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Bands I Got Into Too Late

Howdy ladies and gents, time for another personal blog post. Oh music, it is part of life and it affects in many ways and normally it is in a good way coming from a number of different artists/bands. However, there are cases where you come across some music, but then realize that you’re listening experience may have been a little better if you have found that artist/band beforehand. Today I’ll be mentioning a few of my favourite bands who I wish I had found earlier in life.



Audioslave, this is the band on the top of this list. More so than any other artist/band ever, Audioslave are the ones I wish I have found while they were in their prime. They were a supergroup formed of Chris Cornell from Soundgarden and the instrumental side of Rage Against The Machine and were active between 2001 til 2007. I started listening to them in 2008/9, I was too damn late! Their first two albums Audioslave and Out of Exile are some of my favourite sounds in rock and some of that music really solidified my love for rock music. And since seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers live in 2011, I really get sad to know that I’ll never have the chance to see Audioslave live. With Cornell’s vocals and the awesome musicians of RAT M, I feel like it would have been a beastly experience live. But I’ll never have that chance, especially since both original bands have reformed. Sad times.



This is a band that really hurts me to listen to these days. Alexisonfire was a band I found by accident, then found one song by them three years laters and then didn’t start listening to properly until the year when they announced their farewell tour… And I proper got into their sound. Talk about messed up. Alexisonfire are probably the only band in my life who I’ve got addicted to in the space of a week. Crisis, Old Crows/Young Cardinals and the self-titled album has some of the most amazing and addictive songs ever, and when I saw them live it was the best experience ever. So it crushed me to know that the beginning of my love for this band was too late as they were breaking up and never going to make new material ever again.



Much like Alexisonfire, I found the band randomly, really got into their music and saw them live in the year when they broke up and went on a farewell tour. Bloody painful. I think Anberlin are the most recent band in this list, so my connection to them isn’t as strong as the others, that being said I still have a strong love for their music, so it bugs me that I didn’t find them sooner. A lot of their music is my kind of sound when it comes to hard-hitting and soft introspective songs and since going through their material after their gig in London I really wished I had found them while I was in college or something.



When it comes to AFI I’m kind of glad I found them the way I did. I mean it was through a cover version of “Miss Murder” in a Guitar Hero-styled Wii video game in 2008, and then after that I spent a day going though their material on Deezer. I caught this band when they were pretty much at the height of their popularity just a few years after Decemberunderground had been released, and over the years my love for this group has grown significantly. With all that being said, I feel like if I had found this band just a few years earlier I would be able to appreciate how long they’ve been making music and see their visual and musical transformation since the 1990’s into the 2000’s. Also I would have been able to see them live at least once, since I think 2009 or 2010, AFI have not come back to the UK to tour and it pains me considering how much I love this band. Something tells me it is not too late and there may be a chance that they will come back, but I’m not sure.



After seeing No Distance Left to Run, I realized two things: 1) That I was not as much a fan as I had thought and 2) That there was a lot of amazing live shows that they’ve done over the years that I’ve never got to see. I’ve always liked Blur since childhood, their music was just very cool, fun and emotional, but it wasn’t until around 2012 when I really started going through their albums and appreciating all of the beautiful work that they’ve done. But obviously by that point it was too late, the band had already separated and even though they made a few comebacks, I wasn’t invested in them and their music enough to go to a gig. If I had at least gotten into them proper around my mid-teens I think I would have at least stood a chance of seeing them live while also being better associated with their music.

No Doubt


Ah No Doubt, one of my favourite bands ever and probably the most nostalgic-based of all the bands on this list. This band is part of my childhood, I adore their sound and their music makes me feel so good. Even though I’ve been listening to the band for years, I didn’t become a mega fan until uni when I listened to all six of their albums, and it was at that point when I came to really appreciate the dedication, variation and love that went into their music with Return of Saturn being my favourite album. For years they were on hiatus, then released Push and Shove in 2012 and started touring, but they didn’t do too many shows and never made it beyond America. And now with Gwen Stefani doing her solo stuff again, I don’t know if I’ll ever get to see her together with the band live. If only I had gotten into them sooner.

The Smashing Pumpkins


This is one of the bands I’ve been listening to a lot more recently. The Smashing Pumpkins are a band I’ve been aware of for many years, but  didn’t start listening to their music until around 2008/9 and even then it was just a few songs here and there. I’d say it was when I got to uni that I started to really explore their music and last year I heard their first and second last albums, Siamese Dream and Oceania, both of which are really great albums. While I’ve not heard all of their material and not all of it is good from what I’ve researched, it does pain me to know that the entire band line-up has changed so dramatically and been in such turmoil to the point where only Billy Corgan is only original member left. I would have liked to have seen the group in their prime or at least with their 2012 line-up. I love revisiting old music, but it does feel like I’ve been missing out for years on some great material.

Well that’s been my list, let me know in the comments if you’re into these bands or not and if there are any bands/artists that you got into too late as well. Until next time people, laters! 🙂

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My Current Obsession With Alexisonfire

Right now my life is in a state of confusion, laziness and uncertainty… But one thing that I do know is that I LOVE the sound of Alexisonfire and their music fuels the fire in my soul in a way that very few artists can. So today I’m just gonna give you readers a small history of how I came across the band and how they changed my world in December 2012.


Now as I said in the tenth edition my Favourite Songs, I’ve known of Alexisonfire for a few years prior to listening to their music properly but it wasn’t until December when I was going to see them live in London that I listened to two of their albums, Alexisonfire and Crisis. I started with their most popular album Crisis first on in late November because I already enjoyed the sound of “This Could Be Anywhere In The World” and after listening to the album my mind became obsessed with some of the songs, specifically “Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints”, “Mailbox Arson”, “Boiled Frogs”, “You Burn First” and “We Are The Sound” After just one day several of the tracks on this album became obsessions and I couldn’t go on in my day without hearing them. Alexisonfire literally flew so high up on my charts and that hadn’t happened since I started listening to Jack White back in January 2012.

This album is perfection to me.

I then went onto listen to their first album the night before I had to go to London to see the band live. It was a very different experience, their sound on their first self-titled album was a lot looser and a bit more chaotic then their later work. It did have some nice tracks on their but I think the album lacked focus, though there is no denying that “.44 Caliber Love Letter” is one of their best songs and one of the best intro songs to any album I have ever heard.

Even though I had only listened to just two of their albums, when I watched them live at Brixton O2 Academy it was electric. The atmosphere was frantic as hell, the crowd was going insane and me my mates were going mad with satisfaction. People were pushed around, there were mosh pits all over the place and crowd surfing happened like every five minutes. But beyond all of that there was great band playing together for the last time in the UK and it was some epic stuff. I only knew like a third of the playlist, though that didn’t stop me from having an amazing night.

alexisonfire live brixton

Alexisonfire were simply incredible that night.

After the concert I went through their other two albums, Watch Out! and Old Crows/Young Cardinals. Both albums were a surprising but interesting listen. Watch Out!, their second album is actually the album I have listened to the least out the four, it’s not because its bad or anything like that, its only because it wasn’t overly significant. Plus at the time the Crisis album was still so addictive too. I eventually moved onto Old Crows/Young Cardinals in the latter part of January this year and found this album to be very good. It had a similar sound to Crisis, but it also seemed like the band had evolved and changed a few elements. The songs I took an instant liking to were “Old Crows” and “Sons of Privilege”; they were just beautiful songs to my ears. And now in March I’ve given the album a second listen and now I’ve found some new obsessions in the form of “The Northern”, “Midnight Regulations”, “Emerald Street” and “Heading For The Sun”.

A bloody good album that gets better with each listen.

Before I conclude this blog post indefinitely I will list my top 5 Alexisonfire songs. Now this won’t be in a specific order and this list won’t count “This Could Be Anywhere In The World” because that song is automatically great and doesn’t need to be listed. Anyways let’s begin:

1. .44 Caliber Lover Letter

There is no denying the epic beauty of this song, that introduction alone is just well-crafted and sounds insanely sexy.

2. Crisis


This is my current favourite song on the Crisis album, it is just pure power and it sounds sooo good! I love the music composition and the lyrics and the vocals. It’s just perfect!

3. You Burn First


This is my previous favourite song from the Crisis album and the first track I connected with straight after my first listen. It is just a slower and darker song but builds up to a great finish. I love the lyrics and style of the song and how it differs from the rest of the album.

4. Old Crows


This is the opening track on the Old Crows/Young Cardinals album and it hooked me straight away. The lyrics, the music and the overall sound just captured my ears and mind and never let go since.

5. We Are The End


This was a hard choice but I think it’s safe to say that this song has been played enough times to be in my top five. It has great lyrics and music and it is one of my favourite tracks on the Crisis album,

So what’s the point of this blog post? To spread the word about the awesomeness that is Alexisonfire and just spread my feelings of obsession with their music! Hopefully if you haven’t given this band a listen you might do after this blog, it took me until last year to get into their music and these days I can’t live without it! 🙂


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Favourite Songs #10: Alexisonfire – This Could Be Anywhere In The World

Howdy people of the interweb, and welcome to the tenth edition of my series of blog posts dedicated to some of my favourite songs ever in life. And today’s song is one I came across in college but now has so much more relevance in my life, today its all about here we have Alexisonfire with “This Could Be Anywhere In The World”.

Now the funny thing about this song is that I came across it by chance while being lazy in my media class in college. One of my friends was listening to it and told me that it was Alexisonfire that did it, he convinced me to have a listen and so I did… My ears were changed from that point onwards. Honestly the first time I listened to “This Could Be Anywhere In The World” I was hooked, though, after that I forgot the name of the band and so I never heard the song again for quite some time. All I remembered was that the band had the word ‘fire’ in their name haha. At one point I even mistook Alexisonfire for Arcade Fire but obviously their sounds are two completely different things. So it wasn’t until 2010 when I found the song again and then I started listening to it properly in 2011.

In truth this song has gotten progressively better as time has passed. I think that’s due to my ever-increasing interest in rock and heavy metal music. But this song in particular I love because it’s such an explosion of energy and has such a great chorus too. I also like how it blends the more heavy screaming vocals with the melodic vocals too. Everything from the guitars to the drums to vocals just screams awesomeness and has an intensity to it that can only be described as hardcore! Eventually in December last year I got around to listening to Alexisonfire’s Crisis album and I fell in love with it. Never have I played songs so much from an album I’d only heard once over, it is one of the best albums ever in my opinion and songs like “Mailbox Arson”, “We Are The Sound”, You Burn First” and “Crisis” are just some of my personal favourites.

If rock music (more specifically post-hardcore) is your cup of tea then check out this album, it is mental!

So to conclude “This Could Be Anywhere In The World” by Alexisonfire is one the best songs I know in area of rock music. It is loud, intense and has a beauty to it that cannot truly be described unless it’s heard. I’ve had many great occasions in clubs bouncing around to this song and when I saw Alexisonfire live and they played this song my mind blew up! If you get the chance have a listen to this tune and check out the whole Crisis album, its badass!! 😀

Well that’s another song review done, what do you think of Alexisonfire and my choice of song? Whatever your thoughts are leave me a comment below and be sure to come back next time for another song review yo! 😀

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