Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Devils You Know” Review

22 Oct

Howdy ladies and gents of the internet, time to review another episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and today we’ll be talking about season 3, episode 4, “Devils You Know“. So how was tonight’s episode? Well read on and find out.


As usual in these reviews I’m just gonna present the plot and then say what I liked and what I didn’t like. Cool? Okay let’s keep going.

The Plot

Having reluctantly agreed to share information with Rosalind and the ATCU, Coulson and the team search for the Inhuman who is killing other Inhumans; May feels that Hunter’s mission to take down Ward is getting too personal.


What I Liked

This was another solid episode, there was direct continuation from the last episode with was going on with Hunter’s plan to ascend in Hydra, Simmons’ continuing recovery and obsession with going back to the alien planet, and Coulson and Rosalind’s alliance to cooperate on missions. There were some nice surprises, shocks and cool developments overall.

One of my favourite aspects of the episode was seeing SHIELD and the ATCU team up.  It was unlikely team-up which clearly each side had reservations/issues with (mainly when it came to Daisy, Mack and Rosalind), I love how Coulson wanted to collaborate with the ATCU just so they’d have more resources but when it came to handling certain situations Rosalind had different ideas or questioned Coulson’s decisions. There was a lot of pulling and tugging and unwanted compromise from Coulson and Rosalind, each had to make choices that would not only benefit them in the long run but also keep the other person happy. It showed off some interesting decision-making between the two of them and once again allowed Coulson and Rosalind to have some fun banter (and possibly subtle sexual tension?). Other great part was seeing Ward back again, Brett Dalton was great as he brough wit, charm, humour and that small level of crazy to his interactions with people (this time with Hunter and May), I love how as soon as Hunter showed up, Ward was worried, there was a shoot out and thanks to May, Ward lost a lot of his forces up until Ward pulled out a secret ace; he had his Hydra goons waiting for Andrew in a shop. And even though Ward escaped, he got a bullet to the back, but also had Werner von Strucker and the other Hydra guys seemingly kill and blow up Andrew. While we didn’t see Andrew get killed on-screen, that looked pretty permanent and if that’s the end of  Andrew then frigging hell that’s pretty hardcore, and I can see that May will hate Ward forever if he’s taken out her ex hubby.


Seems like there was domestics going on in this episode between certain people. Firstly there’s May and Andrew, there seemed to be more to their getaway as Andrew wanted to apologize to May but she wasn’t having it. Clearly life outside of SHIELD for the both of them wasn’t what they imagined and either May or Andrew just had different ideas of what their relationship would be like. I’m curious to know more, though considering what happened to Andrew I’m not sure if we’ll see that conversation continue (more on that later). Then there’s May and Hunter, she was trying to get him be organized and plan ahead when it came to Hydra but Hunter’s obsession with Ward just made him want to throw caution to the wind and jump into the belly of the beast, and later on with Ward having Andrew under surveillance, that put May in a tough situation and with Hunter just going after the enemy regardless, you could tell that May was not happy about his decision at all. And then there’s Fitz and Simmons, Simmons is researching a means to rebuild the portal to go back to the planet behind Fitz’s back and her reaction when she saw him with her stuff was totally crazy. Luckily Fitz found out about her plans, confronted her and basically told him that she was gonna give him answers which is what I hope we’ll get next episode or so.


When comes to Lash I liked him, he was not only cool with the use of his powers, but we learnt he’s on a mission and he was smart with his use of Dwight Frye’s ability to sense other Inhumans and take them out. Also in Daisy’s blurred vision she saw his shadow do a Hyde to Jekyll type of transformation into a normal human, which suggests that Daisy’s assumption about him being able to transform would make him pretty illusive, and gives him a tactical advantage over SHIELD and the ATCU. I’m kind of in two minds about that reveal as on hand it makes him very illusive but at the same time if he is just a man who can transform at will then it takes away from his current intimidating look. And speaking of Lash and the Inhumans, I was surprised to see Alisha back from season two and some other Inhumans who had gotten their powers pre-fish oil exposure and then have them unfortunately taken out by Lash. Poor Alisha looked messed up after that event and Andrew wasn’t happy about it, so much so that he had a go at Coulson for bringing her in on a mission without his consent. Seems like he doesn’t agree with Coulson’s secretive methods and wants to be brought in all the potential patients for their well-being and not just to be evaluated for Daisy’s new superpowered team.

What I Disliked

I guess I wasn’t too interested in Hunter’s revenge story and how planned to get into Hydra, it wasn’t until the latter part of the episode when he came into contact with Ward was when I was engaged.



In conclusion “Devils You Know” is another good episode. We got to see more of Lash, more Daisy and Mack teaming up, some drama between certain couples, death and some cooperation issues between SHIELD and the ATCU. I like how there are small yet significant surprises that this show keeps bringing in each episode as it gets me more curious and excited to see what happens later.

Rating: 8/10

So what did you think of “Devils You Know“? Did you enjoy it or were you unimpressed? Whatever your thoughts are, be sure to drop them in the comments below and I’ll see you on the next episode review! 😀

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