Rant 17: Being Ill Sucks!

13 Oct

Howdy people and welcome to another instalment in my blogging rants. It feels like ages since I’ve done of these types of posts (just over a year) so I thought it was about time I started it up again. And today’s rant will be on something that bothers me every once in a while and that’s be ill.


Ah illness, how I hate you. Whether you’re talking about head colds, blocked/snotty noses, chesty coughs, allergies or all of the above, having a cold just sucks ass. Find me someone in the world that enjoys being ill, trust me they don’t exist, and unless you’re a child getting out of school for a few days then its just a nightmare for anyone older. So what makes colds the worst well here’s a list:

  1. When you’ve got a blocked nose breathing is tough and you can’t smell anything
  2. If you have a blocked nose then expect to keep blowing tons of snot into loads of tissues
  3. Blocked noses make it hard to sleep as you may have a drippy nose or have trouble breathing
  4. Chesty coughs are the worst as you can never be quiet for too long as coughing is as infrequent and unwanted as sneezing
  5. The flu in some cases can sap one’s energy, make you lethargic and bedridden
  6. If you’re ill you have to try and avoid contaminating others, but if you’re clear then you have to avoid others
  7. And if you need to make appearances to see friends, go on a date, go to work or go into high school, college or university, it can be an awkward and embarrassing experience

And sometimes you can be unfortunate enough to have all of the symptoms above and have the full force of the common cold and that’s just the cherry on top of the shit sundae.


For me colds are terrible, when they get me they hit hard and fast. Sometimes what I think is just a runny nose or slight cough becomes a full-on flu assault, and then I’m fighting to get better. My worst cold was when I was 13, I had this terrible cough which was continuous, aggressive and disruptive, but my mum didn’t let me off school, nope, I had to endure it. And so for several weeks I was the loud and annoying kid who wouldn’t stop coughing his guts out and when I used to go to church it was even worse. I couldn’t subdue it, so I’d have to stand at th back and still be coughing so hard that my throat and chest hurt terribly. These days I get bad head colds and have a serious intake of orange juice and dissolving vitamin C tablets to rid myself of them asap. I’m currently in recovery from a cold and while I’m feeling great, I’m not counting myself completely free when I’m surrounded by illness from some people at work and my sister at home. 😛

Some people think that having a cold is nothing, that it can be walked off and if you’re a man then you’re a weakling for letting it affect you. That being said, colds affect people in different ways and if it takes you out then it takes you out, but if you can survive it then good for you. The point is, being ill is no fun. It feels terrible, annoying and puts a damper on your demeanor. 😡

Well that’s another rant over. Hopefully this has been somewhat insightful and if you’ve had any similar experiences please be sure to comment about it in comments below. Until the next time people, laters. 🙂


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2 responses to “Rant 17: Being Ill Sucks!

  1. lauren

    October 14, 2015 at 8:30 pm

    I hate colds! I’m just getting over one now so I’m feeling this post very much.

    • Hypersonic55

      October 15, 2015 at 8:48 pm

      Haha I’m glad you agree and I hope you recover soon!


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