Peanuts Official Trailer Review

18 Nov

Good day to you people of the internet, today I bring you a trailer review and this one is the official trailer for the upcoming Peanuts film. A little while ago I did a review of the teaser trailer stating that, while it was a bit odd seeing a 3D version of Charlie Brown and Snoopy, it stayed true to the spirit of original TV show with the look, sounds and feel. Now the next trailer seems to have appeared out of nowhere and I feel the need to talk about it, so let’s get started.

Have a look at the trailer below:

So my immediate thoughts? I’m down for this, bring it on.

Like the teaser before it, this trailer doesn’t give you any ideas about the story content or who will show and even the scenes display in this trailer may just be for marketing purposes. That being said, besides a few modern-looking updates, it still sounds and feels like the Peanuts shows I used to watch as a kid and that’s what matters.

This trailer features Woodstock and his little friends setting up Christmas decorations around Snoopy’s doghouse, they unfortunate can’t get the lights to turn on and that prompts them to moan which wakes up Snoopy. Snoopy then proceeds to chase after a plane with his flying doghouse and what comes next is a thrilling and humourous chase in through the skies of France with Snoopy losing his plane and falling out of the skies, only then be seen on the floor back outside his doghouse (the power of imagination ladies and gentlemen, it can be powerful stuff). It seems like Woodstock interrupted Snoopy’s daydream, so as payback, Snoopy sticks the bird Christmas lights which then illuminate… And then there’s Charlie Brown towards the end of the trailer, poor guy, his fat head is blocking the film projector as he’s trying to find a seat. Lucy’s calling him a “blockhead”, everyone is giving him bad looks, and as he goes to sit down his popcorn slips out of his hands and one of the buckets lands on his head. The other kids laugh at Charlie as he hangs his head in shame saying, “Good grief.” That poor lad, I honestly feel bad for the guy, he just has a hard life and every day seems like a struggle. I want to just tell him that those bad days, they will pass.

Beyond that there are the visuals to talk about, I mention in my previous review that this is the most striking aspect of this film and it does take some adjusting. Some will be able to convert to the new style while other purists will just wash their hands with it before even giving the film a chance. I for one like the look of this film, it is 3D, but has a clay-like look to it, if that makes any sense. Also the characters pretty much look exactly as they did in the old cartoons, except they are in realm of CGI, and Blue Sky Studios have to be given credit for being so faithful to style of the source material, so far. I can only hope that the rest of the film looks good too. My only worry going into this film is seeing Snoopy and company in a 3D field of space. For those who don’t know what I mean, let me explain. Basically the old Snoopy cartoons were 2D in perspective because they were traditionally cel animated and derived from comic book strips, right? Now before this trailer, the teaser gave us a look at Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Woodstock in 3D, but still on a 2D plane with a flat-looking perspective (sort of the like the 2.5D look in Street Fighter IV or Sonic 4). But this trailer shows Snoopy flying around in a 3D field of space with various angles, with very modern-looking planes and locations, that really took me out of the trailer, just seeing Snoopy in this 3D space, that being said it was brief, I just hope that this film takes place primarily in the 2D perspective. Oh and one other nitpick, that modern music used for that plane chase sequence, ewwww, totally ruining the nostalgia factor.


In conclusion the trailer for Peanuts is pretty good. The art style and animation may look a bit jarring, but it works because of the attention paid to keeping the spirit of the show’s comedy, sound and characters just like it was in the old cartoons. While I’m still curious to know what the story is about, I can only hope it is good. If this film turns out to be a worth my time then I’ll have something cool to watch in the cinema when next Christmas rolls around. 🙂

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