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Random Blog 10: Red Pandas… So friggin awesome!

Howdy ladies and gents and welcome to another edition of the Random Blog series, but before we get into the subject of today I want to have a look back on this series of blog posts.

The RB series started as just some series of blogs with no structure or specific reason for existing and the first post was practically invisible. But once I made the post about cats the series blew up! Then there was the hair post that was pretty popular too. And recently there’s been a lot of love for the Regular Show post and Batman: TAS post too. I’m loving this increase in popularity for this series, so for those of you out there that have checked out and supported the RB series, thanks a lot yo.

Anyways moving on, today we’re gonna look at one of my favourite animals in the history of existence; the red panda.


For the longest time I have been a fan of many types of including lions, tigers, eagles, koalas, etc. But around 5 or 6 years ago I was scanning through the web and I think I found a picture of a red panda on Wikipedia and I fell in love instantly. I don’t usually freak out about many animals, but this is the one time when you’ll see me as happy as a little school girl, no joke. 😛


To me, red pandas are just the cutest thing ever and look SO different when you compare them to your regular panda which is a lot bigger and traditionally black and white, whereas these guys look like some sort of raccoon/cat hybrid than any kind of bear.

Red Panda-and-PandaThe difference is staggering and while I do have a lot of love for panda bears, red pandas are WAY cuter!

I think I love red pandas a lot is due to all the pictures of them looking all cute and tired. Their whole appearance is wonderful, the colour scheme of orange, black and white is fascinating to me and all of their different actions whether they’re eating, sleeping, yawning or standing just makes me a bit giddy. They’re one of the few animals that have so much of my love and support. They seem like they’d make great companion animals. Some people like having either cats or dogs as a pet, me I’d want a red panda. They’re so unconventional and interesting to look at. I’ve always wanted to see or meet a red panda, if that happened I would be SO HAPPY.

Red-pandaLook at this face, how can you not smile or not think it is the cutest thing ever? XD

At some point last year I’m sure I got into a conversation with some uni mates about cute animals and I think we were going on about which ones we would like to own too. For me there are only three animals I would like to carry around with me everywhere and they would be either a red panda, koala or a sloth. They are the best and cutest animals that I like enough to take care of.


In conclusion red pandas are awesome, they are gorgeous and cute creatures that I doubt many people know about. So I’m just going about, spreading the word about those awesome animals because I love them and hope to have one of for myself one day or at least get a red panda featured in a film or TV show at some point in the future.

Thanks for reading and for those of you who follow this blog I hope I didn’t scare you away with my obsession of this animal haha. 😀


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Random Blog 04: It’s All About Cats!

Okay so it’s time for Random Blog number four! And this time I’ve got a blog pots that’s just as random as the last, it’s all about cats!


I love cats, they’re awesome. I’ve known many friends who’ve owned cats and had family members that’s owned cats here and there and then there’s just the cats I’ve run into in the street on my many travels. So I’ve never been too far away from the furry felines. Even though I have nuff love for cats I’ve never owned one specifically myself, that may sound surprising but that’s only due to my mum’s rule of having no pets in our household. Even though I was gutted to grow up with no pets when I was younger I think it was for the best, I am very selfish and have a hard enough time taking care of myself let alone another person/pet. But enough about me let’s get back to the main topic here…

I’ve cats are awesome, but what makes them cool? That is something that is hard to answer, you sort of know without having to say it, it’s on that subconscious level. There’s many reasons to like cats like some of the following reasons:

  • They’re really playful creatures
  • They like to chase after laser pen lights, that never gets old
  • The way cats meow is cute
  • It’s nice when they purr when you pet them
  • They can climb up and chill in your lap
  • They don’t depend on you all the time and can go off on their own sometimes

Those are just a handful of reasons why cats are just the best ever. I’ve had some jolly experiences with cats from my junior school mate’s cat to my grandparents old cat to my best friend Chris’ cat. They’re just fun pets.


I’ve always been a fan of striped cats, they’re my favourite.

Outside of the bullet points I highlighted I think there’s two other key reasons I like cats, reason one is due to kittens. A kitten has to be one of the cutest baby animals ever, all you have to do is look at their faces and you fall for them. How can you not like them. Their real small, some can even fit into your hand! But like most creatures in their early years they need to be taken care of and their movements are small and in this state cats are just the definition of adorable!


So cute and fluffy, I want this cat.

The second reason would be due to cats similarities to lions and tigers. Lions and tigers used to be my favourite types of animals growing up, they were big, strong and fierce carnivores that clawed their prey to death and ate their remains (sounds grim but we can’t deny the fact that it’s true). Now I know that there is a massive difference between domestic cats and lions, but their technically the same besides their visual aesthetics. If I may, let me just go on a little tangent here. Lions, they’re basically big cats. They’re like my favourite form of big cat, especially the male lions with their manes (so cool-looking). And when lions are cubs they are positively cute as hell just like kittens!


Lions and tigers, the REAL cats of the world that kick ass!


Little lion cubs, they are adorable. I seriously want to own a cub one day… Or at least hold one. 🙂

Of course there’s that point where someone might just shout of something like “Dogs are better!” So which do I prefer, cats or dogs? Well ladies and gentlemen I don’t have a preference. I like both. While cats are less hassle than dogs I can’t choose one over the other because both have good qualities.


Cute and yet hilarious at the same time.

In the end cats are just the best thing ever. They’re nice, cute, fury and just the definition of fun. And before I finish this post I just wanted to dedicate it to my awesome friend Callie! It was her idea for me to do this blog post in the first place haha, but it was a fun little write-up though. Anyways I guess I’ll call this post a slightly delayed birthday present haha, hope she enjoys this and had wonderful birthday too! 😀


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Gotta love Pandas!

Howdy ladies and gentlemen of the web, today’s blog post will be about the awesomeness that’s pandas! Yes pandas!

Aw, gotta love those panda bears and their little faces they’re well cute yo!

Now this blog post probably won’t be all that long coz I thought about doing it very spontaneously, but one day I was just chilling at home and just thought to myself, “I like pandas, I think I’ll make a blog about them.” So here we are. This blog will primarily be focused on I think my liking for pandas came from a young age, I mean when you’re young there’s always certain animals that capture your interest and as far as I can recall among the many animals I liked as a kid pandas were definitely up there.

One of the key things I think I’ve always liked that still applies to present day is the way pandas looked so docile and lazy, just chilling and doing nothing most of the tim you see them in a zoo or on nature programmes. Though that isn’t the only reason I like them, they also seems to eat a lot of bamboo too and I dunno why I’ve always found that interesting, but it’s just something that makes them more unique than most other animals.

I also find it incredible how big they are and yet they have the power to climb trees and roll all over the place. Yes roll. There was this video I watched on YouTube where there was this crazy panda chilling in a tree, then he sort of fell off and then started doing a load of forward rolls all over the place before rolling into a bush. It was hilarious. Pandas are just random and cute and have inspired so much random stuff in the world from music to clothing, vehicles to films. So in the end pandas are cool 🙂

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Koala’s are awesome!

Howdy people of WordPress. It’s been a while since I blog about something purely random so I thought I’d do a blog on one of my favourite animals ever; the Koala bear! Why? because Koala’s are awesome!!


It’s funny, when I was back at home over the easter somehow the topic of cute animals came up and my mum, sister and talked about a few and when I mentioned Koalas I think we were all in agreement that Koalas are not only awesome, but dead cute!

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! How can anyone not like the epic cuteness that is Koalas, especially this one above ^^

And it was during that conversation that I just recalled how much I used to love Koalas as a kid. I always found them to be amazing. The just looked different to not only other forms of bears, but completely different to most other animals. I just loved the way they would climb trees or how they would cling to people when you seem them being handled in the Zoo or on nature programmes on TV. They always seem to ultra chilled out when they are chilling in the trees and I have always found that hilarious. They were just fascinating to me. And thinking about it I still feel the same way. While Koalas aren’t my primary favourite animal, it is probably in the top 10. I’ve always wanted to hold one, I guess it’s one of my life goals. I swear I would have an epic level of satisfaction if I got to hold one. I’d totally freak out! 😀

If there aren’t any zoos or other places in the UK where Koalas are situated then I’ll have to find a way to get to Australia and hug one there! Anyways that just my thoughts on Koalas and I thought I should make a blog about it and share it with the world! Thanks for reading 😀


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Northern Bald Ibis Birds are awesome!

While messing around on the internet in one of my uni classes I happened to be looking for different types of cool animals and I happened to be just randomly searching for anything slightly out of the ordinary and then I came across this amazing creature called the Northern Bald Ibis!

I mean just look at this magnificent creature, don’t you think it looks amazing?

I mean I have come across some pretty badass-looking birds in my time but when I came across this bird today while looking through Wikipedia and I have to say its one of the coolest-looking birds I have ever seen! There just happens to be a dark, mysterious, yet truly awesome thing about this type of bird that I cannot describe. It gives of the same sort of aura you would expect from a crow, but obviously this bird is of the larger kind. Seriously the Northern Bald Ibis has a very creepy, yet distinctive look and I believe it really should have a place in the media in the shape of a film or in a graphic novel/comic because there is some awesome art techniques you could use for it. Looking at it I really want to draw one of these birds and I would probably try to incorporate it into one of my comics and I already have one in mind. While I already have a horse in that particular comic, I’m sure I can find a place for this amazing bird. I want one of these Northern Bald Ibis birds, I’m not gonna lie. They look too cool for me not to own one. Even though they’re an endangered species I have to get one. If not that then I’d really like to meet one, I think this bird may become one of my new favourite animals next to koalas, red pandas, normal pandas and eagles.

Northern Bald Ibis birds rock! 😀




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