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QUICK REVIEW: AFI – The Missing Man

Howdy ladies and gents, it seems like I’m always coming back to this blog every once in a while, and that’s obviously no good for people who which to get consistent material from me and for that I apologize. However, I’m back to talk about some music and today I’ll be discussing AFI’s EP from 2018; The Missing Man.

After I heard “Get Dark” and reviewed it, I was hyped to hear more AFI and I bought the EP and listened to it a few times. I even had a review I was drafted in mid-December of 2018. However, I just never got around to writing it up due to my work shifts during Christmas and after personal activities that kept me busy. But I have always wanted to share my thoughts on this EP and now that I’m listening to music a lot more I have thoughts that I want to share so here we are.

Now The Missing Man feels like a continuation of the sound AFI has been delivering since Burials and AFI (The Blood Album) with a balance of songs that rock hard, some more moody material and more melodic material. How much you enjoy this EP will depend on what era/sound you like from AFI. Anyone hoping for the crazier sounds of the past will be disappointed, this is definitely more in line with their recent work and feels like a combination of their last two albums sound. I personally love Burials safe for a couple of songs, while AFI (The Blood Album) only had a handful of songs I liked (I will discuss that album in the future). With only 5 tracks this EP is over by pretty swiftly but there’s something special about this sound that’ll make you want to go back for more.

The EP opens with “Trash Bat” and it’s great. Its loud, upbeat, in your face and has the exact kind of sound I like from this band. I love the chorus with the sound of the guitars alongside Davey Havok and the backing vocals. It’s over pretty quickly but has such an addictive sound that makes you want to hit the repeat button. “Break Angels” feels like it could have been on Burials, and I like it but mainly for the chorus. “Back Into The Sun” is a slower-paced song which at first I wasn’t sure about, but after a while, it really grew on me because of the chorus and heavy guitars. Next up is “Get Dark“, simply put I love this song. It’s super fun, loud, catchy, swift in pace and has a catchy as hell chorus. This was the oomph that their last album was missing. And finally, there’s the title track “The Missing Man” and it’s my least my favourite song on the EP. It starts out well and I do like the overall moody tone and there’s a bit in the middle that sounds good, but overall it doesn’t grab me. It lacks something distinctive as the final track.

Best Songs:

  1. Get Dark
  2. Trash Bat
  3. Back Into The Sun

So to conclude The Missing Man is solid EP from AFI, it’s familiar yet different and if you’re open to hearing new sounds from the band then I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s a short yet fun experience and it definitely resonates with me more than their last album. So have you heard this EP and if so what did you think of it? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below and I’ll see you next time, laters! 😀

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Howdy ladies and gents, it has been almost a month since the last time I posted something on here, terrible I know, but today I’m back to share my thoughts on the latest song released from AFI; “Get Dark“.

Now for those not aware, AFI is one of my all-time favourite bands, since 2008 their sound has filled my life with endless hours of joy, but also has helped me get through some of the tougher periods of my life in the past. And even though I had played to review the AFI (The Blood Album) last year, I just lost a lot of my writing passion in 2017 so I never got around to it. But after hearing this new song I knew I had to get on my blog and talk about it.

Here’s the song:

So yeah “Get Dark” just dropped online out of nowhere almost a week ago, I saw it in my YouTube subscription page and clicked immediately while half awake in bed. Upon my first listen I thought it was good, had a fast and upbeat tempo which I really liked and catchy/memorable chorus, but it didn’t blow me away. However, I listened to it again a few days ago and recently the song’s just got stuck in my and I’ve found myself singing the chorus while at work or walking around the house. Fastfoward to today and I’ve listened to the song 5 times since release (which is a lot for me when it comes to new music). I think its safe to say that I’m a fan of this song.

Similar to “I Hope You Suffer” back in 2013, I think this track is one that grows on you (though “I Hope You Suffer” grabbed me a lot quicker). “Get Dark” feels like a continuation of some of the sounds that AFI did with Burials and The Blood Album, this song’s intense, swift and catchy, it hooks you and since it comes and goes so quickly it leaves you wanting more. I really like the drum beat, the chorus and that guitar solo towards the latter half of the song. This song is just delicious and addictive. And when I found out this was going to be one of more tracks coming from the band I was ecstatic. I might pre-order The Missing Man EP just so I can half that music ready to download on the day of release haha.

So to conclude I think “Get Dark” is another great song from AFI, like their recent albums it’s different yet familiar and if you like this band this song should be right up your street. So have you check out this song and if so what did you think of it? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and I’ll see you with more content soon, laters! 😀


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Bands I Got Into Too Late

Howdy ladies and gents, time for another personal blog post. Oh music, it is part of life and it affects in many ways and normally it is in a good way coming from a number of different artists/bands. However, there are cases where you come across some music, but then realize that you’re listening experience may have been a little better if you have found that artist/band beforehand. Today I’ll be mentioning a few of my favourite bands who I wish I had found earlier in life.



Audioslave, this is the band on the top of this list. More so than any other artist/band ever, Audioslave are the ones I wish I have found while they were in their prime. They were a supergroup formed of Chris Cornell from Soundgarden and the instrumental side of Rage Against The Machine and were active between 2001 til 2007. I started listening to them in 2008/9, I was too damn late! Their first two albums Audioslave and Out of Exile are some of my favourite sounds in rock and some of that music really solidified my love for rock music. And since seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers live in 2011, I really get sad to know that I’ll never have the chance to see Audioslave live. With Cornell’s vocals and the awesome musicians of RAT M, I feel like it would have been a beastly experience live. But I’ll never have that chance, especially since both original bands have reformed. Sad times.



This is a band that really hurts me to listen to these days. Alexisonfire was a band I found by accident, then found one song by them three years laters and then didn’t start listening to properly until the year when they announced their farewell tour… And I proper got into their sound. Talk about messed up. Alexisonfire are probably the only band in my life who I’ve got addicted to in the space of a week. Crisis, Old Crows/Young Cardinals and the self-titled album has some of the most amazing and addictive songs ever, and when I saw them live it was the best experience ever. So it crushed me to know that the beginning of my love for this band was too late as they were breaking up and never going to make new material ever again.



Much like Alexisonfire, I found the band randomly, really got into their music and saw them live in the year when they broke up and went on a farewell tour. Bloody painful. I think Anberlin are the most recent band in this list, so my connection to them isn’t as strong as the others, that being said I still have a strong love for their music, so it bugs me that I didn’t find them sooner. A lot of their music is my kind of sound when it comes to hard-hitting and soft introspective songs and since going through their material after their gig in London I really wished I had found them while I was in college or something.



When it comes to AFI I’m kind of glad I found them the way I did. I mean it was through a cover version of “Miss Murder” in a Guitar Hero-styled Wii video game in 2008, and then after that I spent a day going though their material on Deezer. I caught this band when they were pretty much at the height of their popularity just a few years after Decemberunderground had been released, and over the years my love for this group has grown significantly. With all that being said, I feel like if I had found this band just a few years earlier I would be able to appreciate how long they’ve been making music and see their visual and musical transformation since the 1990’s into the 2000’s. Also I would have been able to see them live at least once, since I think 2009 or 2010, AFI have not come back to the UK to tour and it pains me considering how much I love this band. Something tells me it is not too late and there may be a chance that they will come back, but I’m not sure.



After seeing No Distance Left to Run, I realized two things: 1) That I was not as much a fan as I had thought and 2) That there was a lot of amazing live shows that they’ve done over the years that I’ve never got to see. I’ve always liked Blur since childhood, their music was just very cool, fun and emotional, but it wasn’t until around 2012 when I really started going through their albums and appreciating all of the beautiful work that they’ve done. But obviously by that point it was too late, the band had already separated and even though they made a few comebacks, I wasn’t invested in them and their music enough to go to a gig. If I had at least gotten into them proper around my mid-teens I think I would have at least stood a chance of seeing them live while also being better associated with their music.

No Doubt


Ah No Doubt, one of my favourite bands ever and probably the most nostalgic-based of all the bands on this list. This band is part of my childhood, I adore their sound and their music makes me feel so good. Even though I’ve been listening to the band for years, I didn’t become a mega fan until uni when I listened to all six of their albums, and it was at that point when I came to really appreciate the dedication, variation and love that went into their music with Return of Saturn being my favourite album. For years they were on hiatus, then released Push and Shove in 2012 and started touring, but they didn’t do too many shows and never made it beyond America. And now with Gwen Stefani doing her solo stuff again, I don’t know if I’ll ever get to see her together with the band live. If only I had gotten into them sooner.

The Smashing Pumpkins


This is one of the bands I’ve been listening to a lot more recently. The Smashing Pumpkins are a band I’ve been aware of for many years, but  didn’t start listening to their music until around 2008/9 and even then it was just a few songs here and there. I’d say it was when I got to uni that I started to really explore their music and last year I heard their first and second last albums, Siamese Dream and Oceania, both of which are really great albums. While I’ve not heard all of their material and not all of it is good from what I’ve researched, it does pain me to know that the entire band line-up has changed so dramatically and been in such turmoil to the point where only Billy Corgan is only original member left. I would have liked to have seen the group in their prime or at least with their 2012 line-up. I love revisiting old music, but it does feel like I’ve been missing out for years on some great material.

Well that’s been my list, let me know in the comments if you’re into these bands or not and if there are any bands/artists that you got into too late as well. Until next time people, laters! 🙂

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AFI – Burials Review

Hi ladies and gents, today I’m doing a special music review because it is the album I have been waiting to hear for AGES! This is AFI with their 9th studio album, Burials. I am a massive AFI fan and it feels like I’ve been waiting the longest time for this band’s next piece of work, but it finally came out around 3 weeks ago and after listening to the album 4 times I’m ready to review it!

I have only been an AFI fan since 2008, but their music has touched me and engulfed my life in ways not many music artists could. I have listened to everything from The Art of Drowning onwards because honestly before that AFI’s sound doesn’t sound as cohesive or as enjoyable as their later material. After Crash Love I thought I’d never get to hear  another AFI album for a long time, and 4 years felt like forever, but luckily in 2013 they returned and I’m ready to talk about their new material.

Now before we continue I just want to say that I’m no music buff, I just like the sound of music and like many people in the world I have an opinion. So I just wish to share my thoughts on the latest AFI album, so don’t kill me if I don’t use technical music terms or shit like that. Anyways let’s continue.


In terms of the overall sound, Burials has a totally different flavour of AFI than we’re used to, there are some notable moments when you get hints of Sing The Sorrow and Decemberunderground, but otherwise everything else is new. This allows the band to expand into different territories that are a lot lighter and in some ways pop-oriented than before, but this is by no means a bad thing because the band still sound the same and now how to rock hard when they need to. Davey Havok (frontman of the band) said, “This record is of silence, and the burials that result from that silence. It’s of betrayal, cruelty, weakness, anxiety, panic – deep and slow – despair, injury and loss. And in this it is shamefully honest and resolutely unforgiving”. And you can definitely feel those vibes throughout the album.

The album begins with “The Sinking Night“, a deep, dark, moody and atmospheric song which sets a really good tone for the album. And then we move onto “I Hope You Suffer“, the first single released from this album. I honestly fell in love with this song after a few listens and it really just has a dark and destructive nature to it, the lyrics, the chorus and the backing vocals, I love it all. “A Deep Slow Panic” was a song it took me a while to take in, but then I really started to kick it. I think it retains the same vibes of darkness as the previous tracks but in more an upbeat sound to it. “No Resurrection” is another nice track that has a beautifully crafted song from a musical standpoint, it is a decent song.

And there’s “17 Crimes”, the second single released and most notable song from this album. It is the most pop-like song and is incredibly so far away from AFI’s previous sounds. At first I really wasn’t down with this song, but after a while it is hard to fight the infectious nature of the chorus, the upbeat and face pace of the song and it’s fun nature. The Conductor” is another song that sounds different, but I think that’s what attracts me to it, that and the powerful force that this song emits. “Heart Stops” is one of the key songs that really stands because it is so loud, different and kind of has pop sound to it too, like it could be radio material but from a totally different band. This is was the song that I first heard that really made me say “This really doesn’t sound like AFI, but I like it, I like it a lot.” I think once the chorus kicks in, I fall in love, it is gorgeous, infectious and sounds lovely both musically and lyrically. “Rewind” is another fine track that has an incredibly hooking chorus and Havok’s vocals are SO good too.

The Embrace” is the first song that falls short of greatness. It has been noted by a lot of critics and fans as the weakest song and I can see why. It isn’t terrible, but it lacks the power of other tracks. “Wild” is song that lives up to its title, it certainly sounds intense and crazy and I like its ferocity. Then there’s the beautiful “Greater Than 84“, which was the first song on the album, outside of the songs that I’d been released that I stuck out to me. It has a great intensity to it, it paints an interesting picture and again it’s down to the chorus that grabs me, I love everything about this song and it is really addictive. It is again a different sound for the band, but it is such a kick ass song that it can’t be ignored. “Anxious” is another one of those songs that okay, but don’t really do much. And the album then ends as it begun with “The Face Beneath the Waves“, a track with same moody and dark atmosphere as the opening song, but this song explodes much more, has a dead gorgeous chorus and I wonderful musical arrangement.

My favourite songs from the album are:

  • I Hope You Suffer
  • A Deep Slow Panic
  • 17 Crimes
  • Heart Stops
  • Rewind
  • Greater Than 84
  • The Face Beneath the Waves

In conclusion AFI’s Burials album is a totally different beast from the band’s previous material with a few shades of their former material sprinkled around, one thing that I can vouch for is Davey Havok’s vocals as they are totally as sexy as ever! This album will probably divide the fan base and how much you enjoy this album will really depend on what kind of AFI fan you are and whether you can accept change. For me this was a great album with a lot of new and interesting material, its different, but by no means less enjoyable. I’ve actually fallen in love with a few of the songs and I will recommend this to fans who want something a little more solid than Crash Love, Burials is some good stuff yo.

Rating: 8/10 (There are few blemishes here and there, but this is a pretty solid album which I really like)


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Favourite Songs #23: AFI – 37mm

Howdy people of the interweb, and welcome to the 23rd edition of my series of blog posts dedicated to some of my favourite songs ever in life. Today I’m going to be talking about AFI, one of my favourite bands in the world! In light of their return in 2013, I’m gonna review what is arguably my favourite AFI song ever, “37mm“.


Oh my god. This song is simply gorgeous! I seriously believe that its one of the best songs that AFI have ever done and it pains me to hell that it was never released as an actual single because it’s THAT GOOD!

Just have a listen to this song of epicness below:


Ah AFI, they’re a band that know how to make such good rock music and during my time going through their music back in I think either 2008 or 2009, I came across “37mm” and my world changed. This song instantly clicked with me. I can’t really explain how, but from the time the song starts up, it paints this dark and moody atmosphere with some interesting instrumentation, but it’s when that chorus kicks in, that’s when I just melt. I LOVE the chorus, it’s just so damn beautiful. The way this whole song is constructed just screams of awesomeness! I hear this song and every time I hear it, it’s almost like hearing it for the first time all over again because of that feeling of satisfaction I get from it. The song is truly something special to me.

This song is off of the amazing Decemberunderground album, a beautiful piece of material from 2006 and it is AFI’s most popular album for a reason. 🙂

It’s funny that after how many years, “37mm” still sounds as great as it does, its my favourite AFI song and most people I talk to about it hardly appreciate its epic beauty. Thanks to and my iTunes I’ve listened to this song a lot more in the last 2 years and my love for it surprisingly hasn’t diminished. I am pleasantly surprised by that though.

So to conclude “37mm” by AFI is an incredible song, just amazing and I highly recommend it to people who are fans of AFI but don’t know about this song or just people interested in rock or post-hardcore music but appreciate it in all its forms. This is a great tune yo. Nuff said. 🙂

Well that’s another song review done, what do you think of my song choice today? Whatever your thoughts are leave me a comment below and be sure to come back next time for another song review yo! 😀

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The Return of AFI

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, today I’m gonna do a music-related blog post and it will basically be me talking about one of my favourite bands in existence; AFI.


Now before I get into their return to music, let me give you lot a bit of a history of my experience with this band… I LOVE THIS BAND! AFI have been one of my favourite music obsession for the last 5 years. And while I’ve not gotten through their entire discography because I’m only mainly keen on everything from The Art of Drowning onwards, I still have mad love for them as a band.

I always remember the way that I found this band was strange. Basically I was watching a review for this game called Battle of Bands (a game where you played songs head-to-head against one another with different genres of music), and during the review I heard some lyrics of the song “Miss Murder” sung in a country-style of music. So then I went through the game’s playlist and then eventually found out the song, little did I know that “Miss Murder” was a rock song. It took me a while to adjust to the heavier sound, but after that I was obsessed. And to think that started my AFI obsession started from a really shitty Wii game, what are the odds?

Anyways in my last 2 college years I listened to AFI’s albums: The Art of Drowning, Sing The Sorrow, Decemberunderground and Crash Love. All of which gave me a new-found appreciation for rock music and gave me new songs to love in the form of “Summer Shudder“, “Love Like Winter“, “37mm“, “Days Of The Phoenix“, “Silver and Cold” and “Medicate” to name a few. So after Crash Love I was waiting for the next big AFI album, but to my sadness there was never any word of any new material on the horizon.

Crash Love is now 4 years old, for a while I was starting to think that AFI weren’t gonna release any new material at all.

Over the last 3 years I’ve constantly gone back to AFI’s Wikipedia page waiting for some new news, but alas every time I went online the page never had anything new for me to see… But then out of nowhere earlier on in 2013 I saw on AFI’s Facebook group that there was teaser video they’d put up online. I was surprised and hyped:

This video single-handedly gave me hope for the world of music in 2013. Just seeing Davey Havok walking down that hallway and then going to his bandmates and starting to rock out in that silent video was just badass.

Not too long after that AFI released their first single “I Hope You Suffer“, first in an audio format and then with a fully fledged music video. At first it did take me a while to adjust to it as it isn’t your classic AFI in the sense that its, loud, furious, upbeat and chaotic like singles “Girl’s Not Grey“, “Miss Murder” and “Medicate“. This song really is dark, slower in tempo, brooding and only builds up to heavier moments in certain segments in the song. That being said, the song is bloody addictive! “I Hope You Suffer” is a great song because while its sound is different from AFI’s previous material, it still echoes their sound through the instruments, but most effectively through Davey Havok’s amazing vocals that still sound amazing! This is a song that gets better with each listen and you just learn to appreciate its moody nature and its cracking chorus when it explodes. Just have a listen below:

Such a good single, just captures the essence of the band but presents it in a new way.

So then in August the band release their second single, “17 Crimes” and man is it a departure from the previous records. At least with “I Hope You Suffer” you could get some Sing The Sorrow vibes from it, but with this song, it sounds so light and poppy! In truth it through me off the first time I heard it, I was not expecting it. Apparently the single was also on the soundtrack to The Mortal Instruments: City Of  and to be honest it sounds like it would belong in a film like that (teen, romance kind of film thing). That being said, I don’t hate the song, it’s actually pretty good and there’s a great breakdown near the middle which I really like. “17 Crimes” will definitely take some time to adjust to, but it really shows that the band are maturing and expanding into new territories. Check it out below:


Not the follow-up single I was expecting, but I’m warming to it now.

So to conclude, I have always loved and will continue to love AFI and I am so glad that after all this waiting that in 2013 the band is returning to the world of music. I can’t wait for the Burials album when it hits next month, bring it on! 😀

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