Agents of SHIELD “Chaos Theory” Review

11 Nov

Howdy ladies and gents of the internet, time to talk about some Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with season 3, episode 7 “Chaos Theory“, so after last week’s very special Simmons-based episode does AoS continue it’s good streak? Well read on and find out.


As usual in these reviews I’m just gonna present the plot and then say what I liked and what I didn’t like. Cool? Okay let’s keep going.

The Plot

As Daisy and the team try to protect Inhumans, a shocking truth is revealed about S.H.I.E.L.D.’s biggest enemy; with Fitz’s help, Simmons recovers information that could get them back through the portal.

What I Liked

Well damn! This was certainly a memorable episode and I actually liked it quite a bit. There was a lot of great conflict, drama, action and revelations that went down and while I can see some people not agreeing certain things that went down in this episode, at the same time I think some will be interested to see where things go in future episodes.

Let’s start with May and Andrew. Man, these two went through a lot this episode. We not only got to see more of their trip to Hawaii via flashbacks, but we also got to see their current relationship get fractured and fall apart (potentially for good). On one hand we had Andrew, who we know is Lash now, and just seeing him around Coulson and Daisy watching and contributing to conversations about Inhumans felt awkward and wrong because you knew that the guy was dangerous. And on the other hand we had May who learnt from Werner about Andrew’s monstrous secret, clearly distraught and wanting clarification she goes back to HQ does some digging and when she finds out where he is she goes after him. What follows is just some crazy and emotional stuff from Andrew’s visuals of killing Joey to Andrew shooting May with an icer (mad man!) to with Andrew’s flashback on how he became an Inhuman via Jiaying’s booby-trapped book to the moments between May and Andrew before Coulson came in. Ming-Na Wen really killed it in this episode, we rarely get to see much visual emotion from May and you could tell that this was a situation that was hurting her so much. She couldn’t stop him after he transformed but she did put him in containment and even after that she looked devastated by the whole ordeal.

I also liked how a lot of characters and storylines started to converge in this episode, unlike season 1 and to a lesser degree season 2, this season is really moving quickly with its stories and isn’t wasting time with its mysteries and reveals. In just a few episodes Lincoln was on the run and now he’s come back into the fold (for good reasons) but it looks like he’s joining the crew now after the ordeal with Lash. Werner has come and gone, Coulson and Rosalind have hooked up (it was inevitable) and Lash has dispatched loads of people, taken on Lincoln again and been subdued by May with the help of SHIELD and the ATCU. I just hope that this quick pace won’t ruin certain upcoming stories that require a slower pace. Then there’s Fitz and Simmons and Bobbi and Hunter. I didn’t care much for Bobbi and Hunter relationship stuff, and the more they talk about protecting each other, taking out Ward and their feelings, the more I think they’ll leave the show for that Most Wanted show that was announced earlier in the year. As for FitzSimmons, those two, their drama is subtle but still ever so real. With Fitz he had to go through  Simmons’ experiences via the images and videos left on her phone, you can see that this guy still loves this girl from the way he listened to her recordings, watched her videos and when he aggressively knocked the stuff off the table after seeing Will and Simmons together. And seeing them together conversing while watching the sunrise, that was cute and I feel like things aren’t completely over between them romantically (or at least that’s what I’m hoping haha).


There were some other elements of the episode I haven’t mentioned that I appreciated like:

  • Rosalind and Daisy: I liked how both of them were against each other arguing the pros and cons of handling Inhumans from their own points of view, and then to see Daisy save Rosalind later on, damn, that must be a sign of trust between them now.
  • Phil and Rosalind: So this couple have been teased for a while but I guess it’s come to pass and I do like it, even if the circumstances aren’t exactly genuine. When Rosalind asked Coulson if she’d buy him a drink, I knew exactly where it was going. The same sort of situation happened with May and Ward back in season 1. Now Rosalind thinks she’s playing Coulson, but someone online suggested Coulson’s actually playing her and that he’s just playing along which if that ends up being the case then I’d be so happy because I don’t want him being played.
  • Oh hey Joey: Yeah Joey’s back, haven’t seen that dude in ages, was starting to think he’d become irrelevant for the forseeable future, but apparently he’s fine and he’s been learning to control his abilities. He doesn’t just melt things, he can craft and shape metal now. I’m glad he didn’t get taken out by Lash because there’s definitely potential for him.

Oh and finally there’s Ward and Malick at the end of the episode, both of them discuss the loss of Werner and Ward states he’s not interested in him and wants to take out Coulson to eliminate SHIELD altogether. However Malick says Ward has to think long-term and we find out that he’s been in cahoots with Rosalind Price! Shit son! Clearly this means that Malick must have been one of the people in attendance of the meeting with the president that Coulson missed, and Rosalind is sneaky, deceptive, no-trusting lady that I think we all believed her to be towards the start of the season. This also lends credence to the talk online that Malick is the same character he was in the World Security Council in the Marvel films and has secretly been Hydra all along which makes his character so much more interesting.


What I Disliked

The drama between May and Andrew felt a little generic at times as did Andrew’s needs to take the lives of other Inhumans (another reason I don’t think Andrew should have been this character). In addition to that I was annoyed with how simple Lash’s action scenes were, he didn’t seem that tough, sure he could take gunfire and hit pretty hard, but didn’t seem very threatening or scary. I hope he’ll be more intense and scary later on. Oh and I’m starting to dislike Lash’s look more and more, I feel like the make-up on his face and body could have been better and the CGI during the transformations lacks a certain level of detail.



In conclusion “Chaos Theory” was a pretty good episode with some solid drama and action, however there were a few issues with Andrew/Lash’s motivations and fight sequences which held the episode back for me.

Rating: 7.5/10

So what did you think of “Chaos Theory“? Did you enjoy it or were you unimpressed? Whatever your thoughts are, be sure to drop them in the comments below and I’ll see you on the next episode review!


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3 responses to “Agents of SHIELD “Chaos Theory” Review

  1. sidekickreviews

    November 11, 2015 at 11:39 pm

    Hello there! A pretty decent AOS episode. I liked how it developed Andrew/Lash’s story. I wasn’t exactly enthused about the twist on Lash’s identity last episode. Here, it made for some good scenes between Andrew and May. Maybe it owes to the likeability of these actors more than the beauty and the beast type story. A better fight at the end would have been nice, but I liked May’s line after she shot him into the container. Something about the chemistry between Coulson and Rosalind is working. It’s like they respect each other but it’s their job to deceive each other too. Funniest line has to be Hunter about Simmon’s hogfaced boyfriend. This is an episode that has a lot of little things to talk about, but maybe not that one thing that blows us away. Next week is the mid-season finale right? Hope it’s awesome. good review!

    • Hypersonic55

      November 12, 2015 at 12:36 am

      Hey man, great to have you commenting as always. You make me feel like there’s someone to talk to about this show haha. I like what you said about Lash’s reveal and how it felt better because of the drama between Andrew and May, that’s something I didn’t mention in the review. That and when Lincoln said that Andrew’s still transitioning and will eventually be Lash permanetly. That made me happy because I wasn’t keep on the transforming aspect of Lash. Ah Phil and Rosalind, I love these two together. Oh the hogfaced boyfriend line was fun. Oh and is it really the mid-season finale already? If so I really hope that next week’s is just as good as season 2’s, that was big deal last year.

      • sidekickreviews

        November 13, 2015 at 3:10 am

        Oops, I’m not sure when the mid-season finale is. Probably next month. Last year the mid-season finale was episode 10.


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