What I’m Currently Watching #20

03 Mar

Howdy ladies and gents, and welcome to What I’m Currently Watching where I give you a tiny update on what TV-based stuff I’m watching and give mini reviews/impressions on them. This is the 20th week and after a week off I’m back to talk about some TV stuff again. With that out of the way let’s talk about some TV! 😀 Oh and careful for spoilers and bad language below…

Agent Carter (Season 2) “Hollywood Ending”


So after 10 episodes we’ve come to the end of season 2 of Agent Carter with Hollywood Ending” and it was pretty good, if a little predictable and disappointing considering the build up towards this finale, and while the show was technically given an ending, it was still left open for the possibility of a third season (though that may not happen due to Hayley Atwell’s commitment to ABC’s Conviction). So what happened? So Wilkes blew up and got rid of the Zero Matter, but Whitney took it all and then became obsessed with creating another machine, seeing her all crazy and corrupt was interesting, but it sort of got rid of the more charming and charismatic side of her that I liked. And it was also surprising to see how much Joseph Manfredi cared for Whitney, how he’d noticed that she’d changed and went to Howard Stark and Carter for help. Also seeing the return of Howard Stark was awesome, whether he was flirting with Rose, arguing about the name of a machine or complaining about mustard, Dominic Cooper was a delight, but it was great to have him along with Wilkes and Samberly to help create Whitney’s machine to draw her out and then use the gamma cannon to rid Whitney of her powers and send the Zero Matter back to the other dimension. While I didn’t think anyone would die, I was a little worried for Sousa when he almost got sucked away into that portal. At the end of the day things worked out, Whitney was sent to a mental asylum (that was creepy), Thompson was shot and Peggy’s file was taken (that dude is dead right?), and Peggy got convinced by Jarvis to stick around in LA and finally kissed Sousa! I know this was predictable but it had to happen, these two had been doing that “will they or won’t they?” thing for too long. Though I wonder: 1) Are they officially a thing? 2) If so where does that leave Wilkes? Was he just forgotten by Peggy or what? And 3) I wonder who’s decision it was for Peggy to finally hook up with Sousa, was it because he’d almost died recently or was it because of their history of being potential lovers since last season? Either way this season may not have been for everyone, but with the exception of this final episode, I’d say season 2 has been a lot of fun and I can only hope for more in the future.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Episodes 1-6

So during the week I had a chance to finally catch up with this show and I have to say that I’m liking it so far, I wouldn’t call it must-watch TV but it’s certainly far from being boring. Having Rip Hunter assemble his ragtag team of heroes has been fun to watch considering each other their individual backgrounds and character traits. Just like when I watched The Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy it took a while for these characters to get used to each other, they argued and fought each other, but eventually come to trust, confide and rely on each other and its been fun seeing the different groups and pairings interact. My favourites so far would be Captain Cold and Heat Wave, those two are criminals through and through and have a wonderful dynamic, but it’s also been interesting to see how these adventures have changed their perspectives on what they want out of life and how they treat each other. Oh and how smooth is Wentworth Miller? That dude, damn. I also am enjoying seeing more of Sara Lance and Ray Palmer as well, and seeing the further development of the bond between Professor Stein and Jefferson Jackson has been great too. Oh and Rip Hunter while I wasn’t too keen on him in the first two episodes has grown on me. The only people I haven’t cared for are Kendra and Carter (Hawkgirl and Hawkman), they never really caught my interest in the crossover episodes and they’re not too interesting now. Once Carter died I was like “Thank god!” That dude was so BORING. And it doesn’t help that Kendra seems to have no charisma and constantly moans about being a barista before all this.

Oh and the action falls in the Arrow category of things where it can be pretty cool and well-choreographed in certain sequences, and then not look all that good in others with questionable fight choreography, camera shots and visual effects. I don’t mean to sound snobby, I just have a very specific set of needs when it comes to action in my superhero shows. My only concerns about the show at this current point in time would be: 1) How much time travelling will they do before the novelty wears off? And 2) How many times can they go through time and mess up/fail at their missions before things become repetitive? Basically I want the show to stay fresh and find new and interesting ways to keep my interest with the time travel elements, but I don’t know how far they can go considering that even with the first six episodes I feel like by the time the season’s over I would have been a little tired of all this stuff, but hey I could be wrong, guess we’ll wait and see what happens.

Star Wars Rebels (Season 2) “Homecoming”


This week’s episode of Rebels, wow, talk about a 180! While the last few episodes have been great for character development, I really enjoy the power struggle between the light and dark side of the force with the Jedi, lightsaber fights and the mythology, and this was some really got stuff, best material in ages. we got to see the Inquisitors, return to the Jedi temple from season 1 and got an inside look into the mind space of our lightsaber-wielding heroes at this current point in time. And how about that opening? SO COOL! Straight into an action sequence with Kanan and Ezra fighting the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister in mortal combat, it was fast, furious and intense, and just when the heroes look like they’re in a pitch Ezra was able to help them escape using his Force abilities, and it was cool that this episode again addressed Ezra’s growing power, his subtle arrogance and Kanan’s doubts about being able not only protect him but save him from the Dark Side. I really enjoyed the return of the Lothal Jedi temple and seeing Kanan with his intense battle with the Jedi guard, Ezra and his conversation with Yoda, and Ahsoka dealing with her inner turmoil relating to Anakin and the truth of what he’s become (totally confirming that she’s at least been aware about who Darth Vader really is), that was all great stuff, especially Ahsoka’s stuff and Kanan’s material, the hell saw the Grand Inquisitor being behind the mask of that guard? Even the Inquisitors were shocked, and then to show Vader towards the end, glorious. The season’s finally starting to ramp up and deliver on the promise of the footage we had hoped for during the trailer that was released weeks ago. I’m hyped! 😀

Well that’s what I’ve been watching. So have you seen or plan to watch any of these shows? If you have any thoughts be sure to drop a comment below and let me know what TV shows you’re currently watching  too. Until next time, laters! 😀


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5 responses to “What I’m Currently Watching #20

  1. Sonia

    March 5, 2016 at 5:13 pm

    I lol’d at the Kendra comment “Two months ago, I was a barista.” …i don’t know how many times she said that. I begin to wonder whether writers think we’re stupid or something!
    But boy do I feel the same way about the Hawk people …I’m sure Carter will come back at some point. Though I was thankful they killed him early on because him and Kendra were driving me nuts, I’m not so sure it was a good decision. Carter is supposed to be Kendra’s soulmate. Savage kills him. Instead of going into a blind rage and maintaining that blind rage, Kendra mopes around and out of nowhere unleashes the hawk in her. Then comments on how she was a barista two months ago …then tries to blend in. I’m not sure whether it’s the character that’s not written well or whether it’s the actress who’s having a hard time being one with her character!

    Anyway, great review 🙂

    • Hypersonic55

      March 8, 2016 at 2:53 pm

      Haha that line, if its not a meme online then it should be. 🙂

      Bloody Hawk people, the writers are going to have to do something real special to make me care about those two the way I like the others, even Rip is more appealing then they are and he’s the freshest face in the bunch. Oh and I like how you brought up Kendra’s inconsistent powers and feelings towards Carter, that also bugged me too.

      Thanks for commenting, it’s nice to have people to chat about this stuff with. 😀

      • Sonia

        March 8, 2016 at 5:46 pm

        Of course!!
        And oh heavens, Kendra annoys me even more around episode 7. I don’t want to spoil if you haven’t watched but I hate how she is mopey and idk …there’s something wrong with the actress.

      • Hypersonic55

        March 9, 2016 at 12:23 am

        Well thanks for the heads up, if things are as bad as you say then I’ll have many or just a few things to discuss with you in the future if you’re interested? 😛

      • Sonia

        March 9, 2016 at 12:26 am

        Ahaha of course!!! I think compared to the past 6 episodes, this one just annoyed me, mainly because of Kendra.
        I did like Rip’s story though – really interesting character!


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