04 Nov

Howdy people of the internet, time for a super quick film review and today I’ll be talking about Kung Fury. I think I heard rumblings about this film online back in the summer and since I had some free time and backlog of stuff to watch on Netflix I thought I’d check it out. And at the time of writing this blog post my memories of the film are very fresh in my mind and need to be addressed on this blog.


Since I can describe the story of this film for the life of me read this synopsis below:

In 1985, Kung Fury, the toughest martial artist cop in Miami, goes back in time to kill the worst criminal of all time – kung fuhrer Hitler.

This was a pretty meaty experience for just a 30 minute film. In just under a minute and half after the film started I was left speechless as this film defies the laws of physics, nature and reality in a matter of seconds. This film is bat shit crazy and the madness escalates with all sorts of chaos on-screen and story elements that just get stranger and more bizarre as the film goes on. This film plays off of a lot classic tropes, quotable dialogue and codes and conventions when it comes the 1980’s and it’s police shows, video games, sci-fi, kung-fu and action films and a bit of anime too. Except there are loads, sometimes layered on top of each other and it feels like a game just to see out how many references you can find. Kung Fury has everything from time travel to Hitler to a sentient arcade machine killer to Thor and dinosaurs, and its all tied together through a crazy story and the power of martial arts. The people behind this film knew what they were making, they knew that the content was ridiculous, random and made no logical sense at times but that what made it so fun. This film is hilarious, violent and all sorts stupid but damn is it fun to watch.

kungfury-triceracop-jpg KungFury2

The presentation is great too. Because of the focus on the 1980’s it allowed the filmmakers to play off of it with some cool visual effects and references through video games, animation, certain types of cinematography and VHS tape degradation. The visual effects feel like a high quality fan made film that you’d find on YouTube but that’s not to discredit the film, it all works well and is handled with a great deal of care. Oh and the action sequences, bloody hell. These are some of the most random, well choreographed and over the top material I have ever seen, it’s done with such care and style, but it’s also ridiculous and hilarious at the same time. One sequence involving one continuous shot of Kung Fury dispatching several dudes and especially impressive and funny. This film got to Regular Show levels of madness and reminded me of Super Mario Bros. Z as well. And I can’t write the review withput mentioning the music, again inspired by the 80’s it has so much nostalgia sounds to that era and the music is frigging awesome. As for the performances they were all fine and fun, but it was David Sandberg who was the star and he was very charismatic, funny and had the right level of self-awareness when it came to his performance.

merrychristmas sunset-lambo-jpg

In conclusion Kung Fury will forever be one of the craziest films I have ever seen, but hell it was fun. David Sandberg and his crew should be proud of what they’ve made and it is one of those stupidly awesome films you need to experience for yourself just to say that you’ve seen it.

Rating: 8/10

So have you you seen Kung Fury and if so what did you thinkg of it? Please be sure to comment below and I’ll see you on the next review, laters! 😀

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