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LATE REVIEW: Pitch Perfect 2

Howdy ladies and gents, time for a film review I’ve been meaning to do for almost two weeks, its time to talk about Pitch Perfect 2. Now Pitch Perfect was a film that surprised me when I saw it in early 2013, I thought it was going to be some horrible Glee-like affair, but it was actually a really fun film with some awesome music covers. So when I heard there was going to be a sequel I was down, and now that I’ve FINALLY seen the film it’s time to pass judgement.


The story can be described as the following:

After a humiliating command performance at Lincoln Center, the Barden Bellas enter an international competition that no American group has ever won in order to regain their status and right to perform.

The story in this film is an enjoyable ride for sure with all the fun stuff you loved about the first film back in spades but with new scenarios and challenges for the characters involved. Make no mistake, if you’ve seen a music-related film before (especially if it’s a sequel) then several of the plot points will be familiar to you and you could see some of them coming a mile away. This can be a good or bad thing depending who you are. What I did like about this film is that it advances Beca’s story, reinforces the theme friendship between the Bellas and raises the stakes. What I wasn’t too keen on was the overall story, it just wasn’t as interesting this time round and there was an unnecessary romance added to this film that didn’t need to be there. Also the humour just wasn’t on-point here, in the last film I laughed a good few times, but here not once, most of the jokes fell flat or just got me to smile rather than laugh my head off and that sucked. I’m not going to lie, there is a feeling of disappointment with this film’s story, but it is hard to hate when I did have a lot of fun with it though.


As for the cast, the returning characters do a good job, while newcomers rise to the occasion and give memorable performances. Anna Kendrick once again does a good job as Beca Mitchell, she’s still one of the leaders of the Bellas but is also pursuing her dreams as well and Kendrick besides being gorgeous as always, she acts well and has a lovely voice. Rebel Wilson returns as Fat Amy in an even bigger way than before. Amy was clearly one of the best aspects of the last film and she’s put to good use in this film having a lot of the most memorable scenes, though I feel like her humour was a bit forced this time round. Brittany Snow does well as Chloe Beale, she’s still the bubbly and pretty co-leader of the Bellas. What I like about this film is that it explores her personality little more and shows how much a capella means to her. Ester Dean as Cynthia-Rose Adams is great, she’s the sassy, cool and funny, Alexis Knapp is still hot and funny as Stacie Conrad, and Hana Mae Lee still makes me smile as Lilly Onakurama, continuing to say strange things quietly.

pitch-perfect-2-01 pitch-perfect-2-02

Hailee Steinfeld is a newcomer as Emily Junk, but she fits into this colourful cast of characters as this freshman who’s an aspiring songwriter. I really enjoyed Steinfeld in Begin Again and she was also lovely here having good chemistry with the other Bellas. Skylar Astin and Ben Platt come back and do their thing as Jesse Swanson and Benjamin “Benji” Applebaum, individually and together they are cool. Adam DeVine comes back as Bumper Allen and he’s alright, though not nearly as funny as before. It’s also good to see Anna Camp as Aubrey Posen as she was just as fun as ever, and Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins are once again on-form as Gail Abernathy-McKadden-Feinberger and John Smith, the a capella competition commentators, their chemistry is great, though they did seem like it was a bit less funny than before. Flula Borg was good as Pieter Krämer, but I was more interested in was Birgitte Hjort Sørensen as Kommissar, she’s not only gorgeous she’s also been in one of the recent episodes of Game of Thrones and she was pretty fun here. Together Krämer and Sørensen have good screen time together. Keegan-Michael Key as Beca’s boss at Residual Heat was really fun and I was totally surprised to see Katey Sagal as Katherine Junk, even though her part was small in the film Sagal was great. Oh and finally David Cross as the Riff-Off host, that guy was great.


When it comes to the presentation it is good, but mainly excels in the audio department. Visually the film looks nice, the filming and editing during the music numbers are great and I like the levels of spectacle that comes with the performances with all the awesome dance choreography and props. As for the music, like the last film it is the best part. I will say that I didn’t enjoy the songs in this film as much as the last one mainly because there was a lot of popular modern stuff in there and that’s not really my thing. That being said, the a capella sound is still as beautiful and unbelievable as ever and the covers of En Vogue’s “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)”, Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious” Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do with It” and A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario” are just a handful of some of the awesome songs that get sung. But the best part for me was the cover of Kris Kross’ “Jump”, that song is one of my favourite 90’s jams and it was done to brilliant effect.


In conclusion Pitch Perfect 2 is an adequate sequel to the original offering up the same fun you got from the first film except with new songs, characters and situations. with good singing. I do want to stress that I still had a lot of fun with this film and the pros outweigh the cons for sure, HOWEVER, it’s not as good as the previous film, but it is still worth a watch for fans of the last one or those who love music films

6.5/10 (Really fun but ultimately disappointing)

So have you seen Pitch Perfect 2 and if so what do you think of it? Please be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review, laters! 😀


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Pitch Perfect Review

Okay so it’s 2013 and I’m only now getting around to talking about Pitch Perfect? What is going on with my life? When did I become this slow at reviewing films? Well I am glad that it hasn’t left the cinema yet because I’ve looking forward to seeing this ever since I saw the trailer in the cinema back in November last year. So was it worth the wait? It totally was and I’m gonna tell you why in this review.


So the story involves an all-girl college a cappella group, The Barden Bellas, as they compete against another a cappella group from their college to win Nationals. The film mainly focuses on Beca and how she initially wants to be DJ and has no interest in singing, however through a series of circumstances she eventually joins a cappella group and starts to get into it and bond with the other girls. The story was pretty cool and not nearly as predictable as I thought it’d be and I think it was down to some clever and funny writing that kept the film from falling into that cliché territory.

Then there are the characters of Pitch Perfect who are simply wonderful. Anna Kendrick as Beca was great, she looks hot as usual, but beyond that I really liked her character. You can see at the start of the film she is very to herself and wants to pursue a music career, however when she joins the Bellas to please her father, you can see that the group is starting to affect her and I love her transition from the start to the end of the film. Skylar Astin as Jesse was cool, when he first came into the film I knew how he’d be connected to Beca but I wondered if his character would be truly significant to the plot. But then he became a member of the Treblemakers and then I was like “Okay now he’s relevant.” He had some great scenes in the Treblemakers and love how into films his character was (like me of course).

Anna Camp as Aubrey Posen was also good in the film. She was a bit of bitch due to her the uptight and controlling nature and while you can understand because of her history she does become a bit overbearing at times. Then there’s Brittany Snow as Chloe Beale, she was cute and pretty funny in some of her scenes too. I like how understanding she was Beca’s contributions to the group and how she was the kinder co-leader of the Bellas. And the last member of the Bellas I wanted to talk about was Hana Mae Lee as Lily Onakuramara. She was the funny little Asian member of the group who speaks so quietly that it was almost impossible to hear her, but when we in the audience could make out what she was saying she had some really funny lines. I really liked this girl!

But the best female and possibly the best character in the film was Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy. She was just perfect. Her character was so weird, inappropriate and surprising, but most importantly she was funny. Fat Amy had some of the best lines in the film and whenever I was laughing it was down to her. I love her character! Nuff said. Ben Platt as Benji Applebaum was jokes; from the time he first appears as Jesse’s nerdy roommate I liked him. You could see that he was going to be a guy to look out for and his contribution to the film was entertaining. And lastly Adam DeVine as Bumper Allen, the leader of the Treblemakers was funny as hell. He was a bit of prick and was cruel to all of the other teams competing against him and his group, however this made for some funny scenes and great quotes from his character. One other person to mention is Elizabeth Banks as Gail Abernath-McKadden who was great and had some strange and hilarious lines when commentating on the live performances.

Outside of the amazing cast it really is the music that shines in this film. The musical performances in this film are simply incredible, inventive and just plain fun to listen to. Some of these groups fins songs that you probably know or love or maybe even hate and find a way to make it sound great in a cappella format. I really loved the performances from The Treblemakers, they were simply badass, their charisma on-stage when they dance along with their vocals is just awesome. The Barden Bellas also have their awesome moments too, but I think the music in the film really comes alive in “The Riff-Off” scene where you have several of the artist coming together battling against each other. The vocals of all of these groups together are just beautiful and make for some great sounds for your ears!

I think one of the main reasons I liked this film was because of my love and respect for people who are in cappella groups. I love the sound of a good cappella group, the way in which one voice can be joined together with several others in order to create this full and amazing sound just makes me smile. Together as a unit a cappella group can turn even the worst of songs into incredible tunes I love to listen to and I believe the music in Pitch Perfect has reignited that fire in my soul again.

In conclusion Pitch Perfect was a great film. The story wasn’t as predictable as I thought, with an incredible cast of actors/singers, an absurdly good soundtrack and some genuinely funny scenes too. This film was awesome and definitely wasn’t anything like Glee (thank god!), check this film out if you have the time, it’s some good stuff.

Rating: 8/10

I hoped you enjoyed this review people, as always do drop me a comment below and tell me what you thought of the film. Until next time, laters! 😀

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