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BIG NEWS PART 1: Robert Downey Jr. In Talk To Join Captain America 3!

Howdy ladies and gents! Time to give you the first of many recent important news stories in the world of film and TV that taken place over the last few days. I would have blogged about it sooner but I’ve been busy with work. But anyways time to talk about the most important news story first and of course it comes from Marvel! The following info is from superherohype:


Breaking: Marking a major twist to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Phase Three,” Varietyis reporting that Robert Downey Jr. is close to joining the cast of Captain America 3 as Tony Stark and that the film will launch elements of the hit comic book crossover event, “Civil War” in the MCU!

The news comes on the heels of an announcement from Marvel this morning that a new “Civil War” comic book is on the way next summer.

Just last week, Downey hinted that something big was on the way, although it was briefly believed that he was referring to a fourth Iron Man film. Now, it seems quite likely that Marvel Studios has even bigger plans for Iron Man!

Anthony and Joe Russo, the sibling director pair behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier, are directing the May 6, 2016 film, which features a screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely and, of course, the return of Chris Evans as the star-spangled superhero.”

All I can say is BRING IT THE HELL ON! I was at work yesterday afternoon and during my break I saw this news story and I thought it was a joke, until I saw it reposted everywhere and I pretty much began to freak out then assumed what most of us fans had been thinking about for a while… The Civil War yo!


Is this where the MCU is heading? If so it is gonna be some hectic shit!

To be honest even though this is a great new announcement, I love RDJ and more of him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is hardly a bad thing (especially if Iron Man 4 isn’t on the cards) and if he is going to be in Cap 3 then things must be series for two major Marvel heroes to be in one film that isn’t a major ensemble in Avengers. While it is interesting for Iron Mn and Captain America to jump into the Civil War realm of things, it is not a complete surprise. Many fans, myself included, have imagined that the Civil War storyline could/would be adapted at some point, the only problem is that certain characters are missing due to contractual issues with Marvel Studios, 20th Century Fox and Sony. That being said, considering how dense, diverse and cool the MCU is already, I feel like Marvel Studios could find a way around it and make things work considering their recent spring of successful films. Maybe the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron will set off a chain of events that will lead to this brutal chaos in Cap 3 and the rest of Phase 3. And obviously Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are two different kinds of people with different ideals and morals and they have butted heads before in Avengers, so that initial animosity could possibly build into full-on hate but goodness how that will happen, I mean they were mates by the end of that film right? Though I think it  probably will have something to do with the creation of Ultron in next year’s film.

The only thing I’m curious about now is whether Cap 3 will be a prelude to the Civil War or will be partly adapted  from the comic storyline or if it will be big battle be done on a smaller scale? Either way I’m excited, I read the Civil War story around 5 or 6 years ago and loved it and thought if it ever did adapted in any format it would be badass, so now that it may be potentially happening in live-action I’m totally down for it. Give me Avengers 2 next year and then give me Cap 3 super fast after that, I don’t think I can handle the waiting! 😀

So what do you think about this news, does it fill you with excitement or are you sceptical? Please, drop me your thoughts yo! 😀

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What Should Marvel Do With Hawkeye Going Forward In The MCU?

Howdy ladies and gents, hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m going to be doing a bit of an analytical post which will hopefully get some discussions going on in the comments below and the subject matter is on the superhero Hawkeye and where his character could go in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Now it is no secret that Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye in the MCU is the least utilized of the Avengers team and to some degree is the least liked as well (at least from what I’ve seen and read on numerous websites over the last 2 years). Since making his brief appearance in Thor in 2011, the following year he then went on to be in The Avengers, but was primarily a villain as he was under mind control by Loki for like 75% of the film and since then his character has yet to reappear. So it is safe to say he has been given the short end of the stick and I don’t think it was intentional by Marvel Studios, however, this is the case and it has made him look like a fairly irrelevant character, even Black Widow, who is just as human as he is, has gotten featured more dominantly than he has which makes him look even worse in comparison. Besides comic book fans, most people bash Hawkeye and talk ill of him anytime he is mentioned in the news online and that really sucks.

Personally, I really like Renner’s version of Hawkeye. I think the guy is cool, his uniform (while lacking a mask or the glasses used in the promotional art), is pretty nice too, and his skills as an archer are pretty proficient and badass. I liked his first appearance in Thor and in Avengers as well. Now, while I’ve not read too many comics involving Hawkeye, but I have researched about him and seen him depicted in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Avengers Assemble so I have gotten a pretty good idea of who he is and what he is capable of. I know that he’s supposed to have a bigger part in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but what happens beyond that? So with that in mind now I am going to suggest a few directions that the character could go in.

Put Him In Captain America 3


Now this is an option that has been mentioned/rumoured in the news recently, however, this would probably be the most logical place for Hawkeye’s character to go next. It makes more sense for Hawkeye to hang with Captain America than Tony Stark, Hulk or Thor for the following reasons:

  1. Cap and Hawkeye have ties in the comics and I think it would be cool to explore their relationship on-screen a bit especially since he was as close to S.H.I.E.L.D. as Black Widow and Nick Fury were.
  2. Captain America, even with his shield and super soldier serum, is still human, and so were his crew (Falcon and Black Widow) in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and look how much damage they caused. Now imagine if Hawkeye was added to that mix? Honestly, they would be a well-rounded group of heroes of the human variety doing some very good missions together both on and off of the battlefield.
  3. Hawkeye belongs with people he’s worked with before and is able to relate to in terms of abilities and chemistry, and is definitely Cap and Black Widow of all of the Avengers.

On top of those points I believe it would be a good opportunity to show off not only more of Hawkeye’s abilities in hand-to-hand combat, but also give us a bit more of his personality and show why he belongs on the Avengers team. However, its still early days when it comes to Cap 3 and obviously you don’t want the next film to be overstuffed with too many characters, that being said Hawkeye almost made it into Winter Soldier, according to a recent interview with the Russo Brothers, so may he can make it into the next Cap adventure if Renner’s schedule permits it.

If Black Widow Gets Her Own Film, Let Him Join Her


There’s been a lot of talk about Black Widow getting her own film for a while now and after Winter Soldier it seems like fans are definitely down for a solo film featuring the only female Avenger. Even though Marvel Studios are hard at work crafting their vision of the MCU, I do think a Black Widow film is getting closer to becoming a reality and if that is the case I feel like it would be a missed opportunity if Hawkeye wasn’t included. I mean both of them are highly trained S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and held in high regard, but she’s clearly had more missions and screen time, and with this solo film it would be a slap in the face to Hawkeye if they didn’t include him in some capacity.

What they could do is give a role similar to what he did in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol where is in the thick of the action and has a big role, but isn’t the main star. And of course, since Black Widow and Hawkeye have history, this film would be the best place to explore that. The small moments with them together in The Avengers were some of my favourite moments like when they discussed Widow’s conversation with Loki or when they were fighting the Chitauri and briefly mentioned Budapest, that kind of stuff I would like to learn more about. Possibly have some flashbacks of their older missions or possibly when they first met, there are a lot of ways they could handle these two and it would be great for Hawkeye as he would be fleshed out a bit more while also complimenting Widow in the process.

Other Films In Phase 3 & Beyond


Now this is where I just start taking random stabs in the dark about where to place the character purely because, beyond Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Doctor Strange, Thor 3 and a potential Black Panther film, there are no solid confirmations of any other Marvel projects at the is point in time. So at this point I will just suggest two films where Hawkeye could appear and state my reasons for he would be there. Now that we know that the Doctor Strange film is happening, I feel like it would be nice to have someone from the Avengers or S.H.I.E.L.D. around to help out if the enemy was one that humans could help out with, plus it would be a good way to usher in a character unfamiliar with things of the supernatural. Another option would be to stick him in the Black Panther film, why? Because again, even though a film of this nature should just be about the residents of Wakanda and their culture, what this film could do is introduce an enemy who was after the Vibranium and maybe Hawkeye could be sent by S.H.I.E.L.D. to help. He could be a supporting character and help strengthen the connection between heroes overseas.


In the end, Hawkeye is a cool character and Jeremy Renner is a great actor and I believe he deserves more screen time to show off why his character is such a badass in the comics. Now keep in mind that all of these ideas are pre-Avengers 2 so some of these suggestions may come to fruition next year, but for now this is some of my hopes for the character that will hopefully come to pass.

So how do you feel about the character of Hawkeye? Do you like him or do you not care for him and are you down with the idea or do you feel like it is a waste of time? Comment below and let me know! 😀


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Jeremy Renner Says Hawkeye Could Appear in Captain America 3, Russos Comment

Good day to you ladies and gents, for the first time in a while I’m going back to a regular type of segment on my blog and that is film news! And today I’m going to talk about a bit of interesting information that dropped yesterday concerning Jeremy Renner and the inclusion of his version of Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, namely Captain America 3. The following information comes from the ever reliable superherohype:


If there’s one “Avengers” character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that hasn’t gotten his fair share in the spotlight just yet, it’s Hawkeye. Though he was introduced in 2011′s Thor, was mostly mind-controlled in 2012′s The Avengers, and will appear in next year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Barton hasn’t had the same exposure as some of the other characters. That could change in 2016, however, as actor Jeremy Renner says he might show up in the upcoming Captain America 3.

Speaking with Collider, Renner was asked about this upcoming schedule and revealed he might have to free up some time next year for the third “Cap” film.

“There are rumblings of Captain America 3. I don’t know what’s going to happen there. I’ve got to find the time, man (laughs). I’m trying to stay home and I can’t.”

Following this initial story, we spoke with returning directors Anthony and Joe Russo this afternoon about the potential for Hawkeye’s includion, and whether it was something they could talk about.

“Unfortunately we can’t (comment),” Anthony said, “It’s too specific to what the movie may be.”

Joe did chime in and teased, “There are certainly characters that Cap is close to or has a strong relationship with that would make sense appearing in his films. I think that’s all we can say about it.”

So what’s being said here is that Renner is down to be included in the next Cap film and the Russo brothers aren’t at liberty to divulge any information because it is too early to give any specifics on the story of Cap 3. So there really isn’t much to be said here officially, but it does gives us fans something to speculate on and theorize about for the time being. Like the writer of the article said, Hawkeye in the only Avenger who has had the least amount of exposure and in the superhero team-up film is primarily a mind-controlled bad guy for 75% of the film. I still thought Renner was cool, but it is true that he really needs to show up a little more in the MCU to be of some value as a solo character. Since I haven’t seen Avengers 2 yet I can’t see whether his character has really been done justice yet to put him in the same league as Black Widow skill-wise or even Agent Coulson cool-wise, but if his character does receive a boost in screen time and credibility then that would open the door for him to potentially come on to Cap 3. It would be cool to see him and Steve Rogers along with Falcon fighting together as they are all humans with different types of attributes and it would make more sense for him to be there than with Tony Stark or Hulk or Thor. but yeah its is still early days when it comes to Cap 3 and it seems like just the outline of the story is being worked on at this point.

In conclusion if there is a room and purpose for Hawkeye in Captain America 3 then that’s great, the Russo’s will probably put him to good use. However if he isn’t relevant don’t throw him in there, no need to make the film feel overstuffed with characters who have no relevance to the story. So how do you feel about the inclusion of Hawkeye in Captain America 3? Are you down with the idea or do you feel like it is a waste of time? Comment below and let me know! 😀

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LATE NEWS: Captain America 3 Release To Against Batman vs. Superman in 2016!

Good day to you ladies and gents, sorry I’ve been MIA for a while but I’ve gone back home for the week and my computer is in the repair shop, so basically my blogging powers have been kind of grounded. HOWEVER… I’m not completely down and out. So today I’ll be talking about several news stories that broke over the last few days. The following info comes from superherohype:


“Following a rumor that was ignited last month, Marvel has confirmed this morning that Captain America 3 will officially debut in theaters on May 6, 2016 where it will face off against Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel follow-up, Batman vs. Superman. The second “Captain America” film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier debuted this past weekend to a new April opening record with $96.2 million.

“The Winter Soldier” directors Anthony and Joe Russo are set to return to helm the third film along with screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who have penned both previous “Captain America” films.

Before debuting in his third solo film, Chris Evans will return as Captain America in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which hits theaters on May 1, 2015.”

Now this has been talked about a lot for a while now but it seems like Marvel are literally sticking their feet firmly to the ground by announcing this release date for their third Captain America film… And so the great stand-off begins. Now check it out, before Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out I would have told Marvel to shift from their 2016 release date because Batman Vs. Superman is much bigger film, it has legions of fans who have waited for this film for DECADES and it would just be bad timing for both films and the studios wouldn’t make as much profit as they would if these two films weren’t competing on the same day. That being said, after I saw The Winter Soldier and LOVE IT, my assessment of this situation has changed a great deal. Marvel Studios got the release date slot first, they also have a great track record of films behind them and after this film I am pretty sure there will be fans who will want to see what Cap is doing in his third solo film. What do DC and Warner Bros. have? One film, that has a constantly expanding cast, that is supposed to be a Man of Steel sequel is looking more like a Justice League film and has a lot to lose if the film fails whereas Marvel Studios can take a hit, recover and make another two or three films and keep moving.

Basically Marvel have nothing to fear regardless of the hype and potential of BvS because they have fan support in massive numbers and their confidence shows that they’ve got balls. If Warner Bros. and DC don’t move then we’ll have our first superhero film stand-off, two film competing against each other for your money. For me I’ll see both regardless because I’m not fussed, at the end of the day if both films end up being good then I’m all over it. However I really wonder what’s going on over at Warner Bros. and DC, will they move or will they stay on target?

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Anthony and Joe Russo Returning for Captain America 3!

Howdy ladies and gents, time to report a little news story surrounding the future of the Captain America film series. The following information comes from superherohype:

Captain America Anthony and Joe Russo

Variety is reporting that Marvel is so pleased with their next film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, that they’ve begun courting co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo to come back to the helm a third “Captain America” film.

Negotiations between the pair and the studio won’t officially begin until after the sequel opens, but the trade reports that Marvel and the Russos are currently putting together an outline for the third film’s story which would see Chris Evans reprise his role of Steve Rogers once again.”

So it’s happening again! First Matt Reeves is set to the direct the next Planet of the Apes and now this. It seems like there is confidence about some of these upcoming films and if this is any indication that Captain America 2 is awesome then I am even more hyped for the film then before. I feel like the Russo brothers have a lot of love and respect for the source material, everything they have said so far tells me that the film will be awesome. I just pray that if they are as good as they are that there is an official story from Marvel and Disney confirming this so it is solidified.

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