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Howdy ladies and gents, time for another one paragraph review and today I’ll be talking about Green Room. Now this is a film I planned to watch during its release in the cinema back in May, but for whatever reason I missed it and I’ve been kicking myself ever since because there’d been nothing but positive word of mouth about this film, and some claimed it was film of the year material. So with all the 2016 films I’d missed, I wanted to try and see this film before I made my top 10 list. So is it good or not? Well read on and find out!


The plot can be summed up as the following: “A punk rock band is forced to fight for survival after witnessing a murder at a neo-Nazi skinhead bar.” Green Room is a film I knew of but really didn’t know anything about besides the basic premise and the talk of the performances of the cast especially Patrick Stewart and Anton Yelchin. I was basically going into this film blind, and I feel like I benefitted from that a lot. I had the general jist of this story down, but it turned into a very different film than I was expecting, the film was dark, dirty and violent, and just when I thought I’d sussed out plot, it’d totally change things up. The story while familiar in some ways, had a lot of unique and surprising elements with the way it handled the characters, pacing and overall narrative, and can we talk about the tension? Good gravy man, besides the sheer brutality and violence which is handled so well, this film kept up the suspense and tension in such an intense way, my heart was racing several minutes after the film ended, and I’d say it’s on par with Don’t Breathe. And then there’s the cast who all did a great job in their roles. Anton Yelchin was just fabulous as Pat, this guy goes through a lot and Yelchin just put in 110% with performance especially on the physical side. Imogen Poots as Amber was also really impressive, really versatile and realistic with the emotional material she was given. And of course we have to talk about Patrick Stewart as Darcy Banker, this is most different role I’ve seen from him, Darcy was really cold, calculated, ruthless and intimating and Stewart was so magnetic. I also really enjoyed seeing Arrested Development‘s Alia Shawkat as Sam, she was really great too, I also enjoyed Macon Blair as Gabe, Mark Webber was pretty good as Daniel and finally Joe Cole and Callum Turner were solid as Reece and Tiger. In conclusion Green Room was a very impressive, intense and dark film which I enjoyed far more than I expected and it has automatically jumped into my top 10 films of 2016, just trying to figure out where to place will be the hard part. But anyway, I’m glad I saw it and I would recommend it for sure.

So have you seen Green Room and if so what do you think of it? Be sure to leave your thoughts on the comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review, laters! 😀


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ONE PARAGRAPH REVIEW: Arrested Development

Good day to you ladies and gents, how are you? Today I’m coming to you with a another one paragraph review and today after around two months of no TV reviews, I return to this blog to give my review/impressions on Arrested Development.


Now this was a show that I’d heard about since 2012 when I watched AMC Movie Talk (now Collider Movie Talk) when news was floating around about there being a film based on the show after the third season ended. But I was never all that interested in watching the show, and after watching shows like 30 Rock, Community and Parks and Recreation, I’ve never needed anything more from the comedy genre in TV. And the funny thing is I tried watching the first episode of Arrested Development during some point last year I think, but I really wasn’t feeling it. However watching Blue Mountain State, Alpha House, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I found myself needing another obsession, so I bled through all 4 seasons on Netflix a few weeks ago and I’m ready for more. What makes Arrested Development a show worth watching is that is unique and yet familiar at the same time. It’s funny, but it also has a style and madness that separates it from other shows of a similar nature. This show focuses the Bluth family, about a wealthy yet dysfunctional family with a company that’s constantly in state of chaos, and over the course of the show we see stories involving bad business practices, love and relationships, family feuds, and loads of other things. Like most shows, Arrested Development isn’t all about laughs and does have some emotional moments as well. As for the cast all of the everyone’s great. Firstly I really liked Jason Bateman as Michael Bluth (the first thing I’ve really liked him in), Michael Cera’s awkwardness really lends itself well to George-Michael Bluth, Will Arnett is just amazing as Gob Bluth, David Cross and Portia de Rossi are completely absurd together and individually as Tobias and Lindsay Bluth Fünke, Jeffrey Tambor is incredibly funny and versatile as George Bluth Sr., Alia Shawkat is incredibly crafty and cool as Maeby and Ron Howard as the Narrator is just great! And I’m also surprised to see so many recognisable faces in this show like Judy Greer, Carl Weathers, Terry Crews, Ben Stiller, Charlize Theron, Amy Poehler and Isla Fisher to name a few. In conclusion watching Arrested Development has been a good experience. The show is humourous, ridiculous and fun, and while the show is not as funny as some of the other comedic TV shows that I’ve come across, the stories and characters are so engaging that I just had to keep watching. I’m looking forward to another season or future film if it eventually happens. 😛

So have you seen Arrested Development and if so what do you think? Whatever your thoughts are be sure to comment below and I’ll se ya on the next TV review, laters! 😀


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