Month of Superhero Film Reviews 2: Wanted

13 Jun

Howdy people of the north, south, east and west, and welcome to Day #13 of Month of Superhero Film Reviews 2! During this month I’ll be reviewing of some of the best, average and worst comic book adapted films. Today I’m going to be talking about Wanted.


Wanted is a film I really wasn’t interested in seeing this film, mainly for two reasons: 1) The film didn’t look like my cup of tea. And 2) It had Angelina Jolie in it. Now back then I really didn’t like Jolie, I thought she was overhyped and I refused to watch a film with her in it, but that was the closed-minded teenage me, I’m a lot more mature and have come to appreciate some of Jolie’s work in film (from what I’ve seen anyway). So now with this month devoted to superhero film reviews I have no excuse to not watch it.

The story can be summed up as the following:

“A young man finds out his long lost father is an assassin. When his father is murdered, the son is recruited into his father’s old organization and trained by a man named Sloan to follow in his dad’s footsteps.”

The story is alright with moments of coolness but overall was a little disappointing. Like a lot of good comic book superhero films there’s a lot of interesting things going on in regards to the fraternity and their existence and how the kill people. This film feels like a small piece of a bigger puzzle and ripe for more stories to be told. One of my main issues with the plot is that it is predictable. Now sure just because you can see certain plot elements coming a mile off doesn’t mean that a film is bad, however, when these plot twists or character arcs take place in a way that’s not very interesting or original it does make your enjoyment of said film a lot less fun. There were certain moments I liked but I wasn’t wowed and that sucked. 


Now let’s talk about the cast. Firstly there’s James McAvoy as Wesley Gibson, I have to say that Wesley pissed me off, he was such a whiny, useless and spineless man with no redeeming qualities, and even after he started becoming a more interesting person because of his training, he still found way to be annoying. It wasn’t until around two thirds into the film that actually started to like him. James McAvoy is really good and while his character irritated the hell out of me, here he demonstrated again how great he is an actor by totally getting lost in this role and making him believable. Then there’s Angelina Jolie who was cool as Fox, I liked her calm and yet playful nature. She was pretty much a badass with a gun and looked hot while doing it. Jolie was fine, however I just with her character was a little more lively.

Morgan Freeman as Sloan, I thought he was fine. Honestly there wasn’t too unique or memorable that allowed Freeman to be anything more than himself, not that it was a problem though. Thomas Kretschmann played an interesting role as Cross, he was pretty cool and mysterious, while Terence Stamp was cool as Pekwarsky. Oh and imagine my surprise to see Chris Pratt in this film as Barry, this character while a lot more likeable than many of Pratt’s other roles, is still pretty funny and allows the guy to say and so some great stuff.


When it comes to presentation it’s pretty good for the most part. Visually the film is very stylish with its cinematography, choreographed action sequences and use of slow motion. A lot of the time it is cool to watch, but other times I felt unimpressed. As for soundtrack it was handled by one of my favourite composers Danny Elfman and it is nice. It has a very unique, cool and varied with some similarities to Elfman’s previous work but also being very different at the same time.

And lastly how does it compare to the comics? Well this is another one of those films where I haven’t read the source material so I can’t comment on that.


So to conclude Wanted is an interesting and stylish action film with some fine performances from the main actors and a compelling story. That being said the main character really pissed me off and a lot of the story elements were easy to foresee. After all these years of waiting to see this film it was both better than and just about what I expected it to be like.

Rating: 7/10

That’s 13 reviews done, only 17 more to go. So have you seen Wanted and if so what are your thoughts on it? Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts yo! Come back tomorrow and I’ll have a new film review online, until then peace out!


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2 responses to “Month of Superhero Film Reviews 2: Wanted

  1. sidekickreviews

    June 17, 2015 at 2:15 am

    Hello my friend! I had low expectations coming into Wanted so it turned out better than I thought. But I’d give it around the same score as you. Good enough but not great. It introduced some stuff I haven’t seen before like the loom of fate and bending bullets. But that final shot from Angelina’s character was too ridiculous for me lol. Also, I’m a sucker for assassin themed movies. I totally agree Wanted is ripe for more stories to be told but I’m not clamouring for a sequel either haha. Great review!

    • Hypersonic55

      June 17, 2015 at 12:16 pm

      Hey man, yeah there were some interesting things for sure, but like you said it wasn’t great. Plus that final shot like you said was pretty absurd haha. Thanks for commenting yo! 😀


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