My Quick Impressions On The New Zelda Wii Footage!

06 Dec

Good day to you ladies and gents, time to talk about some very important gaming news. Imagine my surprise when I woke up today and went online to browse the internet (as usual) only to find out that the upcoming Zelda game for Wii U has had footage debuted. My reaction to this was like “What? Really? In December?” (I didn’t know at the time about it being attached the Game Awards) Then my thoughts quickly turned to “I need to see this now.” So I ventured online to YouTube and to say I was quite hyped afterwards would be the biggest understatement of the year.


Check out the awesome video below:

So what do I think of this gameplay? I think next year needs to hurry the hell up as I am frigging over the moon about this footage.

I remember seeing the first trailer revealed at E3 this year and being completely blown away by the in-game HD graphics, art design and sense of scope when it came to the landscape. Now with this trailer it allows us to see just a little more of this new world, how Link will traverse it and a bit of the combat works.

What do I think of this overall? I love it, I’m totally in love. Straight from the time video begins you are treated to an incredibly beautiful sight; an open field with lush greenery with a sunset in the background, it is gorgeous. I hate to go on about the visuals so much but they are truly incredible, they are rich in colour, incredibly detailed (especially with the environments), and the animation looks so smooth and charismatic. Also there is a nice blend of the detailed side of Zelda games and the cel-shaded side of things, plus some new levels of realism that I think could only be done with the Wii U’s hardware. The verticality of the land is very impressive and the distance you can see into the background is insane. It has been said before, but it is impossible to not make comparisons to Skyrim, this really is the Zelda equivalent of Skyrim, from the size of the map to the different ways you can move across the land to sheer sense of vastness and mystery. As for the gameplay it looks very cool, to see the Sailcloth return from Skyward Sword makes me happy and seems like it will make traversing the land a lot easier, in addition to that the return of horse riding via Epona is back with all the things you could do before except now the horse seems to move automatically and will also avoid bumping into trees too. And when it comes to combat you can swing your sword while on horseback and you can shoot arrows too or for extra badassery you can jump off of your horse, aim and shoot your enemies in slow motion (just like in the E3 trailer).

In conclusion I was hyped for this game before and now I’m just in pain just waiting for this next Zelda game. It looks pretty and I can only imagine how good the gameplay will be. Give me 2015 now yo! 😀

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