What I’m Currently Watching #8

16 Oct

Howdy ladies and gents, and welcome to post #8 on What I’m Currently Watching where I give you a tiny update on what TV-based stuff I’m watching and give mini reviews/impressions on them. I’ve been watching a lot of stuff this week so there will actually be two posts instead of the usual one. Be care for some spoilers as read on below, okay? Cool, let’s do this thing.

Heroes Reborn (Episodes 1-4)


So I was actually meant to do a review for the two-part premiere two weeks back, but I decided at the last minute to pull it from the blog post. Since so much happened in these first four episodes I’ll try to summarise. I won’t lie, the first two episodes didn’t do much for me. “Brave New World” reintroduced us to the Heroes world many years later, but then presented a tragic event involving terrorists in Odessa, Texas, people with powers are being blamed and go into hiding. So at the center of this madness you have Noah Bennet (one of the key characters from Heroes) out for answers not only about the los of his daughter but also for his actions in the past that have been removed from his memory. Add on top of that there are new characters discovering their powers and two hunters out to kill powered individuals. Even though I was interested in. Episode three was much more interesting as the scattered stories actually started to go somewhere and by episode four “The Needs of the Many” I was actually invested. There’s more to do for the new powered individuals in Katana Girl, Tommy Clarke and El Vengador to name a few, learning more about Noah is fun and having Erica and Harris as the main villains of the show with their plan for powered people feels very much like X-Men’s treatment of mutants.

Gotham (Season 2) “Strike Force”


After last week’s episode I thought that a follow-up episode wouldn’t be as strong considering the loss of Jerome (SPOILERS!), but luckily there was enough new content to keep be interested. With Theo Galavan, he’s got plans to demolish the city’s current structure and a build a new city, but in order to do that he must become mayor. He’s already got the public on his side, but for that extra push he needs his competition taken out, so he blackmails Penguin into doing his dirty work because if he refuses Theo will kill his mother. Low blow man, I knew when he arranged to meet with Penguin that he had an ace up his sleeve. Poor Penguin by the way, this guy is great to watch when he’s all charismatic, charming and crazy, but he has a weakness and unfortunately this puts him at odds with James Gordon because of his recent activities. Speaking of Gordon it was interesting to see him working under a new captain in the form of Captain Nathaniel Barnes (played very well by Michael Chiklis), this new guy doesn’t take shit from anyone, he’s well-informed and wants to crack down on crime which i like. It is kind of random how he comes out of nowhere and assumes rank but whatever I buy it for now. Gordon’s in an awkward place now, he has history with Penguin and something tells me it’ll only be a bit of time before that dodgy transactions come to light. As for the rest of the episode, seeing Alfred slap Selina for the death of his friend was badass and making Bruce run home as part of his training, good stuff. And finally, having Bruce have a new potential love interest in the form of Silver was interesting, wonder if she’s around to lure him in and betray him later?

Star Wars Rebels (Season 2) “The Lost Commanders”


So after the longest wait ever, Rebels is back on TV and I am so happy as this was a solid start to the season! This episode has the Ghost crew split up with Asoka sending Kanan, Ezra, Sabine and Zeb to a distant planet to find some old allies to assist them in their fight against the empire, it is only after they get there that they find out they’re former clone troopers (which doesn’t sit well with Kanan at all). I like how this episode immediately references the events of Lothal with the rebels still in need of allies, Asoka going off to gain more info on Darth Vader, Kanan’s painful memories of the Clone Wars and mistrust of clones, and Ezra’s continued growth and contributions to the plans and actions of the main characters. As usual the show does a great job of balancing humour with the character-driven drama and providing potential foreshadowing for the future too. There were some nice references to The Seige of Lothal, the Clone Wars show, Order 66 and Revenge of the Sith which just makes this universe feel so large in scope and awesome with the amount of stories that have taken place over the main canon timeline.

Castle (Season 8) “What Lies Beneath”


The opening for this episode was pretty dramatic, a guy in church praying to god ask for a sign to know if he’s on the right path, and then gets shot in the chest. Damn! The dude asks a simple question and gets killed in a church, it is one of the most memorable opening death for this show in a while. Anyway this week was more in line with a regular Castle episode as it was a case of the week situation and the ongoing story with Beckett chasing leads on people tied to Senator Bracken was more of a subplot. Castle and Beckett are still not together, and it sucks. While I’m not as actively annoyed with their separation as many other fans, it is starting to get a bit tiresome, like last episode the show proves that these two are better when they’re together solving cases, being in love and having their banter together. Outside of their continued separation, the case this week was quite interesting with a famous author, a con man, lies and deceit and a blind priest… Who actually wasn’t blind at all. I will say seeing that priest run away from Castle and Alexis into that crowd was frigging amazing haha and the funny moments between Ryan and Esposito were great too.

The Flash (Season 2) “Flash of Two Worlds”


So we have another strong episode for The Flash this week with us learning the identity of Jay Garrick, Earth-2, the pockets in time left by last season’s portal and having another metahuman out for Flash’s blood by order of the mysterious Zoom. Once again this show is solid because of its embracing of the comic source material, but also of superhero conventions in terms of the plot and narrative codes and conventions too. I like how Barry was dubious of Jay because of his history with Harrison Wells (Eobard Thawne), but eventually came to trust him when it came to defeating Sand Demon, oh and how cool is it that Barry can now throw lighting through his speed? Nice. There were also plenty of humourous moments between Cisco and Dr. Stein, Caitlin and Jay, Joe and new character Officer Patty Spivot, or Joe trying to understand the concept of time travel and multiple universes. And speaking of Spivot I like her, she seems like a bubbly, tenacious and cute lady when trying to be on Joe’s metahuman task force, but later on discovering her true reasons for joining were quite emotional and justified. Plus I like her interaction with Barry, they seem cute together, I can already see them being shipped.

Well that’s what I’ve been watching. So have you seen or plan to watch any of these shows? If you have any thoughts be sure to drop a comment below and let me know what TV shows you’re currently watching  too. I’ll see y’all with the next review by Sunday at the latest, laters! 😀


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4 responses to “What I’m Currently Watching #8

  1. sidekickreviews

    October 16, 2015 at 5:40 am

    Hello there! Good to hear you’ve started to invest in Heroes Reborn. I’ll keep an ear out for your thoughts as the mini-series continues to see if it’s worth catching up on when it’s out on video.

    Funny there wasn’t even a name drop of Captain Barnes before he literally comes out of nowhere into the GCPD hq. He’s a really good actor though and it’ll be interesting to see how he’ll be both a mentor to Gordon and also probably butt heads. I’m sure there’s already tonnes of gifs online of Alfred slapping Selina haha.

    I think Flash found a good balance of everything that’s going on while giving enough time to introduce Patty Spivot. Looks like she’ll be a romantic interest for Barry. And Caitlyn went Felicity like over Jay Garrick haha.

    • Hypersonic55

      October 18, 2015 at 2:59 am

      Hey there man, glad you could stop by. Yeah Heroes Reborn at the moment is definietly looking like one of those shows you’d get the most out of in a binge session so that you could take in the story as a whole rather than a weekly session. Right now I’m into it, it’s not essential level of TV yet, but I would recommend it for people who liked Heroes season 1.

      And yeah Barne just shows up out of nowehere and a few people have called that out and mentioned that it may have been an unintentional goof on the part of the writers. Oh and if there are gifs of Selina getting slapped I need to find them haha.

      As for the The Flash I agree, it is in a very good place with it’s material balancing the established with the new. I’ll be curious to see how the handle Spivot and Garrick later on in the season depending on how long they last.

  2. lauren

    October 16, 2015 at 4:43 pm

    I gave up on Heroes during the third series so I’m not sure if I’ll watch Heroes Reborn. I’m currently catching up with Castle on tv at the moment although I’m constantly switching between different seasons on different channels. Really enjoying it and Nathan Fillion is always a joy to watch. Going to catch up with The Flash season 2 at the weekend. Really enjoyed the first season so I have high hopes this one will be as good.


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