My Thoughts On Street Fighter V

10 Dec

So yesterday on Saturday morning I woke up and scanned the internet, went to IGN and saw these articles related to Street Fighter V. Now in my mind I’m like “Street Fighter V? What? Don’t they mean Street Fighter IV? There isn’t a sequel out yet, is there? Wait a minute…” Then I look around on Google and find out that this is a real thing, that Street Fighter V is real, its trailer got leaked online and loads of people are talking about it. So I thought I would pass my thoughts on it.


Firstly here’s the teaser trailer:

And this is the first gameplay footage:

So what do I think of this footage? I’m down with it and hyped to see more. The teaser trailer was interesting and was definitely one of those kind of trailers that was made for the fans because of the nostalgia, merchandise, gaming tournaments, and other stuff shown intercut with the new game footage. The gameplay trailer did a better job of illustrating what new things to expect from this fighting series. Now I’m not a mega fan of this series, I’m more of a casual fan, though, I have been attached to this series since the 16-bit versions of SFII. This new game looks like an enhanced version of SFIV in terms of the graphics and gameplay, it looks impressive but at the same time it does look very similar to what’s come before so my hype levels aren’t going over the roof. So let’s talk about the presentation and gameplay separately.


Graphically this game looks very good, the art style is very similar to SFIV with the slightly bulky character models and fighting animations. that being said that the characters look a lot more defined, with a greater level of detail in the lighting, colours, textures and the character models are so much richer and realistic. Just looking at the faces of Ryu and Chun-Li, you can see the emotion and realism so much better than before. If you look at the fine details you can see how much of a difference there is in the graphics. As for the gameplay it looks like the same old SF with the punches, kicks, fireballs, etc, that being said there are some noticeable differences. The action seems more kinetic as attacks look like they can be put into combos quickly and it seems like characters can be launched and juggled like in Marvel Vs. Capcom. There are also stage transitions like in Soul Calibur or Dead Or Alive. Some have argued that they want the series not to change the core fighting mechanics and keep everything the same as before, and while I can understand that sentiment, at the same time, games need to evolve if they want to stay relevant in today’s gaming world. And there are some sort of powered up attacks as well which looks new too. There may be other aspects that I have missed, but these are all of the things that I wanted to mention.

And then of course there is that console exclusivity. Now I’m not fussed about the fact that the game is exclusive to the PS4 and PC because that’s probably the machines I would buy the game on because I’m not an Xbox kind of person. That being said, to have a series as popular as SF exclusive to one console instead of it being multi platform like it usually has been then before is just absurd. It is unfair to Microsoft fans and it is just foolish. Now one could argue many things like:

  • Sony bought Capcom out
  • Sony probably helped pay for production and helped create the game (Like Nintendo with Bayonetta 2)
  • Xbox got Killer Instinct so PS4 gets SFV

Now while some of these maybe true or possibly could be all fake, whatever it is, it is a terrible situations for those not owning a PS4 or capable PC for gaming. I don’t understand Capcom’s thinking behind that decision. Such foolishness. There must be a good reason for it, however, I can’t see any decision at Capcom HQ being a good one.

In conclusion Street Fighter V looks cool and I’m totally interested in the new game. Graphically the game looks very nice and the gameplay looks just as frantic as ever with some new bells and whistles. Sure the console exclusivity sucks and is a bad practice from Capcom (who aren’t in the best of financial situations), but hey maybe that can change in time.

So what are your thoughts on SFV? Are you hyped for the game? Are pissed about the console exclusivity? Whatever your thoughts are please comment below and let me now. Laters!

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