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So it’s Birthday Time Again, Yay!

Howdy people of the internet, how are you? So as you can see from the title of this blog post today is my birthday, I am one year older and as is tradition I feel the need to blog about it haha. ๐Ÿ˜€

You know what? I’ve been writing these posts for a good few years and I never have a clue how to write these things out, there’s no proper format, I just wing it and hope for the best haha. And so far today has been nice and relaxed. I have received 3 birthday cards all of which have been great especially the one from my bestie from Sheffield ๐Ÿ˜› And I have spent most of my day in the cinema so far firstly rewatching Black Panther for the 4th time and finally checking out Isle of Dogs; with the former I still really like the film a lot, for my full thoughts I recommend reading my review, but in short I love the characters, themes, the film score, some of the cool combat scenes and traditions and visual style. As for Isle of Dogs, I have a fair amount to say about the film which I will dish out in an upcoming review, but what I will say it was very unique and different from I expected, but the visual material was incredible and the voice cast was really good. So with my films so far I’ve enjoyed myself.

Right now I’m pretty much chilling listening to some nostalgic sounds of Earth, Wind & Fire and plotting my movements for tonight when I head out for some night time shenanigans with my friends haha. I also have some fun stuff planned for tomorrow and potentially on Sunday too so hopefully this feeling of happiness and good times carryย on through til the end of the weekend. ๐Ÿ˜€

Other than that I’m thinking I really gotta sort my life out, I’m pretty close to 30 and I only have a handful of achievements to my name, and I know there’s no set way to live life, but I do feel like I need to be doing better and I have gotten a few things worked out with my podcast and illustration material in full swing at the moment. So hopefully 2018 will be a year for change and progression, but I guess we’ll see and take things as they come. Anyways I’m gonna go finish some illustration stuff and look forward to my review for Isle of Dogs which will be coming soon, laters! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Birthday Chilling is the Name of the Game!

Howdy ladies and gents, how’s it goin? So today is my birthday and it feels like it has come out of nowhere once again, not that I didn’t see it coming but right now as I’m blogging it feels kind of surreal that this day is here and I’m a year older. But hey I’m not complaining, so as usual I’m doing a birthday related blog post. ๐Ÿ™‚

So normally when you have a birthday you’re meant to celebrate and do a lot of exciting stuff, but not me. I’m just chilling, my day was meant to be spent in the cinema, but since I’m going to dinner with my family later on I can’t binge in the cinema haha. So instead I’m staying inside and watching more Dave Chappelle on Netflix which has been killing me recently because the dude is still funny as hell. Oh and I’m sure I’ll find some time to play some more Breath of the Wild too, yeah I’ve been bleeding the new Zelda game on Switch for weeks whenever I have the time and while I have used a few guys to figure out some shrines because I’m a bit of dummy and accidentally discovered certain secrets, at the same time I’ve discovered so many cool, quirky and interesting things on my own and I am loving the sense of satisfaction I’m getting from the exploration, combat and upgrading of my hearts and stamina. So yeah that’ll probably be what I’m doing today and then I’ll be partying it up tomorrow night with my friends which I hope I’ll survive haha.

I’ve been thinking about where I am in life and while I’ve made some advancements here and there, I have a lot further to go to acquire my goals and even though I still have a lot of time. I’m gonna be 30 in a few years and I’d prefer for my life to be in order by that point especially when it comes to my actual professional career. I also wonder if I’m actually getting better as a person or that I haven’t really grown that much since I turned 18, I still have a teenage mentality but I’m stuck in an adult body. ๐Ÿ˜› So sometimes I second guess certain things I’m doing, but I’ve learnt in recent years just to keep going with the flow, be careful and try to have fun and it seems to have worked so far. Anyways I’m gonna go back to YouTube and watch some more SomecallmeJohnny and I’ll see ya when I get around to reviewing Ghost in the Shell. Laters! ๐Ÿ˜€

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It’s Birthday Time Once Again, Woo!

Howdy people of the internet, today I come back to the internet on a special day, my birthday! This is a random post just to talk about me and my transcendence of age once more.


Even though I’m not overly enthusiastic, in my perfect world I would like this to happen to me right now:

So today I turn 25, the next biggest milestone age in my life. At this age most people would be going off on holiday or going out to party or taking a day trip somewhere in the country. But not me. This year things are very different, my living and financial situation is totally random. I’m taking it slow this year. Even though I would like to make a big deal of my age, at the same time I’m not that fussed. I love birthdays, but at the same time if nothing happens on the specified day then I’ll be content with doing nothing. I believe it was on either my 20th birthday where I spent the day alone in my house listening to music and rolling around on the carpet in my living room, yeah I can amuse myself quite easily. On my 21st birthday, my last important milestone, I spent it at work in college, though I did have a radio take over playing a lot of my favourite music for around 3-5 hours. The last three years have been great as they were pretty much devoted to crazy house parties that took place in Sheffield during my time at university. Those were the best of times as I had never felt so much joy, love and chaos at once.

This year I wasn’t meant to have met up with some friends and have a quiet hang session in Milton Keynes, but since I’m short for cash at the moment I’ve called it off.

So today, instead of going outside I’ve had a chilled session inside. I was meant to watch several films, but in the end I only watched one and the one I decided to rewatch was Inception, as it is one of my all-time favourite films, I just had to check it out again. And man, that film, still gives me the same level of satisfaction each time, the weird thing is, I’ve seen the film so many times, I understand it, however each time I see it I pick up on new minor details but then it presents me with some more questions when someone questions something in the film and then it confuses me. Outside of that I’ve been playing Fire Emblem: Awakening and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, I’ve been having a killer time, getting lost in the chaos of battle and feeling the satisfaction of kicking computer ass. ๐Ÿ™‚ And to end the night I’ll be watching the finale of The Walking Dead on TV which will be a nice way to finish the day. ๐Ÿ™‚ As for presents I haven’t gotten much (probably because I’m too old for them haha), besides cards from my mum, sister and grandparents abroad, the main present I got was from my brilliant friend Craig (from uni) who got me Sonic Generations on Steam and that’s just made me so jolly because he knows how much I love me some crazy Sonic fun.


In conclusion birthday come and go, but I do like the love and attention that I get from people because it means that people still appreciate your existence. I’ve had birthday blogs for 2012, 2013 and 2014 and this is just another one to add to the blogging collection. At this point in time I’m partly backlogged in Facebook birthday comments, so I’m sorting through those and waiting for my fast food to arrive haha. Thanks for reading and I’ll see ya later peeps, and I’ll catch ya later! ๐Ÿ˜›



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It’s My Birthday And I’l Do What I Want To! :D

Good day to you ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another causal blog post and today’s one is a bit special as it is my birthday again, so what better time is there to do blogging again? The answer of course is none haha.


Indeed it is the day of my birthday and want to spread the joy of the occasion, yes even on my blog.

So yeah it is March 30th, a day I’m always looking forward to, but always seems to sneak up on me. In recent years I have looked forward to my birthday for at least 6 months, but when it is upon me it always feels bizarre and completely surreal. Like it shouldn’t be real. But of course I eventually get the groove and it feels like a good time.

Now recently I have had a lot of random and annoying shit to deal with, my dissertation at uni is changing constantly and becoming harder and harder to write, my laptop had just recently got repaired just for the network adaptor to stop working randomly and for some reason life has just been kind of dull in general. So when it comes today I’m just saying “Fuck it.” Its my time and I think Cartman from South Park summed it up pretty well in this video below:

So what have I been up to today? Well besides being flooded with birthday messages on Facebook which is always a good feeling. I entered my birthday at midnight playing games with my mates, then got some garlic bread from the takeaway and watched some of my favourite episodes of Regular Show. I have also been walking around town and stuff and the music selection on my phone has been very good with some great choices from some of my favourite artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jamiroquai, AFI, Manic Street Preachers, Deadmau5, Crush 40 and an assortment of songs from Sonic games. ๐Ÿ™‚

But the highlight of my day has to be when I went to the cinema to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier again. I already reviewed the film earlier on this week and I haven’t been able to get over how good the film is. Seeing it again has not only gotten me so hyped for seeing the film again, but also forย the future ofย Marvel Studiosย and what They are gonna do with Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron. In addition to seeing the awesome film, the film screen I was in pretty much showed all the trailers for my most anticipated films of the year which are Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy. If any of these films deliver what their trailers give us or are at least as good or better than The Winter Soldier then this is gonna be a glorious summer for films.


If you haven’t seen this film yet go out and do it now, it’s really good! ๐Ÿ˜€

At this current moment I’m just blogging on a PC quickly at uni, but soon I’ve venture back outside to go collect a free cookie, a free cupcake and possibly a sandwich from Subway. Then tonight I think I’ll have a filthy film session because I have plenty of films to watch and why not do it on the best of days, my birthday. XD

Anyways just wanted to share my birthday experience with you all so far and here’s hoping it continues to be badass into the night. Until next time people, later on yo ๐Ÿ˜€


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It’s My Birthday Today! Kick Ass!


ย Howdy ladies and gentlemen of WordPress. Today is a good day as it is my birthday so I thought I’d just blog about it haha.

So yes today is the celebration of my birthday again and I am now 23. This age is apparently unlikely according to Blink-182 because they say “No one likes you when you’re 23.” So I fear for what will happen to me in the future, though I seem to have made an enemy already so I’m fulfilling that prophecy already, more on that later.

Birthdays are a strange thing aren’t they? It is just one day in the year when people will pay attention to you, spoil you and treat you right nice. It is a lovely feeling. Birthdays are one of those things that always feel good. Sure after your childhood and the age of 18 birthdays tend to lose their staying power and become less special, but I believe birthdays can still be kick ass as long you make the day epic. This may sound a little sad but I love birthdays because it reminds me that people still care about me. When I’m just chilling in life things tend to be a little dull at times so when I get all this love on my birthday it makes me feel absurd amounts of happiness.

For my birthday this year I had a house party last night with me mates and it was pretty filthy. I had a โ€œItโ€™s my party and Iโ€™ll do what I want to, do what I want to!โ€ kind of attitude. While only half of the people I invited showed up it was still a cracking night with mates from work and uni together partying hardcore style! We danced, burned stuff in my metal bin in the back garden, got drunk and had a crazy time. It was very self-contained but for what it was I was satisfied and glad to be around my friends.

20130330_004900This was Matt and myself last night, I was smiling like that for the majority of last night haha.

It was primarily beautiful for the most part; however there was one party pooper who tried to ruin my night. Now earlier in this post I said I was fulfilling the prophecy by Blink-182 in their song “What’s My Age Again?” and that is down to one of the horrible housemates I am currently living with. I am going to watch my language over the next few sentences but suffice to say she isn’t a nice person and I don’t like her. She’s had it out for me for months and last night she tried to shut my party down and argued with me in front of everyone. She even said she’d call the police on me. Wow, okay… Why? I kind of lost my top in front of her but in all honesty it’s all good, she even woke me up this morning threatening me. To that I say good, if she wishes to make an enemy, she has one now haha.


That sheep that shitted, that was her last night.


Too right.

Anyways at the time of writing this post I am hung over from last night’s house party and I’m currently having a Will Smith session on my iTunes, I’m in a good groove right now (plus Will Smith is the best ever so his music must be played). In between I had a listen to my mum’s radio show online and she gave me a shout out and song dedication too, I was so jolly about it. Today I feel immaculate, fine, incredible and crazy all at the same time.


This is me today with my amazing birthday card that my mate made for me. BEST. BIRTHDAY. CARD. EVER!

As for the rest of today I’ll probably be recovering and then get a take away and watch a good DVD later on, oh and I’ll also be eating the cakes my mate bought for me too. Well that’s it for this blog post, just thought I’d share my birthday happiness with you lot haha. I guess until the next time I’ll catch ya on the flip side yo! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


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Birthdays Are Awesome!

You know birthdays are interesting little things aren’t they? It is the one day in the year that symbolizes your age and it is that one special day to celebrate your existence in the world. The anticipation towards this one day can be pretty immense depending on the specific age or occasion and besides Christmas, it is the most important time of the year for most people. But when that day normally comes it can be an incredible experience. Being around your family and friends on that day is a great feeling because you are around people who love and care about you, also depending on how old you are you can get presents too which can be an exciting experience in itself.

Birthdays, they are just an excuse to have fun ๐Ÿ˜€

Either way your birthday is the one day for you to be you, to enjoy life and celebrate the fact that you’ve made it one more day into a new age with new and exciting opportunities ahead of you. Well that’s what birthdays mean to me.

Just recently (yesterday in fact) I turned 22 and it was a pretty crazy lead-up to the day. I had been waiting for this day in particular since January when me and my faltmates had a flat party and went out for one of their birthdays and that was an incredible, unforgettable night and I wanted the same for myself when my night came around. Not only that but last year I never went out or did anything big for my 21st birthday so the event for my 22nd was gonna have to be big to make up for not doing anything last year. this year I decided to have a flat party with all of the people I have met since coming to Sheffield. So then Friday came along and I woke up to lovely birthday messages on my phone and Facebook. Then headed off to class in uni only to find out there was no class, so that annoyed me a little bit, but at the same time I was like “Yay no class!” So then when my second class came around I went into that and got a birthday wish off a friend and an even bigger and louder happy birthday off of my other classmate which resulted in several other people who I didn’t know giving me happy birthday wishes too, so that was unexpectedly nice ๐Ÿ˜€


So in class outside of doing work I had some interesting and funny conversations with my mates before heading back to my flat. Then I went out to the pub with my flat mate and some other friends and while playing pool one of my other classmates who had promised me cake finally sorted me some cake, it was incredible. I swear it was like one of the best moments of my life. I don’t get given many things from my friends, so the fact I got a whole cake from a classmate from university who I haven’t known for very long was very touching. She is definitely gonna be one of my best friends for life! So we continued to chill at the pub and had some food before rushing back to the flat to make a playlist and fix it up before the party people started showing up. Then people started coming, the music started playing (even if it wasn’t always from my playlist) and the drinking began. It was just a great feeling to be around all of these people who said that they were gonna come, I felt so loved. We all danced, drank, hugged and I took so many pictures it was insane. It was a beautiful atmosphere of smiles and chaos. So much stuff got messed up. Stools moved up and down the hallway, me and my flatmates’s rooms keep being invaded, two of my mates were dressed in wonzies at one point and the drinking game known as “Battleshots” was mad. Though the night didn’t end there, we eventually went out on the town and danced and raved it up in the clubs of Sheffield it was great. There was a lot of last night I don’t remember, but luckily from what I do recall I did have fun, probably the most amount of fun I’ve had in a long time.

So yeah I just wanted to share with you people of the internet my delightful birthday experience. This birthday more than made up for my 21st and even though it was my first birthday away from home and my family, my parents did call me and I got a funny text off my sister too so it was all good ๐Ÿ™‚ I just wanted to say that birthdays are awesome and they can be fun for anyone if you let them be ๐Ÿ˜€


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What happened to the fun times?

It’s strange how fast things can change in a week, I mean last week everything was fairly turbulent and stressful but ended on a good note and my world was finally in a fun groove. But now I look at my life at this current point in time and its dull, ever so dull, with nothing to do, no one to hang with (well no one that wants to come out and hang at least) and terrible weather, its like some sort of force is in the air preventing me from having fun and enjoying life at uni. One may ask what exactly do I mean? Well I shall give you one basic example of how my world was incredibly fun and fantastic and then literally dropped into the area of bordem in a short space of a few days.

So let’s rewind back to last week Friday where I was facing one of the most stressful days of my life where I had a uni assignment to had in and a job interview to tackle as well and I was in a state of panic, stress and confusion. Needless to say things ended terribly in both departments, not intentionally of course but I encountered a number of problems leading up to my uni assignment hand-in time and I didn’t get in on time and that had messed me up for my job interview I had to do straight afterwards. The way in which my job interview went was just tragic, let’s just say I failed. And then after that I got lost when I decided to walk home from where my job interview was which clearly was not the smartest choice due to the fact that I barely know the geography of Sheffield already so walking was just a bad choice. I was in unknown territory and had to follow signs heading back into the city center and it took me around one hour and half to get back into town and took me an additional half hour to get back to my flat, so all in all it took me around two hours to get home. Thank god I had my music to hold me together or I would not have survived that ordeal. Sure one could argue that if I had taken the bus I wouldn’t have been in such an awful situation, but due to the fact that I left my wallet at home I wouldn’t have been able to get on anyway, plus I don’t like taking public transport and would much prefer to walk most places because I’m stubborn and an idiot in some cases lol.

So as you can imagine by the time I had gotten back I was completely tired and my feet and legs were not functioning very well, so after a quick conversation with my flatmate I crashed out for a few hours and awoke in the later hours of the night. And by this time my flatemate and my other friends had come over and were making noise loud enough to wake me up from my sleeping state (which is hard because I sleep like a rock). So then I ventured out and met them, then we went out to the pub and we actually had a very jolly night out. For me and flatmate it was great to get out and hang in such a cool environment on a social event like that one since we don’t do it that often. We drank, we conversed, we laughed and enjoyed each others company and I got to eat some fast food for the first time this year and it was delightful. That night was incredible, from the disgusting way Friday had started and panned out over the course of the day to the way it changed in the evening it was a massive transition and much-needed one too. So just by the way that night ended I knew that the day after would be just as good if not better. ๐Ÿ™‚

So then Saturday came and it was one of my flatmate Matt’s birthday and for many weeks prior to that date he had spoken of the epic night out we were going to have. And so on that day I was woken up by him and his girlfriend, we sang a happy birthday for him and was treated to some lovely cake too. Then several hours went by and then we all got ready and the pre-party session began and my goodness it was incredible, the dancing, the games, the atmosphere, the alcohol, it was perfect. I shall not go into details about the exact happenings, but let’s just say it was very lively and crazy. So then we headed out to meet some other mates in the pub and from there the night just got even crazier, there was a lot of picture-taking, drinking, dancing and madness that ensued. It was a mad night, so much so that I actually forgot the majority of it. I was that far gone. The morning after I felt terrible, but I got a recap of the night from my flatmate Craig and then saw all of the pictures I took and it started to fill in the gaps for me. Even though I still don’t quite remember all of the night, from what I do remember it was the best night I have had in Sheffield for a long time, maybe ever. I was having fun, I was smiling, yes I was in my element… However I think that’s where the fun ended.

And on the day after I spent the majority of the day recovering from the worst stomach ache in existence and only saw one or two of my flatmates that day. And from there the times just got considerably dull, people barely came out of their rooms and when I did come out I barely saw anyone or no one at all. And that continued for days, it’s like the communication between us broke down and no one came out anymore and for the first time in this flat since coming here in September everything felt so disconnected. Which is a complete contrast to how we were for the first few months, just hanging in each others company in the living room all the time either playing games or just making food or just sitting around talking about whatever was on our minds. That was the kind of thing I was used to and to have it taken away felt horrible. I always knew there were going to be times where we weren’t always hanging out but I didn’t think it would end up like this. For me I like my alone time just as much a the next man, but communication and interaction with other people is something I need or I cease to function and get sad. It also doesn’t help that one my flatmates is constantly in and out of flat at the moment and he normally is the glue that holds us together in a lot of ways and he has the fun factor that keeps us together when we’re not all closed off in our rooms.

At at this point in time I’m not sure what the deal is, things are just extremely boring, dull and uninteresting and because of this factor I’m stuck. Without fun I’m not jolly or positive and since I’m still in this funk I can’t function, I don’t feel like being productive with my time and if I’m not doing my own projects or going to uni I have no structure to my life, so nothing happens. So at this current point in my life I write blogs to feel productive. I have YouTube videos to make, unfinished science fiction stories to write and yet I don’t feel like doing it yet because my mood is so wrong. Man this sucks. ๐Ÿ˜ก





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