ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION @ O2 Academy Islington – My Review

09 Nov

Howdy ladies and gentlemen of the internet and welcome to another live gig review and today I will be talking about the great session I had when I saw ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION at O2 Academy Islington last light. Now I’ve technically been listening to this band since 2008, but really got into their music back in the summer and when I heard they’d be coming to the UK for their Wonder Future Tour I knew I had to go.


So how was the show? Well read on and find out!

Trying to translate my thoughts into words on seeing AKG live is kind of hard, but if I were to use one word it would be “awesome”.

I was initially a bit hesitant because this was my first rock gig alone and I wasn’t sure if I’d still have as much fun without a friend but luckily once the music started, those fears were dismissed and replaced by happiness. I got talking to this one guy who was really into Japanese music and had gone to Tokyo a few times, we had some really fun conversations before the show started. As soon as the band stepped on-stage the atmosphere was fairly casual, but there was a buzz in the air, but once the music started everyone went mad.


AKG brought their a-game as they were every bit as good as I’d hoped for with intensity and passion going into every song. Besides playing what was simply in the playlist, this band were term self-aware and knew exactly what the fans wanted and how to get the crowd in the mood with certain songs. The band was also very playful and fun to watch, not only did they look like they were having the time of their lives playing their music, they had good interaction with the crowd especially when it came to lead singer Masafumi Gotō, he was so charming and humble, whenever he said anything the crowd would go mad with screams of happiness or laugh when he’d say or not say something in between songs. But the best moment came when he said “I’m not Harry Potter.” That was just the best and so unexpected. Oh and I gotta give a special shout out to guitarist Kensuke Kita, that guy was awesome always smiling and providing such passion for his movements and guitar playing.


I’m not a super hardcore AKG fan and I’m still discovering their music and have only been listening to them religiously since around August and even then I’d only the band’s first Houkai Amplifier, Sol-fa, Fanclub, World World World and Wonder Future (which I’d only heard for the first time yesterday). So like when I went to see Anberlin and Alexisonfire, I wasn’t up to date on the entire discography, but for the most part I think I did okay for someone who’s only been listening for a few months. Sure I should have brushed up on my music a bit more, but there was no way I was gonna miss AKG live. Even when there were songs playing that I didn’t recognise I was still having a great time.

As for the set list it was a combination of new and old, and honestly I can’t tell you every song that was played because 1) I have a terrible memory and 2) I was having a little too much fun to notice certain songs. It started out just as I thought it would with “Easter” which was great, then we got “Little Lennon”, but straight after that “After Dark” came on and I along with several other members of the crowd lost our minds. That song is my all-time favourite (as some of you may know from this post) and to have it literally as the third song was the best thing ever! I also enjoyed the sound of “senseless”, but was even happier when I heard “Caterpillar” as it is one of my favourite songs from the new album. “Siren” was a special moment as it really got everyone in a good groove and I LOVED it because it’s in my top 3 songs from Sol-fa. “Re:Re” and “Night Diving” followed before “Rewrite” came on and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE totally lost minds and freaked out. I enjoyed it for sure, but I think I’m the only one in the world who isn’t totally in love with that song. I had way more fun with “Haruka Kanata” because I’ve known and enjoyed it longer and having the main set finish on “Wonder Future” was great. And then the band left, and the crowd chanted and clapped for more (me included), and after around 10 minutes the band returned and played three more songs which was great. While I would have liked to have heard “Compass“, “Sunny Day“, “Mayonaka to Mahiru no Yume” or “Kaigan Dōri“, overall the set list was wonderful.


In conclusion ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION at O2 Academy Islington was kick ass. The energy from the band and the crowd really helped elevate the show to a super high level, and I just had blast finally getting to see this band live after how many years of hoping.

So did you get to see ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION last night or any time during their previous or current live shows? And if so what did you think? Be sure to leave your comments below and I’ll see you all on the next blog post yo! 😀

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