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Tomorrowland Review

Good day to you ladies and gents, time for my review  of the latest Brad Bird film, Tomorrowland (or Tomorrowland: A World Beyond as it’s called here in the UK). Now I’ve heard a lot about this film for a good year or so, but never knew much about it, but because Brad Bird was attached to it, I knew I had to watch it. After the slightly mixed reception I actually pushed my viewing of this film back a few days, but yesterday I decided to stop messing around and see it for myself. So is it good or bad? Well read on and find out!


The story for this film can be described as the following:

“Bound by a shared destiny, former boy-genius Frank (Clooney), jaded by disillusionment, and Casey (Brittany Robertson), a bright, optimistic teen bursting with scientific curiosity, embark on a danger-filled mission to unearth the secrets of an enigmatic place somewhere in time and space known only as “Tomorrowland.” What they must do there changes the world-and them-forever.”

I thought the story was an interesting one for sure as we got to go on this adventure of discovery and deal with themes of fate and destiny, cause and effect and love and friendship. There are some really cool, awe-inspiring moments, there are also a good amount of humour spread throughout as well, but I believe the best moments are the dramatic and quieter ones between the main characters as they have the most amount of emotional weight and are really sweet/heartbreaking. I think the problems with this film start before you actually watch the film, I think the marketing did a pretty poor job at telling you what the film was about, I thought it was going to be some special journey into another world and while that is definitely a part of the film there is a lot more going on in this film and once the main mystery behind Tomorrowland is discovered you realise that this wasn’t he film you were expecting. This film deals with a lot of real world issues and is a little closer to reality then the trailers suggested, and while I found it interesting and smart the way it was handled, at the same time there is a slot of set up beforehand and I feel some of the story could have been streamlined just to get to its main point.


Now let’s talk about the cast. George Clooney as Frank Walker. This guy is a bit of a recluse and sure he was a bit whiny and angry, but when you see why his character turned out the way that he did, you really do feel for him and understand his pain. I liked Clooney in this role, this was a different kind of role than most of the other stuff I’ve seen him in. Brittany Robertson does well as Casey Newton, she was a little annoying at times because she wouldn’t listen to reason or was scream a lot, however she was witty, bright and quite nice. Hugh Laurie does well as David Nix, I’ve never seen Laurie in a villainous role before so it was interesting to see how he handled it. He was pretty funny and mean in this role, though at times he did come across as a bit of a generic bad guy. I would say the real star of this film is Raffey Cassidy as Athena, this character is pretty important to the plot and has some really awesome moments in the action sequences, but more so than that she has some great moments with Frank and Casey. Her emotional scenes are the best and I feel like she’s the heart of the film. In addition to that Kathryn Hahn and Keegan-Michael Key are good as Ursula and Hugo Gernsback and it was great to see Pierce Gagnon again as Nate Newton, Casey’s brother he’s grown up a little since Looper but he’s still adorable and such a great child actor.

tomorrowland03 tomorrowland05

When it comes to the presentation it is pretty good. On the visual side of things the film looked very nice with some good cinematography and the CGI used to craft the world of Tomorrowland, the futuristic weapons and action set pieces were really detailed, colourful and realistic. As for the soundtrack, once again Brad Bird teams up with the awesome Michael Giacchino and Mr. Giacchino creates a very vivid, adventurous and epic score that feels just as epic and bombastic in style like some of his previous work on The Incredibles and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.


In conclusion Tomorrowland was a pretty good film. I will admit that the film didn’t blow me away, but it had a really interesting story, great performances from the cast and some impressive visual effects. This is definitely one of those films you have to see for yourself if the mixed reception on the film is anything to go by, I honestly thought after the film’s reception that it would be a bad cinema viewing but I ended up liking it a lot.

Rating: 7.5/10

So have you seen Tomorrowland and if so what did you think of it? And for those who were looking forward to it, was it better or was than you expected? Whatever your thoughts are be sure to comment below and I’ll see ya on the next review, laters! 😀


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Tomorrowland Trailer #1 Review

Good day to you ladies and gents, time for my first trailer review in a while and this one is on a film I’ve been interested in for a while. I am of course talking about the new Brad Bird film, Tomorrowland. Now I’ve heard a lot about this film for a good year or so, but never knew much about it, but because Brad Bird was attached to it, I knew I had to watch it.

Anyways, check out the trailer below:

So my immediate thoughts after seeing this teaser trailer? Interesting, very interesting. I want more.

Now this is a good teaser trailer, gives you something, not a lot, but just enough to peak your interest. Interstellar and this film are the only two films to have teaser trailers that really don’t give out any information about the film, but give you just enough to make you intrigued about what comes next, you know like proper teasers should. The difference is that unlike Interstellar, this film’s teaser is more interesting and gives us more than vague and is getting her stuff back from the security man. However, she gets something back, which she didn’t expect, a badge that when she touches it and gets teleported to a field with a big castle in the background. Oh, and for some reason George Clooney is in some sort of control room with loads of monitors, like here’s a television VT operator. And then there’s that little clip at the end with the girl looking over the bridge and a man with a jetpack flies up and over. So one can assume that this place must take place in the future right?

The main reason I’ve always been remotely in this film is because of the director involved, Brad Bird. To me, he is a man who is a very talented man who has helmed two of my all-time favourite films, The Incredibles and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol which are on the teaser poster (pictured below). The man knows his stuff and has helmed some very good material and deserves way more attention than he has gotten so far. If this film is another success for him, which I hope that it is, then hopefully it will open more doors for more directorial stuff in the future.


In conclusion Tomorrowland looks pretty interesting, I don’t really have a clue as to what the film is about, but from what I’ve seen so far, it looks very mysterious and futuristic and I’m down with that. This film wasn’t really on my radar before, but now it definitely has my attention as another film to look out for in 2015. Bring on the next trailer! 😀

So what did you think of the teaser trailer for Tomorrowland? Whatever your thoughts are be sure to comment below and I’ll see ya on the next review, laters! 😀


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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Review

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, today I have another film review to give ya and this time it comes in shape of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol aka Mission: Impossible 4.

Now before this film came out I was very wary purely because it was the fourth entry in the Mission: Impossible film series. In most normal cases, most film series end in a trilogy or spin-off, so when you hear there’s going to be a fourth film in a film series that really didn’t need it, you can’t help but think it’ll be bad before it’s even going to come out. Though over time when it was announced that Brad Bird, director of The Incredibles was going to be on-board for the project I felt that there may be some hope for the film and then when Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner were also attached to the film, so my fear turned into hope. So I went to watch this film just expecting to like it… But after I watched it I was like “Holy man this film friggin is awesome!!”

This latest instalment in the Mission: Impossible film series is an interesting chapter in the life of Ethan Hunt and is fantastic film in the genre of action movies. Basically in this film the IMF is shut down when it’s implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization’s name. While the plot sounds simple enough, there a good level intricacy and layering to it, with the multiple characters involved on the good side and the side of the enemy. This film is a great action flick purely because rather than just being a mindless film full of explosions and having action with no substance like the latest instalment of the Transformers film series, MI: GP has a story, it has structure with characters who are interesting and engaging and most importantly things happen for a reason rather than just happening for the sake of a spectacle for the audience. Tom Cruise is still just as cool as ever as Ethan Hunt and he delivers a solid performance whether he’s just talking or jumping out of buildings. Jeremy Renner adds an interesting element to the film with his character William Brandt, while Paula Patton and Simon Pegg do equally well in the film as agents Jane Carter and Benji Dunn.

Now talk about the action sequences in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. The action scenes in this film are just ridiculously awesome. So much stuff happens in this film it’s unreal, straight from the beginning of the film it sets you up for a wide ride of significant feats performed by several of the characters involved whether they are the good guys or the bad guys. So many of the scenarios created are just unnatural, so many tension-building situations and heart-racing scenes are thrown in throughout this film that you don’t know what’s going to happen next. Another thing I noticed which Jeremy Jahns mentioned in his YouTube review was that when the action sequences come just when you think that it’s over, it throws a curve ball and continues, it’s mind-boggling. But one thing is for sure that the action sequences are pulled off in a fabulous way, all of it is very entertaining, well-choreographed and incredible to watch, some of it throws away the laws of realism and gets completely ridiculous at times, but I think that’s what I really loved about it, that level of impossibility that wouldn’t take place in the real world.

The amount of crazy action stunts that Tom Cruise gets into in this film is absolutely mad.

I also want to talk about the soundtrack which is wonderfully handled by one of my favourite film composers Michael Giacchino. In most of the soundtracks I have heard Mr Giacchino is nothing short of amazing as he always seems to get the music right in every scenario and it’s always so loud and present that you can’t ignore how great it sounds. As I listened to the soundtrack throughout the film I noticed subtle references to Giacchino’s previous work with Pixar and the more recent sci-fi film Star Trek. Now for me I find it interesting that both Brad Bird and Michael Giacchino found themselves working together again on a film of a similar genre to that of The Incredibles. And just like their last collaboration they work wonderfully together. And since I’ve mentioned Brad Bird now I think I should give him his credit as I feel this film really worked under his direction. Bird’s directing skills are pretty darn good, though it is all in the world of animation his contributions to The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Ratatouille can’t be ignored. In the end I am glad that he was picked as the director because he did so well with it and it also shows that Brad Bird is also capable of directing live-action films too so hopefully this is the start of bigger things to come in his career.

This picture here is just badass, such a fine team of awesomeness.

So in conclusion Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is a fabulous film and probably one of the best films of 2011. The film was handled very well with a good story, a solid cast, ridiculously awesome action sequences and a soundtrack that is just simply wonderful. After seeing this film I know one thing is for sure, Tom Cruise is still awesome! 😀 He can still tackle action films in such a great way and you can see in this film how much he really commits to the film with the amount of crazy stunts he pulls off. And director Brad Bird, he is a man of brilliance and he needs to direct more films because he has talent that shouldn’t be wasted.

Rating: 8.5/10





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