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Random Blog 08: Regular Show

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, time for another random blog instalment. Today I’m gonna be doing a quick blog post on what has become one of my favourite TV shows in recent times, Regular Show.


So yeah Regular Show, what can I say? It is a truly unique cartoon which is so close to reality and so far from it at the same time. For those of you not in the know, this cartoon centers on the lives of Mordecai and Rigby (pictured above in name order) , they’re two best friends who work together at this park along with an array of other colourful characters who are co-workers and superiors. And episodes mainly focus on Mordecai and Rigby’s everyday lives which always seems to go from normal to frigging insanely weird in just a few moments in each episode.


Now I think for around almost two years I’ve known about Regular Show because I sort of caught just around the time I started watching Adventure Time, and at first I thought this show was some knock-off which was alright but not nearly as good as AT. But after my flatemate told me how good RS was, every time I went home I watched a bit of it and over the course of last year it really started to grow on me, and in 2013 I feel like more appreciation for the show has gone up significantly to the point where I actually like it more than AT (I’ll discuss this more at another point).

I think what makes this cartoon so unique is that is so true to life in the sense that the two main characters are friends, their lazy, silly, bicker with each other all the time and the way they act and behave is so similar to most friends in the real world. Plus when the show’s not doing some of its supernatural-based stuff it does deal with issues that most people go through in real life like: sibling rivalry, the highs and lows of relationships, secrets, trust, father issues and so much more and while its never taken to the point where its a life-changing experience, for a kids cartoon it does get pretty deep sometimes. Oh and speaking of it being a kids show, at the same time RS rocks because it has so much stuff there that isn’t meant for kids like guns, the use of the word ‘death’, very adult references to kissing, sex and cursing, I love it. And then of course there is the over-the-top, weird, supernatural elements of the show. RS is one of the most a random shows I have ever seen, just the amount of ‘WTF?’ moments in the show are beyond counting, somehow things just go from simple to frigging unnatural in a matter of seconds and sometimes it gets worse and worse. But again that’s the reason I adore the show so much, because it leads to some absurdly funny scenarios.


In the last week and a bit I’ve been watching the show from the beginning non-stop and I can’t get enough. I’ve just started season 4 and I’m already in love with it. I have never laughed so hard at a TV show since the days when the IT Crowd used be on-air (oh and possibly PhoneShop). This is the best kind of TV for me and it is one of the few reasons why Cartoon Network (a shell of its former self) is still alive these days.

To conclude Regular Show is something I highly recommend for anyone who are either fans of Adventure Time, have lost faith in good cartoons or just fancy something weird and funny yo.


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Little moments of fun in life

Though I’ve complained about the current state of my life in blog form on many occasions, luckily there happens to be a few moments in between all of the boredom and tedious uni classes that make life worth living. It’s just those small things that make the big differences. Like last night when I went to a fun fair in Sheffield with three friends, it was an incredible time. Though yesterday had been a pretty dull day overall, when the night came around things did get better. Firstly I had finally gotten Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions on my PC, a game I have been wanting to play for ages! And while the controls took some time to get used to, I was enjoying myself very much. Then I had me some steak and I love steak ever so much, it was so satisfying and just when I thought that my night was going to end something lovely happened. My flatmate told me that two of our other friends were heading up to the fun fair in town and they wanted us to come along and since my flatmate and I had next to nothing to do we jumped at the opportunity to go out and have fun.,_Freak_Out_and_KMG_Booster,_night.jpg/300px-Super_Star,_Freak_Out_and_KMG_Booster,_night.jpg

Fun fairs, they are hella fun!

So then a little while later our friends came over, we chilled for a bit and then headed out. When we got there I swear it felt like being a kid again. Fun fairs really do bring out my kiddy side and in true child-like style me and my friend wanted to go on the highest ride and that we did. We got onto the ride and then we ascended into the air and my mate was started having second thoughts. We were suspended in the air for a bit before the ride started and we got a good view of Sheffield at night which is quite pretty I must say. Then the ride started and holy crap that initial drop made me crap my pants and then after that I was just laughing the entire rest of the ride, it was an incredible adrenaline rush! We then when onto another two rides with my other mates and it was awesome. Unfortunately one of my mates was feeling a bit ill afterwards so we headed off, but heck we had fun at the fair, just pure fun without any complications. Those are the kind of nights I live for.

We then went to McDonald’s to get some food and meet up with one of our friends’ housemates and then we went back to theirs and along the way we were having funny conversations about posh people and also talking about northern and southern accents. When we got back to their house it turned into a gaming session. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 on the TV, while Sonic the Hedgehog 1 is being played on the iPhone and I could hear Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS and I could also hear Star Fox 64 on another 3DS too. So much gaming all at once, it was madness and I loved it! And just to top off an awesome night we started watching Adventure Time on the TV via a HDMI cable plugged into one of the housemates’ laptop. It was hilarious and ridiculous, Adventure Time really is one of those TV shows that is original, unique and leaves you with a lasting impressive. It is one of very few cartoons in existence at the moment that is actually good, consistent and stands out from the crowd. Anyways back to the story, after a while some us started to drift off and after 1am me and my flatmate decided to call it a night and head back to our flat. So when we got back I was still just trying to get over how great the night was, it required so little effort and yet turned out to be one of the best nights I’ve had for ages. While I love to go out to the clubs and party, it’s great to have nights like the one I had yesterday where you are just in good company, doing things that you like to do and just having plain old fun which are always so much simpler and satisfying too.

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