27 Apr

Howdy ladies and gents, time for a super quick review and while scanning Amazon Video I saw this film entitled Fire Twister, a you know with a title like that I had to check it out. And good gravy the film lived up to my expectations, it is so bad that it has to be seen to be believed. So Fire Twister is basically about a man-made fire tornado born out of an explosion which causes a lot of death and destruction, and so it comes down to a group of unlikely heroes lead by an ex-fire fighter to combat this threat. There’s mystery, intrigue, betrayal and lot of more. So firstly this film does not make a lot of sense, there are a lot of rules of that are just thrown out the window when it comes to physics and the logic of the characters. The way the story pans out features some of the most foolish, illogical and downright absurd material I’ve seen in film so far. The tries to be serious and dramatic with some of the backstory, conspiracy and certain character deaths that are supposed to carry weight, but it’s just dumb and meaningless and because of a poor script and bad acting it never becomes anything more than something you can laugh at or sigh at. And it doesn’t help that the characters are basic archetypes of people you’ve seen before, you have the generic hero, coward, smart guy, evil henchman and the bad guy operating from the background among others. There’s also these weird/crazy religious people included, an over-the-top tv reporter and terrible extras who have terrible reaction time. When it comes to the visual effects as usual with these times of films the visual effects are pretty cheap-looking, they don’t mesh well with the live-action footage and the continuity between scenes where there’s meant to be visual effects just isn’t there. But one of my favourite parts of this film is the kills, they are all memorable especially the first and last as they are so stupid and hilarious that they can’t be forgotten. Oh and how can I not talk about the fire twister itself, it was absurdly brilliant. The main question people will be asking is how can anyone not see this flaming inferno? It is a huge fiery tornado burning everything, it can’t be that hard to miss and yet several characters including the main cast seem to miss it until its right in their faces. The next thing you’ll question is the damage the twister can do, on occasions it can destroy whole areas of land, make houses explode and sucks people into their doom, and yet other times it can barely cook people, it can suck up cars and yet they don’t explode? And then you’ll wonder if this thing is sentient as the tornado seems to follow people randomly and can teleport from one spot to the next, I mean it’ll be right behind people one moment and then far away the next. In conclusion Fire Twister is terrible, but so, so funny, it is probably better to watch while drunk if you’re with friends but if you’re into cheesy/bad films that make you laugh check this one out. 😀

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One response to “ONE PARAGRAPH REVIEW: Fire Twister

  1. Cosmoflips

    April 28, 2017 at 12:39 am

    I can only imagine the state of mind you must have been in to sit through such a film!


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