Quick Thoughts on Fairy Tail Episodes 1-4

07 Feb

Howdy people of the internet, how’s it going? It feels like the longest time since I did an anime review (even though I reviewed DBZ: Resurrection F not too long ago), however it’s been a while since I talked about a TV series, so today I’m giving you a brief anime review of Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail Poster

Before I do the review, let me give you some history about me and this show. I started Fairy Tail back in 2010 when it was first aired and I watched up until around episode 30 and gave up, why? Because the show just never got that interesting and became a chore to watch so I bailed. However, the anime kept going well beyond what I thought it deserved and there was even a notable fan base for this franchise that started to grow over the years as well. So I’ve always wanted to check back to see if the show did get better or not. So this week I decided to check it out again and now I’m gonna give you my thoughts on the show so far from episode 1-4.

With Fairy Tail what I do like about it is that it has a nice visual style with the art direction, the music’s unique, the characters all have a quirky and strange personalities and the world has some interesting law and mythology. However, for all the show’s unique elements there isn’t anything exceptional or amazing about it that makes it start out when compared to other Shounen shows.

Story-wise so far the show has introduced Lucy, a lady wizard who wants to join a famous guild known as Fairy Tail and she eventually comes across Natsu and Happy, and after some crazy mishaps they establish a connection and become allies doing jobs as a group in the Fairy Tail guild. So far the stories have been one-off episodic adventures with no real significance besides a bit of character building and world establishment. The humour is mainly of the slapstick nature with a lot of physical humour and verbal jokes, some which work and some that don’t, a lot of the recurring jokes like Natsu’s motion sickness, Gray’s loss of clothes and a lot of the stuff that Happy gets old pretty quickly and I feel like the humour isn’t nearly as funny as the show seems to think it is. As for the characters they’re all okay. So far Natsu is fun, cocky and strong, but not nearly as charming or as cool as I think he should be. Lucy besides being pretty is a little silly and sassy and that tends to be both a good and bad thing depending on the situation. Happy has his moments, however, most of the time I find him annoy and Gray, at this point in time is just there.

Well at least the intro is cool, “Snow Fairy” by Funkist is gorgeous and it is easily one of the most kicks ass opening songs ever.

In the end Fairy Tail‘s not bad but it’s not bad and has potential to be more, unfortunately a good deal of the stories and characters are just stereo typical of the Shounen genre. But I’m willing to give it a try because I’m curious to know why this show is still airing and if it could be something I could love.

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