When There Isn’t Enough “Me Time”

17 Oct

Howdy ladies and gents, just wanted to make a quick blog post about the state of my life at the moment and share it online because I like to share! Haha. Anyways, you may have noticed that the amount of reviews from me have not been as frequent or as swift as it was earlier in the year, well, there is a reason for that and it basically comes down to the fact that I barely have enough time to do anything I want anymore.


This is my life right now, I feel like I have no time in life.

So what’s the deal? Well, since August I have been hopping in and out of jobs, three to be exact and because of the full-time nature of said jobs I haven’t had much time to go to the cinema, play my video games or just blog. Because I have to work, I don’t have many hours to myself to do all the fun things that help me get through the day, and thanks to my current warehouse job I am working four days a week with only three left to myself, and to me that’s bullshit. When you have half of your week taken from you to go to a job you don’t like, that’s some messed up shit right there.


Yep, I know how this feels. This is how my life feels when I attempt to carry out basic tasks.

Now, while I do make a good few blog posts about being lazy and chilling out, there are times when I am super busy and plan to do a lot of things like go to the cinema, draw, write stories, plan animations, catch up with my TV shows, meet up with friends, doing exercises, etc. But I end up doing so much or so little at different points in the week that not everything every gets done. Right now, I have a lot of films I would like to watch, but I haven’t had a good day to go to the cinema since last Saturday because of my work schedule. And now realising how busy I will be in life from now on, I see that my “me time” will be cut by a massive chunk, leaving me so unhappy and messed up when it comes to personal activities.

So to conclude my blogging activity may be a little fragmented from now on and my film, TV and game reviews will be a lot less, probably, but hang tight with me and keep looking for new material when it comes! Laters. 🙂

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