What I’m Currently Watching #15

03 Dec

Howdy ladies and gents, and welcome to post #15 on What I’m Currently Watching where I give you a tiny update on what TV-based stuff I’m watching and give mini reviews/impressions on them. Last week I skipped the reviews mainly because there wasn’t a lot on and I got lazy, but this week is gonna be pretty packed so brace yourselves haha. With that out of the way let’s talk about some TV! 😀 Oh and careful for minor spoilers below…

In The Badlands “The Fort”

into the badlands poster

This is probably the last new show of the 2015 that I’ve wanted to see, from the time I read about it in the IGN Fall Preview I was intrigued because of the martial arts element. For those unaware I LOVE me some good martial arts in film and in the world of TV it’s never really been that big and for the longest time there hasn’t really been a notable show that’s shown off martial arts since Martial Law and that was AGES ago in the 90’s. So I watched the first episode yesterday and I liked it. Plot-wise the show has some familiar elements with main characters have ties to a specific place, evil people in power with loads of followers willing to kill for them, people shifting alliances, a special person with fancy abilities, you know that kind of stuff. I do like the setting and some of the mythology that’s been set up with the Barons, talk of potential war, and Sunny being this super feared “Head Clipper”. But the main stand out of the show is the action, and its handled in a beautiful way. No martial arts sequences have looked as good as this in other TV shows, it is stylish, violent, well-shot and choreographed so beautifully especially that fight in the rain.

Supergirl “Red Faced”


This was probably my favourite episode so far. Since the beginning I’ve liked Melissa Benoist as Supergirl, but I’ve not found a reason to get behind her as a hero, but this week’s episode really made me like her. So far Kara’s been a nice and very forgiving person considering all the drama she’s had to deal with in her personal and superhero life, but this week we got see some good character progression. What I mainly liked was seeing her flip out and I love it when heroes get angry. Kara tried to do her job as a hero, she got told off by Hank and General Lane, she tries to do her normal job and gets verbal abuse from Cat and her mother, and it was good to see her get aggressive, whether she shouted at Cat (which was amazing by the way) or was beating up on Red Tornado. Oh and how cool did Benoist look when shooting her lasers at Red Tornado? That was badass. This episode had her confront her emotions and realise certain truths about how she feels about her life. Besides Kara, even though I didn’t like the look of Red Tornado I did like the way his abilities were handled, also Glenn Morshower showing up as another government official was great, his character was a douche but he was played well. I still feel bad for Winn, he’s got the hots for Kara would do anything for her and yet he’s invincible to her went James is around and the fact that she said that she couldn’t have a relationship similar to James and Lucy’s without even acknowledging his existence was mean.

The Flash “Legends of Today”


So here we have the first half of the The Flash/Arrow crossover and man a lot happened in this episode. Let me start by saying that Vandal Savage is awesome, I’d heard a lot about this character long before his appearance on TV, but I didn’t know he’d be so menacing, cool and troublesome, he killed those innocent men at the docks, got hit with arrows and fell off and building, and even fought Flash and Arrow and kept coming. The dude was a beast I liked him a lot. It was also nice just to see these heroes from different cities team up again, whether it was Barry and Oliver noticing things that had changed in each others abilities or locations or just their comrades getting to hang out, it was fun and entertaining to watch, There was also some great mythology being created in this episode with the introduction of Carter Hall (Hawkman), Kendra and their history together but also with Savage too. I also liked how Caitlin and Wells worked together to create a drug to make Barry faster, but what was even more interesting was after Wells was shot by Patty (damn it woman, you done goofed), it was Jay Garrick, the person who was adamant about not taking the drug who ended up having to use it to save Wells. Also there was a few small moments that made me smile whether it was Cisco talking about his hair conditioner being on-point or Thea not knowing about the Flash or how Malcolm Merlyn and his men kept emerging from the shadows in the Arrow layer (that last one was amazing and hilarious). Oh and finally what the hell was that bit in the beginning about Oliver having a secret child? I thought I’d missed an Arrow episode like what happened at the end of season 4 of Buffy with Dawn’s reveal, but apparently that’s a thing and we got to see possibly a link to that at the end of this episode.

Arrow (Season 4) “Legends of Yesterday”


And now we have the second half of the Arrow/Flash crossover and it was good for the most part. What I didn’t expect was the big time travel element as we saw Vandal Savage basically kill everyone except the Flash who ran away straight back into the past, and thanks to him telling Oliver a few things about his future encounters the heroes were able to have second chance at being Savage. Time travel is always a tricky thing because there are many rules and some shows abide by the basics or create their own or throw the rules out altogether and do whatever they want and with this show I think it did a decent job at allowing characters like Oliver, Barry, Cisco and Kendra specifically to change their future. Finally getting context on Oliver’s hidden son was good and it was interesting to see how he dealt with it and how the secrecy almost cost him his relationship with Felicity, and while I’m not quite sure about the need for more complications in Oliver’s life with a secret son on top of the stuff he’s dealing with already, it was certainly interesting to watch. I did find this episode less exciting and engaging than The Flash half, but it was certainly entertaining and finally, what the hell is Merlyn doing with Savage’s ashes? Mad man!

Moonbeam City “The Legend Of Circuit Lake”


This week’s episode of Moonbeam City was ridiculous, probably the strangest stuff I’ve seen since episode 2 or 7 in terms of the content being stuff that was really weird but surprisingly humourous. This week had Rad trying to get revenge on Dazzle by locating info on Dazzle’s history in the virtual reality archives, however, he ends up befriending a virtual woman and her son and builds a life with them. This was seriously weird shit, besides the virtual people looking all strange in 3D, it was the fact that Rad forgot who he was a just accepted the life he had, while on the outside he was trapped in an abandoned room of the police station with his body covered in rats and spider eggs (eww). Beyond that Dazzle was accused of killing Rad and was sent to jail where he befriended a jail computed system and they had some form of sex which was the most bizarre thing I’d seen in a cartoon in a while, Dazzle’s grinding movements is something I haven’t been able to forget haha. Besides that it was interesting to see Pizzaz actually sad about Dazzle’s imprisonment or in the interrogation seen when Pizzaz, Chrysalis and Dazzle pretty much gave reasonable cause for Dazzle to be Rad’s killer.

Star Wars Rebels (Season 2) “The Future of the Force”


This episode was pretty cool with the return of the Inquisitors on the hunt for Force sensitive children and it was down to Ahsoka, Kanan, Ezra, Zeb and Chopper to stop them. I thought it was pretty cool seeing the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister back on-screen as these baby snatchers, but also as ruthless villains who while not always great at their job, can be pretty scary and dangerous causing havoc for normal bystanders and giving Kanan, Zeb and Ezra trouble as they were being hunted. But Ahsoka, damn, what a beast. She was really cool in this episode when she stepped in to take on the Inquisitors with her white lightsabers and man she just owned them, she showed that the wasn’t just skilled in combat but also with her use of the Force, and she made it apparent that the Seventh Sister is clearly the stronger of the two Inquisitors at least that’s the way I saw it. This episode was really good for the visual presentation with some awesome lighting, animation and art design when it came to the cities and sense of scope, and man was I happy to get some lightsaber fighting, I love that stuff and it was really well-choreographed here.

Well that’s what I’ve been watching. So have you seen or plan to watch any of these shows? If you have any thoughts be sure to drop a comment below and let me know what TV shows you’re currently watching  too. Until next Friday people, laters! 😀

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One response to “What I’m Currently Watching #15

  1. sidekickreviews

    December 10, 2015 at 1:56 am

    Hello there! I recently started on episode 1 of Into the Badlands. I like it enough to keep watching, I hear there’s only 6 episodes this season. The lead character is promising, I’m looking forward to future fight scenes.

    I’m a few episodes behind on Supergirl. Good to hear this is your favourite episode so far. I really enjoyed the Flash/Arrow cross over episodes. I think Cisco and Kendra got a lot of good material and lines. Maybe with the time travelling on Legends of tomorrow we might see an appearance of a more grown up version of Oliver’s son. That’s a new show I’m curious about. Have a nice rest of the week!


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