What I’m Currently Watching #7

10 Oct

Howdy ladies and gents, and welcome to post #7 on What I’m Currently Watching where I give you a tiny update on what TV-based stuff I’m watching and give mini reviews/impressions on them. I was hoping to have this done by Friday instead of today but things got really busy and I wasn’t able to get to my computer as much as I would have liked. With that out of the way let’s talk about some TV! 😀

Gotham (Season 2) “The Last Laugh”


SPOILERS AHEAD. So Gotham‘s episode this week was probably the best one yet. I liked it, seeing the Jerome front and center was great whether he was talking to his dad or entertaining people at the magic show, he was great, so imagine my partial surprise to see that he died. I technically got spoiled on the internet prior to seeing the episode a few days later, I knew Jerome was gonna die so when he got taken out a lot of the shock value was taken away, but even without the spoiler Jerome’s death I could see coming. Theo Galavan planned it out so perfectly, he basically takes a stand against the bad guy, gets hurt, comes back later and unbeknownst to the bad guy (Jerome in this case) takes him out permanently to ensure his status as the hero is exact. This is a familiar storyline I’ve seen used a few times before, but it is a device that works and I liked how Theo calculated it all and basically knew from the outset that he’d have to take Jerome out. Outside of that key stuff. I liked seeing Alfred trying to flirt with Lee Tompkins, though I hope it doesn’t become a frequent thing or anything more than that because those together is just creepy in my mind.

Castle (Season 8) “PhDead”


This week Castle a student at a university dies in a prison uniform and so to uncover the murder Castle gets a job at the university to gain some information, this is also the case that Beckett’s working as well. As you can tell this is not a smart plan considering their recent break-up, but Castle hopes to uncover the mystery of the murder to gain Beckett back. I really liked this episode because of the drama, interesting twists and turns, but mainly the way it brought the cast together and made use of everyone, whether it be Ryan and Esposito pretending to be university students (which was hilarious), seeing the return of Lanie for something interesting screen time or Alexis going undercover to get information from a potential murder suspect. Oh and Castle playing Beer pong, great scene haha. By the way I really liked Molly Quinn as Alexis here, I kind of lost interest in her character around season 5 to 6, but she’s definitely being utilised properly with her working with her father on cases… Oh and by the way she looked hot in the angel costume, just saying. 😛 It can be hard to see Castle try so hard to get back into Beckett’s life especially when he’s not at fault and when you know her reasons behind her decision. But as a viewer you can’t help but love Castle’s attempts at getting back into Beckett’s good graces by being the same silly, aggressive and quick-thinking individual that we’ve known since the start of the show. And even though emotionally it’s not good for Beckett, when these two are together, its magic. At this point Fillion and Katic just have the perfect on-screen chemistry when they’re solving mysteries, having emotional moments or finishing each others sentences when they figure something out. I will say that Beckett’s side story isn’t as compelling and the whole pushing Castle away thing is getting tiring, I want these two to be together sort things out before it gets too depressing and lacking in the fun factor.

The Flash “The Man Who Saved Central City”


Well this was a good episode for sure, I loved the way it began, felt like typical day in the life of the Flash with him taking down Captain Cold and Heatwave in humourous and cool way with the help of Firestorm. I loved how energetic and fun that opening was, and Wentworth Miller, still love him in this show. I liked how the events of last season were not only covered via flashback but also showed the cost of what it took to save Central City and who was lost. Now things has changed, Barry’s operating on his own and shutting his friends and family out, while the other have taken on responsibilities elsewhere. That is until a new threat comes along that requires everyone’s help in order to take the bad guy down. I loved Cisco’s humour once again, Joe has some lovely moments in the show, Professor Stein had some hilarious moments too and seeing the reunion of Barry and his father on the outside after Harrison Wells (Eobard Thawne) confessed to murder of Barry’s mother was great also. I will say that the villain of the episode wasn’t very engaging, personality-wise was bland and his powers didn’t seem too cool either, plus the CGI used on his growing and shrinking looked really awkward and ugly. Other than those nitpicks The Flash returned with a strong episode and has me super excited to see what happens later on in season 2.

Arrow (Season 4) “Green Arrow”


Alrighty then, Arrow season 4, something I honestly wasn’t too interested in watching. But out of curiosity and love for the first two seasons I went back in. That opening, ewww. No offence, but the whole domesticated life for Oliver and Felicity, that was so cheesy and hard to watch, besides the line about Felicity failing the omelette, that was funny. So this episode deals with Oliver coming back to Star City and having all of the people that he knew give him the cold shoulder, but also introduces Damien Darhk, the big bad who has many underlings and wants to destroy the city, oh and he has mystical powers. I like Damien, he has a nice classic villainous presence and he’s intimidating too. Also it was interesting to see Diggle, Thea and Laurel take on the bad guys in their new little team, and I know its been said before but it bares mentioning again… Diggle’s helmet still looks horrible and the back half doesn’t even cover the whole of his head! That’s not practical at all! Oh and the flashbacks are back and I’m still not too interested, that being said, the fact that Oliver was heading back to Lian Yu can only make me hope that it’ll finally bookend with the opening of season 1 for good. I’m curious to know who died at the end when Oliver and Barry were standing over that gravestone, I hope its Felicity (I know that’s mean, but hey I’m dark like that haha).

Moonbeam City “The Strike Visualizer Strikes Again”


Moonbeam City, I’m still liking it. While it isn’t a great show, it is a good way to pass 20 minutes. What I’m still liking about the show is its random nature, quick fire humour and violence. “The Strike Visualizer Strikes Again” was a fun episode because of the focus on bowling and the animations that go with it after getting a spare or strike, some of them were really elaborate and crazy. I will say that the show’s starting to feel a little tiresome with some of the character traits from Dazzle and the other main characters. Again I like Dazzle because he’s voiced by Rob Lowe, but Dazzle still doesn’t have any redeeming qualities so when he messes around or acts like a fool I don’t like him too much. Pizzaz just moans all the time and that’s getting annoying and Chrysalis while smart and resourceful, is just kind of there you know? She’s a bit bland. Basically I want some character development and possibly some long term stories, but considering the comedy-based format of this show that’s unlikely to happen.

Well that’s what I’ve been watching. So have you seen or plan to watch any of these shows? If you have any thoughts be sure to drop a comment below and let me know what TV shows you’re currently watching  too. Until next Friday people, laters! 😀

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One response to “What I’m Currently Watching #7

  1. sidekickreviews

    October 10, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    Hello there! I see you’ve been super busy. Luckily I didn’t get spoiled about Jerome, I didn’t see his death coming. I’m not against going this direction, but I’d would have liked to have seen more of him this season first before killing him. I hope the show knows what it’s doing this season. 🙂 I thought it was so funny when Alfred hit on Lee with Gordon standing right there and in the background after we hear Alfred ask Bruce did you know Gordon was dating her?

    One thing that The Flash premiere sort of explained is why Ronnie Martin isn’t going to be on Legends of Tomorrow (at least not from the start as far as I know). Yeah, Cisco’s humour is great and I might have to rewatch that mysterious vision he had.

    I was hoping for a character, say Oliver who hasn’t seen Diggle’s in a while, comment on that helmet. It’s like that big elephant in the room that no one on the show wants to talk about haha. Maybe Cisco can hook up the bro.

    I enjoy your What I’m Currently Watching posts. I don’t follow Castle or Moonbeam City so I don’t have anything to say about them :D. As for what else I’ve been watching, Narcos is really good! Later man!


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