These Crazy Winter Days

02 Dec

Howdy people of the internet, time for a small personal blog post on the winter season and how I have endured it so far and what could potentially come over the next few weeks. I have made a good few blog posts about cold weather and winter over the last three years, and for some reason it just feels like it’s a subject that is easy to talk about. 😛


Yep, this is the season we live in and some people really love it, I don’t understand why?

So it is December, again, and it feels like winter is truly upon us. For us UK people is usually pretty cold and wet all year round, that being said, when Autumn comes into play things get very questionable weather-wise and then when the winter comes in, it came be even worse. We could have anything from constant rain, to super windy days to the dreaded appearance of snow, add on top of that the super cold temperature that is almost unbearable for some, ESPECIALLY at night.

For me winter has always been my least favourite time of year, its cold, wet, dreary and doesn’t look very nice outside of a window unless there’s a bit sunshine somewhere. And then there’s the whole illness side of things. Do you know how much of a bother it is to get ill or be around ill people at this time of year? It is a bloody nightmare. If you don’t have a cold then you’re running around trying to avoid it and trying to increase your immune system. Unless you have no reason to leave your house then every time you leave your house it is a mission just stay intact, avoiding the sickness of others whether they be people in the street, co-workers, friends or maybe even your family. You’ll be lucky to escape it, but if you do catch something, then mate, you’re doomed and will have to endure a moody Christmas. I think a lot of people like this time of year because of the whole Christmas thing, but they forget about how cold, dark and stressful this time of year can be. Some people even want snow, the check of it all! If you’ve read my blog before then you know how I feel about snow and cold weather in general. I despise snow because of its cold and disruptive nature, and every year I hope that it never snows at this time of year, sure its part of Christmas and all, but I just can’t stand it.


Since around mid-October the cold air of winter has been creeping in with the odd day/week of cold and now its coming to a head in the last two weeks. If you’re like me and live in the south east of England then you’ll know of the cold days that have really started to come into play. These days I go outside and it is pretty nippy and when it comes to the evening it is freaking freezing, not as bad as Sheffield by any means, but still cold enough to feel. It also doesn’t help that at my current job, I’m currently situated right next door to a set a set of automatic doors that lead straight to the outside and every time those doors open is frigging COLD and it’s SO annoying.

In the end I know it gets old hearing people complaining about it being cold, but it is always surprising when it does come to quickly and with the talk of snow coming and even colder days ahead, I just don’t even want to leave the house. I will become a house hermit for a month or two if it means my body temperature will stay in check haha.

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