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Month of Nostalgic Video Game Reviews 2 – Bomberman Hero

Howdy peeps and welcome to Day #27 of Month of Nostalgic Video Game Reviews 2! This is a blog series where I review video games from my childhood. Today we’re going back to the Bomberman series with a game that I was really addicted to on my N64; Bomberman Hero!


Bomberman Hero was an action game released in 1998 for the N64 and it is a sequel to the successful game Bomberman 64.

There is a story in this game but it is hardly worth mentioning, so we’re just gonna skip ahead and get into the gameplay. Now Bomberman Hero controls very differently from Bomberman 64. In this game Bomberman has the ability to jump, has a life meter and has the ability to throw bombs farther and overall because of these new abilities the game becomes more of a platform-oriented experience. In this game you travel from planet to planet through five different stages with an eventual boss encounter, and as you advance the stages and bosses naturally get harder. A unique feature is that is that you’re not just limited to using your feet to get around as you can travel via jet pack, helicopter, snowboard or submarine. You can also ride this green rabbit thing through some levels which provides interesting ways to advance through levels.

There are also several different types of bombs in addition to the regular ones. Ice bombs turn enemies into ice blocks which can be moved around and used to jump on to get to higher places. Salt bombs only harm slugs which cannot be harmed by any other means. Control bombs explode when remotely detonated; a useful ability against certain bosses.

Much of the game’s replay value is in the sub-mission of scoring the amount of target points per stage, which awards Bomberman a certain amount of stage points (1 through 5) at the end of each level. You can re-enter the stages as often as you like, in order to secure the highest possible score within the stage. Medals are awarded on a per-planet basis, awarded based on the total number of stage points at the planet’s completion (red, blue, bronze, silver, and gold). Getting a perfect score on every planet (or rather, a gold medal on each one) will award mini games to be accessed on the options screen. The games include:

  • Slide Racer: Play through the Crystal Hole level on the Bomber Slider, racing against a snowman. Beat him and get the record time to win.
  • Golden Bomber: Bomberman gets the Golden Chip, which allows him to travel underwater with ease. Traverse through three stages to beat the Boss of the Woods.
  • Treasure Hunt: Princess Millian’s ship, which was full of treasure taken from Bagular’s base, was shot down at the treasures were scattered all over the six planets. Find them all.

Bomberman Hero is another one of my favourite N64 games and even though I LOVE the multiplayer component in Bomberman 64, this game a surprisingly deep single player mode that made me forget all about the previous game. I think I really liked the game because of its platforming elements as it is a genre that I like a lot. But outside of that the game’s just a lot of fun, you run around and blow up enemies, climb up or descend through stages that were either straightforward and narrow or a little more spacious and tricky. There was a good deal of stuff to do and most of the levels I replayed most of the time to get the high score or to mess around on the jetpack or snowboard. This game was graphically pretty good, there was a nice sense of variety in the stages and none of them looked too similar, also the soundtrack is brilliant, it was so good and it had a great video game sound while also having a bit of drum and bass in there too which was so badass. It’s still one of my favourite soundtracks in any video game ever.

So in conclusion Bomberman Hero was a unique game in the series that added a lot of new elements and game mechanics but still manages to be a kick ass experience with awesome style, presentation and gameplay. Some may dismiss this game purely based on the fact that there’s no multiplayer and while that is a darn shame this is a game in the Bomberman series that deserves your attention. I highly recommend it.

Well there’s another game review done only 3 more to go! If you have experiences with this game or any of the following ones do comment below! I’ll see ya tomorrow with another nostalgic video game review yo! 😀


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Month of Nostalgic Game Reviews: Bomberman 64

Howdy ladies and gents and welcome to Day #23 of my Month of Nostalgic Game Reviews where I’ll be giving you reviews of some of my most nostalgic video games from my childhood. Today we have one of the best examples of classic multiplayer fun and chaotic gameplay in the form of Bomberman 64!

To be honest before I came across this game I never even knew about who or what Bomberman was. This was the first game in the series I played, then after I got hooked I bought Bomberman Hero and then Bomberman Generations and then Bomberman Blast. I definitely became a fan after this N64 game, so what was the deal with this particular Bomberman game? Well read on to find out.

So Bomberman 64 was released for the Nintendo 64 in 1997 and was the first 3D Bomberman game in the series and was also the first game in the series to incorporate an action-adventure and platforming elements into the mix. In the single-player mode you took control of Bomberman in a 3D environment where you could power up enemies by throwing or kicking bombs into them and then watching them explode into smithereens! You could also charge your bombs once you picked them up and make them into a massive bomb which was super powerful and had a massive explosion radius (this could also carry over into multiplayer too). In single-player I don’t really recall how you advanced because I never really played all that much of it, so allow Wikipedia to explain: “At the start of the game, Bomberman can enter any of four anchors, which are terrariums of other planets (that were probably drained by Altair). The starting worlds are: Green Garden, Blue Resort, Red Mountain, and White Glacier. In each anchor there are four stages. The first and third stages are adventure stages where Bomberman must navigate through the stage by solving puzzles and blasting his way toward the “Goal Arrow.” The second and fourth stages are boss stages, Bomberman must fight Sirius or one of Altair’s subordinates in the second stage, and he must fight the world’s guardian in the fourth.

But where the single-player mode was a little slower and less interesting than your typical Bomberman game, in the multiplayer however that’s where all the good stuff was. In multiplayer you could either play alone with three CPUs or play with three other players. In this mode it’s all about survival of the fittest. You had I around 6 stages to pick from and the aim of the game was to blow up your enemies and be the last man standing. In this mode you could kill your opponents by blowing them up or making them dizzy, then picking them up and throwing them off of the stage or if you got killed yourself you’d turn into a ghost and jump on them and control their actions, leading them into death if possible. Also if you left the timer on, in the last 30 seconds the stage’s environmental hazards would kick in from rising sea water to exploding fireballs from the sky to incoming walls wanting to squash you! Battles took place in rounds of three (though it could be increased to five) and after winning them all you would be announced the winning with a fun celebratory screen with catchy music. One could always tamper with the options to make matches more interesting and increase the amount of chaos that went on.

Even though there was a single-player mode I never played it all that much and wasn’t very interested in it, all I cared about was the multiplayer and boy was it good. The multiplayer in Bomberman 64 was and still continues to be some of the most fun I’ve ever had playing video games. Fact. I just loved the different types of stages and the ways you could take out your friends either by blowing them up or throwing them off of the stages or even becoming a ghost and making tem run into another layer’s bomb. This game was incredibly creative and I lost many days and summers to this game along with my sister and my old school friends. Before Bomberman Generations came out, this was the quintessential Bomberman experience. And while this game has aged a little and may not be as fast as some games today, it is still badass and most of my mates who have never played Bomberman before fall in love with it, that’s how power it is!

So to conclude, Bomberman 64 is a frigging awesome game and needs to be played by anyone looking for some good multiplayer fun with their friends. While the single-player mode is only alright and the game is a bit on the short side, this game at least works when more players are involved. Bomberman 64 was made for multiplayer mayhem and that it does in a wonderfully fun fashion! 🙂

Well there’s another review ladies and gents, remember to comment below. It also looks like we’ve entered the last week for these nostalgic game reviews, but don’t worry I’ve still got more games up my sleeve to review! 😀

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