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Rant 11: Ewwww. I Can See The Snow Outside My Window Again.

Yo yo people and welcome to another installment in my blogging rants. Today we are moving back to a subject I just can’t seem to stop rating about these days, of course I’m talking about everyone’s favourite form of weather, snow.


I don’t understand why this keeps happening. For a while now we’ve been enjoying a good few weeks of basic dry sunny days and the occasion rainy day, and that’s all I want at this time of year. This is the point when the snow along with the winter season should just fuck off and give spring its time to shine. But no, the winter seems content with continuing its stay and throwing that horrible snow in our direction once again. It makes me feel so much anger and sadness at the same time.


I might as well look like this when I’m moaning about the snow because that’s how I feel.

Now for those of you who have been following my blog you know that I tend to moan and rant about snow A LOT. And you’re probably wondering, “How can this guy rant about snow so much?” And I say how can I not. It’s just disruptive, annoying and cold. I can’t stand it. All I want is the sunshine and warm weather. Maybe that’s due to my heritage as black man from the Caribbean as I fare better in hotter conditions, but whatever the case is this madness needs to stop.


I want this hoody.

I looked at the weather forecast for the next few days for Sheffield and it looks like this snow is gonna continue for a few days more which really bugs me. If I need to go to the cinema over the next few days which will be a very likely situation then I’m gonna hve to endure this horrible weather in full force, meh. I really hope this ain’t going down on my birthday or things will definitely be in the shitter. X(


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Rant 10: Annoying People In Cinema Screenings!

Hey hey here people and welcome to another installment in my blogging rants. It seems like this is first one of 2013, woo! Now I was planning on doing another rant for a while, but the more I thought about today’s subject matter the more it started to piss me off, so today’s subject will on those annoying members of the public that disturb you when you’re in the cinema.

Behaviour like this is just annoying as hell. Look at that guy with the popcorn, I am the same way…

Now this is nothing new. Every person who’s been to the cinema at least once has experienced at least one questionable or annoying time thanks to a member of the public. Whether it be ringing phones or parents who bring disruptive babies/children or people who won’t shut up during a film or those who eat really loudly or those punks who’s brightly illuminated phone light flash in your eye line. Those a just a taste of many of the annoying things I’ve had to endure over the years.

Now let me regale you with a story from my latest time in the cinema which lead me to make this blog post in the first place. Basically I went to see The Last Stand yesterday (which was good by the way), but during the beginning of the film there was a scene at night which made the room dark and in came this old couple. As they ascended the stairs slowly all you could hear was them moaning about it being too dark and not being able to find a seat. It was very annoying and I am sure someone told them to shhh, but they continued to make noise and it only got worse… The old man sat down already and kept telling his wife to sit near him, but she said she couldn’t find him, she was like “Where are you?” And the old man kept replying “Jesus Christ, I’m over here!” People started laughing quietly while other people like me were growing more and more frustrated. At one point another man tried to help the old woman out telling her to move along the row, but she then asked “Are you Geoff?” to which the man replied “No.” and her husband was like “Jesus Christ come over here, I’m right here!” My god! What the actual fuck!?! This woman was actually useless. Eventually she did move down the rows to her husband and FINALLY sat down, and then the old couple continued to mumble for a bit longer until they eventually went silent. That shit was going on for just over 5 minutes! AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!

It’s moment like these where you just want to freak out and tell the people in question to shut the hell up yo!

Now I’m normally a pretty jolly guy, but if you mess with my cinema experience then I’ll take you out and leave you in a dark corner somewhere. I read on the BBC news site about cinema ninjas where there are people in morph suits crawling around in the dark silencing people and stopping them from disrupting other people’s experiences, and that sounds like a grand idea. Like it is said in the video of the news report, there is an etiquette that comes with going to the cinema, you want to watch a film to be entertaining, however too many times an experience can be ruined because of one or more sets of individuals who decide to be pests.


They need these in every cinema!

Anyways I just wanted to get that annoying experience out of the way. Luckily I enjoyed the rest of The Last Stand yesterday, but those first few minutes was a fucking endurance test! Okay, RANT OVER! So have you had any annoying of frustrating experiences in the cinema? I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a comment below and let me know yo. Until the next time people, later on! 😀

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Rant 09: I Can’t Stand Cold Weather, Again!

Howdy people and welcome to another installment in my blogging rants and today’s subject will me returning to the subject of cold weather and why it bothers me so much.

Now if you read my last post on cold weather which was all the way back in February, I basically talked about how cold weather inconvenienced my life and made my days off at university so dull and boring. So here we are at the latter part of the year and the winter season kicked in around early October, bringing with it those cold winter winds that makes us shiver. and since then the weather’s gotten progressively worse. Now obviously this is the way the world works, we have four seasons and this one always shows up at this time of year, but in the UK winter just sucks.

This is what the sun looks like when September disappears and the winter starts to kick in.

As soon as those winter winds kick in you have to start wrapping up with more layers of clothing, the days soon become windy and full of rain and all the stuff you could outside do before is either no longer possible or they just become a task because of the weather. I mean if you want to meet up with your friends and it’s raining then no one wants to come outside or if its raining you have to go outside for whatever reason, then it becomes a task just to move from A to B if you’re walking with any transportation. Then there’s the wind, wind in the winter season is nothing but trouble. The air is cold enough and then you have the wind blowing it all over the place making things even worse. And then there’s the dark days that come with the winter which makes travelling at night a right pain in the ass. If you’re coming from uni at night then you have to endure the walk home in the rain or snow, those are truly the worst days. Or if you’re a typical student then going on out to party is a must, but the precautions you have to take beforehand and travelling you have to do is so much effort. You either have to bring an extra coat before hand or endure running through the rain/snow. And there’s the times when the weather’s so bad that you can’t go out and have fun. It is bullshit!

This is how the rain makes people feel.

You know the funny thing is I never used to be fussed about the winter season a few years ago, but after I started getting out of the house more and going on nights out with my friends the weather has continuously worked against me and created horrible situations that I shall never forget. I have come to the conclusion in recent times that I am just adverse to cold weather and the winter season in general. I am a man who belongs in the sun. From the latter part of October onwards I consider this time of year to be an endurance test just to survive until spring shows up in April. The weather so far has been a mixed bag of okay to downright awful and depressing, but you know what the worst part is that we haven’t even gotten to the really bad weather yet. The snow is yet to come… Ah snow *grumbles*. The only good thing to come out of the coming months is that there will be some badass films in the cinema to lift my spirits. but until that time comes I’m just gonna have to endure this cruddy weather until next year. LAME!

Okay that’s another rant over. Thanks for reading. If you would like to read more of my rants and check out my other content then follow my blog yo. 😀

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Rant 08: Money, Money, Money!

Howdy people and welcome to another installment in my blogging rants and today’s subject will be on money and how I never have enough to keep myself afloat in the sea of life.

To be honest after I was old enough to handle my own money I almost instantly fell into an awkward area flux with my money that I can no longer escape. I’ve never been financially stable and if I have then its been for a very limited amount of time. Everything costs money, it controls your life. You can only be in decent position with money when you have it constantly coming in, however if you’re like me then money is scarce and when you don’t have it things in life do come to a standstill.

Money, it always seems to escape me.

After my parents stopped giving me pocket-money I started getting my money from EMA when I was in college. In college when I had money I was the happiest man in world because I got to feed my addiction to gaming. To be honest I was probably wasting my money, but the thing is what else would I spend my money on? Normally if you have the money to buy what you want then why not do it? Gaming though my years in college was the only thing that kept me sane. But it was after I turned 18 that money really became an issue in my world. It was at this time I started going on nights out with my friends partying and drinking alcohol and obviously that costs. While I never went out all the time, I went out enough for it to impact my wallet. So at this point I attempted to get a job, but unfortunately no one would take me on (I think it was because of my back GCSE results).

That was me from the age of 17 onwards…

So after I turned 19 ALG became my new form of income and it was around this time the recession was in full swing so the price of things was very fluctuated. I had my subscription to Cineworld to pay and had to rely completely on ALG to save me, but obviously there were days when it didn’t come through so I suffered without my time in the cinema. Also when I didn’t have money I could buy games or DVDs, and it didn’t help when the bank started crippling me when I supposedly went over my money limit. Those were dark days. But it was around that time that I realised money actually controls my life, it puts food in my tummy, pays for my games and DVDs and allows me to get into the cinema every month. And unfortunately things only got worse after I came to uni last year.

That’s what life feels like at times.

When you come to uni you really discover the price of living. You have to pay the rent for your accommodation, pay for the food you eat, pay for your nights out and the alcohol you consume and that’s on top of everything else that you like to do or like to have which also requires money. Now I can hear people saying, “Then why don’t you stop complaining and get a job?” Well to that I say it’s not that easy, it never has been for a guy in my position. After school I couldn’t get a job because of my poor GSCEs, then when college came around the recession kicked in and made it even harder to get a job and in recent years its been made apparent that you can’t get a job without having previous experience. How the fuck am I supposed to get a job if I require prior experience that I clearly don’t have? So that’s why my money situation has been so pants, unlike all of my other friends I have never had a consistent part-time or full-time job. While being up here in Sheffield my situation with money has been terrible to the point of being technically poor. At one point I couldn’t go on nights out or buy food or pay for my accommodation. The power of money broke me. And it hurt. Luckily I did get some agency work over the summer and got some money to save me at certain points, but as always it wasn’t enough. The money wasn’t consistent enough. I needed a part-time job. But I have multiple interviews and no luck.

Right now I am currently save, but that will probably last me only around another 2 weeks. The real reason I want a job is so I never have to worry about having a shortage of money and being able to eat. I basically eat a lot, that’s what a lot of my money goes towards and if I had the funds then I wouldn’t have to worry about my finances. I will continue to look for a job in hope that a miracle happens and actually become part of the working-class people. In the end my journey with is a struggle and it continues to control and corrupt the lives me and many other students who aren’t in the best of situations. I have a love/hate relationship with money, though I hate it now because I don’t have it.

Thanks for reading peeps. If you would like to read more of my rants and check out my other content then follow my blog yo. 😀

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Rant 07: Failure; it sucks doesn’t it?

Howdy people and welcome to another installment in my blogging rants and today’s subject will be on the concept of failure and how it continues to follow me in my life no matter what I do.

Now I’d like to think I’m an optimist, I’m normally fairly jolly and go through life with a grin on my face and I’d like to think I try my hardest in any endeavour I undertake. However for as long as I remember I’ve always found myself in a position of failure in life especially on the education front of things.

Education, one area of my life that has been plagued with failure since my days in school.

Now I’m not stupid by any means, however I’m not absurdly smart either. In school I always needed extra help trying to understand certain things and if you broke the information down for me into its most basic elements then I’d be able to work. But a lot of my teachers never bothered with me because they got tired of trying to teach me because I didn’t learn as fast as everyone else. I’d ask for help but since I found it hard to express myself when I was younger teachers never really understood me and would get frustrated with me. And because of those teachers and their lack of help my grades suffered. I never really got great GCSEs in school and that was my first great failure and while I said to myself that I’d take what I got given and move on, I never really got over my GCSE results. And its affected my life since. So then college came into play and on my new art course I said I’d make a good effort with it… However failure wasn’t too far away. Unfortunately I ran into the same issues I had when I did GCSE art in school, and while I tried my hardest and did better than I did in school I still got a pretty bad grade overall.

Luckily my media courses weren’t nearly as cruel to me. Though some of the projects on my national diploma course was full of pain and suffering. There were points where I wasn’t doing as well as everyone else and I would get really annoyed at myself. So then came last year came around I started animation at uni in Sheffield and I thought I’d be in my element thanks to it being something I really wanted to do. But fate dealt me a really cruel hand. In one of my modules I had to do work in 2D and 3D animation and photography and trying to understand the work in lessons was a tad complicated and again some of the tutors would get frustrated when you asked for help. So I did what I could with the module, but in the end I messed and never got the work in on the deadline and failed the module, which in turn means that this year in addiction to doing all my Year 2 work I have repeat my previous Year 1 module. And again I feel so pissed off that out of my entire class I’d be the person to fail that one module. It really is bullshit. And in the last year in Sheffield there’s been one other issue that’s been bugging me for some time; getting a job. Goodness knows I’ve tried looking for one and while I have had a few interviews here and there, no one’s employed me. While obtaining a job isn’t the easiest thing to do for a student, somehow people I know seem to be able to do it with next to no effort and it really makes me wonder if I’m just doing something wrong or something or whether the concept of failure is just following me in the area of job hunting too.

So after all this you may ask if you’ve got so many issues why don’t you just do something about it and sort it out? Well believe me, I’ve tried. I work harder than the year before and yet things still seem to fall apart. Some say that I am being too hard on myself and maybe that’s true, but the thing is I’ve always expected so much of myself so when I fail at anything it hurts me on mental level a lot. I’m a guy who always likes to strive for success and when it doesn’t come I get frustrated and sad at myself. University hasn’t helped my pride much and has left me in a questionable state of mind. I just hope this year I’ll be able to turn everything around and finally get my shit on track not only with university but with my life in general.

Thanks for reading.


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Rant 06: I Hate Being Left Out

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another installment in my blogging rants and today’s subject will be on how I hate being left out of things in general.

Now I know this really a trivial and selfish thing, but it really does suck when you’re the one left out or forgotten about when it comes to family and friends doing fun and exciting things. It’s happened to me for years since my days since school and while some of these occasions I have been able to get over, in more recent years it really does feel like some of the people I know have done it on purpose.

No one likes to be left out of anything fun, me especially.

To be honest I love to be at the center of all things fun, whether it be with my friends or family, I just love to be part of great and happy situations like birthdays, weddings or nights out in the company of good friends. Though unfortunately there are occasions where you cannot be there to experience the epic happy times either because you weren’t invited or because you couldn’t be there and it does suck when you can’t be part of it.

Ever since I was a child I guess I’ve never liked the concept of missing out on anything fun when it comes to my friends and since in recent years I’ve gotten attached to people a lot more, when they do things that sound hella fun  can get incredibly jealous very quickly. I know this sounds childish and trivial but I can’t help it, it’s just in my nature to be part of things and if I’m not there I feel like I’m missing out on good times. And since coming to Sheffield and hanging with my new friends thata I’ve with in my flat over the course of my first year in student accommodation, there have been occasions where I’ve gone home for certain durations of time vary from a weekend to 2 weeks and in that time there always to be something fun going down when I’m away! And while I assume they don’t do it on purpose, sometimes the stuff they get up to is really the kind of stuff I’ve wanted to do with them like going to certain bars or eating at certain restaurants or going on nights out to places the normally wouldn’t and it just bugs me so much that they just can’t wait for me.

Unfortunately I’ve been in this situation many times ans I don’t know why.

At the time of writing this I have been left out of another situation, while I won’t go into the detail as to what specifically it is, in the end I was technically deserted and left to party on my own while I was left out again. Annoyingly there seems to be a pattern forming on my nights out with my friends and situations like these where I’m the odd one out are starting to become more and more apparent. Who knows? Maybe I just need a change of scenery and another set of people to hang with. And just for the record it’s not like I set myself up for these scenarios, I am genuinely a nice guy with very bad luck. 😦

But hell whatever, I just wanted to rant about being left out of fun situations and I guess for now I am done ranting, thanks for reading! 😀


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Rant 05: My Horrible Restaurant Experience

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another installment in my blogging rants and today’s subject will be on the horrible experience I had at an Italian restaurant the other night.

As it says in the title of this post I had a horrible time in a restaurant the horrible day, it was incredible, ridiculous and unnecessary. Never before have I had such a bad experience in any restaurant in my life! Anyway, let me go back to the start of things and explain how my night went from brilliant to horrible in the space of 2 hours.

So check it out, my mate Ela wanted to meet up with me and our other college friends before she went off to Barcelona, so the other night we all met up in town and decided we wanted to go out and eat somewhere fancy. However some of the guys were being picky about where they wanted to eat, but then it was suggest we go to a Greek restaurant, but when we got there that place was closed, though across the road we saw an Italian restaurant and decided to try our luck in there.

Italian food, can’t go wrong right?

So we step inside and it’s all nice, cozy and pretty-looking and very surprising because on the outside it doesn’t look as fancy. The host is pretty charismatic and funny, he got the drinks for our table pretty quickly and he moved around the restaurant a lot when more people came in. Then me and my mates clocked on, he was not only the host, but he was the only waiter in the restaurant (it’s no wonder there was a ‘help wanted’ sign in the window). Me and mates were literally just having a great time catching up and taking pictures, but some us were getting pretty darn hungry (me especially). Luckily the starters showed up and they were actually really good, but we destroyed the starters in a matter of minutes so most us were ready for our main courses… Only problem was that it was gonna take a long time to get to us.

Waiting for food, it is no laughing matter.

I’m not sure when we specifically ordered our food but the thing is after 30 minutes we were starting to get a little irritable and after around an hour even the people on the table behind us asked if we had received our food yet as they hadn’t gotten their food either. It was at this point when we started to get annoyed with the service and wanted to ask what the deal was, so my mate asked the host why the food was taking so long and the man replied “What would you like me to do about it?” And mate said that he should try to speed up our food in the kitchen and then the host/waiter said he’d try and by that point you could see him getting a little agitated with us, not that we cared because we were bloody hungry. Unfortunately the pain only ascended.

By hour and a half mark I was suffering and so were my friends. One of my mates wanted to leave and at one point I was gonna leave with her. A few of us reckoned we could have gone to several other places and gotten food so much faster than we could have in that restaurant. A little while later my mate asked the host/waiter again about our food and as he walked by our table he literally said “It’s coming.” But the waiting was killing me, I was so totally gonna leave. I was rocking forward and backward and stabbing the table with my fork. I was freaking out without my food. Ela kept trying to keep some us calm and told us to stay when we kept saying we gonna leave. But what really drove me to the point of insanity was that the people who came in after us were starting to get their food before us and I was just so ready to blow up, I felt a fusion of anger, confusion and depression. Me and my mates were asking each other what we ordered and thought that it really wouldn’t take that long to make some of those main dishes. I mean two of my mates were waiting for pasta dishes, PASTA DISHES! PASTA DOES NOT TAKE TWO HOURS TO MAKE!

At one point my mate asked the host/waiter for the third time where our food was, and the guy said it was ready and my mate was like “Then what are you standing around for? Go and get our food!” And everyone started laughing, me especially. It was that moment that saved me from being completely depressed in that restaurant, I was still hungry, but I was well happy about what my mate said. Eventually and I mean EVENTUALLY our food did show up after the two-hour mark. Some of the food was good, but mine specifically wasn’t worth the wait. I was just annoyed that it took forever.

Making someone wait for food when they’re hungry is not a good thing to do. It makes them crazy and unstable! No joke.

In the end that was the worst experience I had ever had in any restaurant ever. I had only seen customer service and food-waiting that bad on TV like when I was watching Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (great show by the way), but now I know the pain from the customer side of things. It was ridiculous how short-staffed the place was, I only saw two people in the kitchen and there was only ONE waiter! Which was tragic, then add the two-hour wait for our food along with the horrible service we got from the host/waiter guy and that was a recipe for a bad restaurant experience. The food wasn’t bad, but it took too damn long and I will not be returning there anytime soon.

At the end of the day you should never have to wait for your food, if your food takes an hour to get to you, leave beforehand and find somewhere better.

Thanks for reading my rant. Later on! 😀

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Rant 04: I’m Tired of Cold Weather!

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the fourth instalment of my rant-based blog posts. Today I shall be talking about that thing I think most people hate, winter season weather. Now don’t get me wrong, a little variety in terms of weather can be nice from time to time, but most times the winter season brings some of the worst weather from snow to continuous rainy days that go on forever and that make this time of year impossible to do anything fun outdoors. Sure you can just chill inside on those rainy days and it isn’t all that bad sometimes, but for me I like to go outside or sometimes its mandatory like when I go to university or have to go to the shops or go to the cinema or go out partying with me mates and this type of weather doesn’t help. It sucks!

As fun as the cold weather can be, it can be a troublesome son of a handbag and outlive its welcome…

Most of the time the winter season kicks in around November and continues until around March/April and then by that point there’s a normality that kicks in around May. But I swear its like the cold, wet, snowy days are on the increase and their duration over the course of the year is extending, it never want to leave! While this type of weather is typical of this time of year, it seriously is not helpful and is in a continuous state of shift, some days the sky can’t decide weather it wants rain to fall or gives a blue sky with epically cold winter winds or give us snow in varying amounts, never consistent and completely unpredictable which is not helpful for those us who have places to go or have predetermined plans that get messed up because of the state of weather outside. And when it comes to teenagers and most young adults who love to go out and party or just socialize in general it doesn’t do us any favours, rain makes hanging out outside next to impossible because the amount of places to hang is limited to mainly indoor places or in some worse case scenarios people won’t come out because they don’t want to get wet, period. And I haven’t even gotten into talking about the aspects of cold weather that normally makes sure that most people will never leave the warmth of their houses or how snow is only good for snowball fights, photography & sledging and then it just get boring. So in the end we can’t win, winter weather tends to cripple us to our most fragile forms where options are limited and times are no longer fun.

Rain, while its nice to have sometimes, in the winter season it’s just terrible and a little depressing.

I know there’s some people who love cold weather and the winter season overall, kids don’t know any better so they get a kick out of it on most occasions, but after you grow up and the troubles of the real world kick in, you realise how troublesome this rain/snow can be. Rain just causes most people to stay inside or walk through it in slow motion as they get drenched. And did I mention how depressing rain can be? Yes, from a lot of the people I’ve talked to rain tends to bring your feelings down a good few levels, times just seem a lot worse off or just boring when rain is added to the mix and that’s never good for a university student. And when it comes to snow, well, I’ve already mentioned my issues with snow and the troubles its given me but let’s recap; its cold, bad for travelling in any way, shape or form and it gives drunk people ammunition to attack you or the windows of your flat/house and that isn’t very helpful at all.

And since coming to uni this kind of weather seems to have made my life feel a lot worse for some reason, in addition to this part of the year being fairly boring and uninspired we also have to put up with the constant amounts of rain and snow that prevent our joyful times outside from happening or make nights out that much more awkward or complicated by the level of cold weather. While you can dress appropriately for the weather conditions, it is a task to have to bring an extra layer of clothing with you that you have to put away in the coat room or have to carry around with you for the majority of the night. As I said before, task. Very tedious indeed. Even now I look outside and it looks so dreadful outside, so dull, so troublesome and that’s nearly everyday for me, it’s so lame! Frigging hell I can’t wait for the summer time to kick in, all of those days of full-on sunshine, warm weather and chill sessions outside taking in the outside world and having early morning cups of coffee and what nots. Anywho time to end this rant before I blow up, until next time people. Laters!

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Rant 03: I Need Sleep!

Howdy ladies and gents, as it says in the title of this blog post I really need sleep and I need it severely. Sure one would say, “Just got to sleep now” or “Go to bed earlier the night”, however there a problems with both those sayings. Firstly I’m one of those type of people who gets up in the morning and once I’m up I can never go back to sleep/don’t like to go back to sleep, plus once I’ve done a lot (like walk to and from university) then I really can’t be arsed to go back to sleep unless it’s for a power nap and that’s normally in the afternoon/evening time on days where nothing happens.

That was how I felt in class today…

And the second problem is that I can’t go to bed early because my body doesn’t register in that way. I mean I’ve tried on a good few occasions but in the end it never works. Normally I’ll be awake for an hour or two just to get into the right groove and then fall asleep or I just stay up late to stupid hours of the morning and I’m completely shattered when  do go to be. Then when I wake up I’m physically destroyed and in no mood to get up on a Monday morning (or most mornings where uni’s involved). So in the end I cannot win with Monday’s so I’ve given up and I’m just hoping for the best really when I go to bed on Sunday night.

13 - 1

Very few times since I’ve come to uni because a good night of sleep. Most times I’m just like this picture above.

In the end I’ve come to the conclusion that I hate Mondays because I am up so early, never get a good night’s sleep and my lesson’s normally aren’t the kind of thing I want to be doing after I’ve gotten up and am a bit grouchy. Funny thing about this post was that it originally wasn’t meant to be a rant, but then it sort of escalated into one, so hell let this be the third in the installment of rants here on this blog!

Until the next time people, thanks for reading and peace out! 🙂

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Rant 02: No Pizza!

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another installment in my blogging rants and today’s subject will be on how terrible the pizza service was when I ordered it and it never even showed up.

Now I don’t know about you ladies and gents but I love pizza, it’s like my favourite food, when someone mentions pizza it makes me smile with happiness and when I know I’m gonna obtain some I can’t control my hunger for it (sounds strange but it’s all too true haha). So imagine my pain, suffering and frustration when I ordered a pizza, waited almost around hour for it just for me to find that it never made it to my address.

Look at how happy that kid is, that should have been me!

So check it out people, my mate called the pizza company on the phone and it took ages. Since the volume on the phone was fairly high I would hear the conversation from both ends and I swear the guy couldn’t understand anything, he asked my mate to repeat the order like 3 times! What the hell!?! He couldn’t even spell the name of the place we were staying at and it’s only 5 bloody letters long! Come on now! So eventually we got the order sorted and waited 30 minutes for the confirmation call to tell us they were outside. So me, my mate and his girlfriend came outside in the cold night air to obtain out pizza, only to find no one out there, we walked up and down the road several times and found nothing. The pizza guy called my mate and asked us where we were twice and we said we were outside on-location waiting and yet I still couldn’t see him. So when the delivery man called the third time round I took the phone and asked him in a fairly frustrated tone where he was and what kind of car he was in. He said he was in a green Vauxhall Corsa. Now I know it was dark, but hell I know my cars and there was no bloody Corsas in the area at all. So after standing outside for nearly an hour I was like forget this, let’s go to the take away place around the corner.

That’s what I looked like during this whole ordeal, no person should have to go through this foolishness!

So after all that effort I got nothing, it was totally frustrating, especially since we were all bloody hungry as hell. So the lesson here ladies and gentlemen is if your pizza man doesn’t understand what you are saying, can’t take an order properly and claims to be at your address when they clearly aren’t there, then give up and go somewhere else.

The End!

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