be honest I’m only mainly interested in a few specific people outside of Batman, Bane and Catwoman. Like Alfred, I love Michael Caine in these Batman films and I believe him to be one of the key aspects of what makes Nolan’s films work, he is the reliable butler always supplying helpful information and supporting Bruce throughout all of his endeavours. I’m also curious to see what’s been going with Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) and I also want to know what the significance of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character as John Blake. Outside of characters I’m looking forward to some absurdly cool scenes of destruction and cool spectacle. I also am ready for another kick ass soundtrack from Hans Zimmer who I swear is a composer of music who can never do wrong! I’m also curious to see how the character dynamic will work between Batman and Catwoman. The key thing that has my interest in the fight between Batman and Bane, finally we’re going to get a big one-on-one fight with Batman and another enemy which is totally necessary in my opinion. I just want to see Bane break Batman! 😀 We haven’t seen a proper representation of all of Batman’s martial arts skills and how he’d use them along with his gadgets in a fight. Fights in Batman films seem to lack style, choreography and that ‘cool’ effect you’d get the X-Men or Spider-Man films which excel in their fight sequences (sure they have super powers but they are still done well and that’s what counts).

In conclusion The Dark Knight Rises is looking like an epic conclusion to the Christopher Nolan Batman films. Its got action, drama, atmosphere and so much more. Any fan of Batman or Christopher Nolan shouldn’t miss out on this film. It really is one of the biggest films of 2012, people have been patiently waiting for the arrival of this film, but now that it’s so close fan are starting to blow up. This film along with The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Hobbit is in the list of the most anticipated film of the year. Now The Avengers already started off the summer film season with a bang and has proven to be a success with fans and critics. It has now set the standard for good films this year, it’s also broken loads of records financially and has now become the 5th highest grossing film of all time! So TDKR has some pretty big shoes to fill, however if history is anything to go by, then by the time we get to July 20th the Batman fans will come in great numbers and destroy Marvel like they did in 2008. However times are different and The Avengers is no simple comic book film, it is the definition of the ultimate comic film and has been anticipated for 4 years (even more for comic book fans of the older generation). Either way I know TDKR is gonna be a big deal this summer and I’ll be there to see what the deal is. 🙂

If you still need convincing of the awesomeness of this film watch this trailer:

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