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Those Crazy Uni Days!

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another blog post. Tonight’s post is going to be a little simpler in nature to most of the hardcore film and video game posts I’ve been doing recently. It’s literally gonna be me talking about me and my recent crazy perspective on my life in university.

University life… Yes, it is all it’s cracked up to be and then some. It has certainly impressed me and passed my expectations.

Since coming to university in Sheffield back in September and being initially shocked at how big the city was, how many things there were to see and do and also shocked by the whole nightlife. However a lot of time has passed and now I have a much better perspective on things and looking back on things even though I have suffered greatly, have metal breakdowns and been on the edge of sanity at the same time I’ve had so much fun and have so many stories to tell, in the end I’m so glad I came here.

From September I came here and got to know my flatmates, we’d gone out in the first initial weeks of uni and we danced, we got drunk and raved into the early hours of the morning. Me and my flatmate Craig also found the gaming society in our uni and became part of that and since then they have become part of my family, just hanging out and gaming, good times, nothing comes close to a good game session with good people 😀 With the game society we’ve gone to Quasar (Lazer Quest) twice and gone a good few nights out in socials and just on general nights of clubbing. It’s been fantastic. And speaking of clubbing… Man, I have gone out so much its unreal. While not every night out has been perfect or completely memorable, when a good night has come along, my god, they have come and been some of the best times of my life in the company of brilliant people I’m glad to call my friends. Even if we’re not going out and raving it up, I’m just chilling inside in my flat with my flat mates gaming, messing around or having dancing sessions or sometimes we go out to meet our mates at their houses or meet up in the park and do more hanging. Also one of the best things about the people I have met up here in Sheffield is that some of those friends I met have now become the lovely people I shall be living with next year in our new house that we’ll be transferring into in July and to be honest I couldn’t have asked for better people to leave with. We’re all so similar, firstly we’re all gamers which is like the best thing ever in my life, plus we’re all into cartoons especially Adventure Time and we seem to gel really well as a group but also as individuals, it’s just fabulous.

And obviously the course I’m taking at university does come into play somewhere haha and to be honest its pretty good. I mean at first in the first few months leading up to Christmas I really didn’t like what we were doing all that much, there was a lot to do with blogging, essay assignments and working with complicated and frustrating animation software like 3DS Max and Adobe Flash which annoyed me to the highest heavens! Though there was some nice things to do like doing screencasts and actually learning how to animate in the second and third dimension because I had never tampered with anything like that before coming to university. Luckily the course finally picked up after January started with us doing some stop motion animation and though the experience was just as frustrating as it was in college, but thankfully it was a much shorter and funnier experience. Then we moved onto doing 2D animation again, but this time it was with a program called Pencil and it was a hell of a lot easier to use than Flash. Using this software we had to do walk and run cycles. Plus it was a completely new experience as I was working with tablets. Though I had used one briefly in college, art tablets are just alien to me. The project was finished recently and it was fun but caused be a great deal of stress when my work decided to disappear, become corrupted or the software would crash on many occasions. I had to deal with so much hassle on the night before and on the day of the work deadline. Luckily like a don I preserved and got my work on time because I’m frigging awesome! It really was a close call but as I put it “I bet the system!”

As I said before while I have had so many great moments in university, I have also faced some of the darkest days I have ever seen in my life. I have been in the deep end with coursework, having awkward moments of friendship with people and been in financial ruin on several occasions to the point where it nearly destroyed my world. It really did affect my life and the way I acted for a long time. Luckily I have the support of my family and friends that has kept my spirits above the pont of drowning into a state of depression and I’ve never been more thankful for their existence.

Family and friends, the most important people in my world, especially in the last few months.

In the end even though my first year of university isn’t quite over yet, it’s been a turbulent rollercoaster ride of different emotions, situations, scenarios and life-changing stuff. And though some of those of experiences I wish I’d never lived through, I don’t regret it because they say whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger and I believe I am a much stronger individual because of my trials and tribulations. all I can do now is look forward to the future which is looking pretty bright, I have the MCM London Expo to look forward to, plus I’ll be moving into my new house in a little while, plus The Avengers will be out next month and lastly it’ll be my birthday in 2 days!!! Hooray for me, I can’t wait!!

Thanks for reading yo 😀

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Rant 01: Can’t be arsed with 3D rending programs.

Good day to all who may be reading this blog post. Basically as you can see from the title of this post I’m just here to rant on about how I can’t use 3D animation software and how it frustrates me. Dont get me wrong, I am willing to learn how to use something if it’s supposed to be useful to me in the future, but heck Autodesk 3DS Max, the program in question, is what I have to use at university on my course and it just levels and levels of work that requires a lot of committment and for me I’m just not down for it yo.

Look at that, looks awesome doesn’t it? However unless you commit to the software and give it your all then you suffer…

Before I came to uni I already wasn’t keen on the idea of doing 3D animation purely because it looks complicated and I’m more into 2D animation, so that already was not a good thing, but then there’s the fact that I am trying and already not comprehending the information, it just makes me feel so defeated. And why not? That program is bloody difficult! There is so many layers of things to do, if you miss something in the lesson or can cannot interpret the information in a tutorial you can get even more lost than a person in an endless maze!

Even though I just about understand the fundamental aspects about how the 3D animation software works, in the end there was several points where I needed the tutor’s help for the simplest of things. I felt like such a fool. I guess these are the days I wish I had tried out or mastered 3D programs like this and Maya prior to my uni course, but even back in college I took one look at those programs and would go “Ha! forget that!” So either way I wouldn’t have been prepared for this. And the funny thing was around this time last year I was learning how to use Adobe Illustrator and I thought back then that Illustrator was hard. HA! Illustrator is breeze compared to this monster of a program, sure they are not comparable in terms of the way in which each program works, but heck at least Illustrator was likeable and useful. 3DS Max on the other hand, is in no way user-friendly or simple to use. Bah! Humbug!

So to conclude I’m gonna give the program a chance but I highly doubt I’ll get any better at it, I’m really just waiting to learn Flash and get back into photography, so here’s hoping that this 3DS Max thing will see its end soon enough!

Thanks for reading, goodnight!

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