Arrow Season 2 Review

21 Jul

Good day to you ladies and gentlemen, time for another TV review and today I’ll continue my thoughts Arrow with my review of season two! Now I really liked season 1 and did not expect to take to it was well and I immediately jumped on the next season to see what was going on because the finale of season really makes you wanna see what happens next. So how does season two fare? Well read on and find out! Partial spoilers to follow.


The story can described as the following:

“After being marooned for five years on a remote island, billionaire Oliver Queen returns home with a mysterious agenda and a lethal set of new skills that he uses in a war on crime in this hard-hitting action series. After suffering unimaginable ordeals on the island, the Oliver returns to Starling City a new man — determined to right the wrongs of his father and sworn to bring justice to those who’ve corrupted his city. But Oliver finds his crusade complicated by his friends and family who are all affected by his return.”

After the way season one ended with The Glades being blown up, his mother being arrested and his best friend dying, its no wonder why Oliver’s changed emotionally and his habits as the vigilante known as ‘The Arrow’. There are a great deal of revelations that take place in this season straight from the beginning right through to the end, stories and characters old and new coming into play in interesting ways which leave you continuously wanting more. Like last season, trust a major theme that is highlighted throughout and it is one oft he key things that bind and break apart some of the main characters, still after all this time there is a lot of lies and deceit with some hiding their secrets with the best intentions only for it to backfire in their faces (I’m looking at you Moria and Oliver). What also surprised me was the extra levels of depth the writers added to Oliver’s flashback scenes on the island, my god he went through so much stuff that I never could have imagined back when he first mentioned the place in season 1. Now one thing i never mentioned in my last review was while I like the flashback scenes, I did feel like some of them came and went a bit abruptly and sometimes felt like more of an interruption than a point of interest and the same rule applies here for me. I’m not saying that they were bad at all, just that sometimes they were a bit erratic in their timing.


Somehow the writers behind this show find a way to make the impossible possible and create all of these deep, intriguing and unexpected storylines that are even more captivating, dangerous and dramatic than before. This show just throws insane situations at Team Arrow and see how they come across and then overcome these situations is nothing short of amazing especially towards the ending when Deathstroke is assembling his army, the The Glades is once again in danger with it almost getting blown up A.R.G.U.S. and Team Arrow having to team up with able. Slade makes his move and kidnaps Laurel and Felicity. Meanwhile Oliver, Sara and Roy team up with Nyssa al Ghul and the League of Assassins to stop dispatch Mirakuru cure.

Episode highlights:

  • City of Heroes
  • Identity
  • Broken Dolls
  • Crucible
  • The League of Assassins
  • Keep Your Enemies Closer
  • Three Ghosts
  • Blast Raidus
  • Blind Spot
  • Tremors
  • Heir to the Demon
  • Time of Death
  • The Promise
  • The Man Under the Hood
  • Seeing Red
  • City of Blood
  • Streets of Fire
  • Unthinkable

As for the cast they are all pretty good and there’s not really anyone that does a bad job. One minor nitpick I have with these characters is the relationships; since many of these characters (Oliver and many other women) end up in with different people at varying points of the series, whether it be with people of the past or present, the problem is that it is hard to believe that their feelings are genuine or solely based on one person when just a little while ago they were with someone else. Outside of that I have no quarrel with the characters in this show.

Once again Stephen Amell is killing it as Oliver Queen/The Arrow. This time round Oliver has to change things up, become less of an assassin and more of hero, he also has to take better care of his family while also deal with demons from his past which come back to haunt him and take on tasks in and out of the suit which tests him as far as humanly possible. Amell is a great actor and he very convincingly acts out all of these situations which can either be fun, melancholy or dangerous. David Ramsey is once again really cool as John Diggle, he got a lot more character development and there was a lot more time dedicated to his backstory. Emily Bett Rickards also stepped up as Felicity Smoak, while she was pretty much the same kind of person as she was before, Felicity definitely has her moments in the spotlight helping out which specific missions and having intimate moments with both Oliver and Barry West. But the standout person this season was Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke. I had waited for Slade’s transformation to the dark side for so long because my mate had hyped it up for so long and luckily it was beautiful. Slade was instantly likeable from last season because of his smug, yet confident and cool demeanor, in this season we see how his character goes from being Oliver’s closest friend to his most hated enemy and with the addition of the drug that makes him pretty much a super soldier he becomes a threat that is always fun and engaging to watch. Even though the man is evil and does many terrible things at the same time he a tortured soul haunted by his past that constantly messes with his head and fuels his revenge which is orchestrated in such thorough and methodical manner.


Caity Lotz becomes one to watch she does a wonderful job as Sara Lance/The Canary. Firstly can I just say that she is one of the hottest woman ever in that Canary outfit, she is just insanely hot. *Ahem* Moving on. I was glad to see that Sarah not only had an expanded role not only in the present along with Team Arrow, but also in the past as we discovered how she survived and was part of the puzzle involving Oliver and Slade. Lotz does well as this hardened, yet soft warrior who is always looking out for her family but tries to stay away from them due to her past. Paul Blackthorne is once again very good in the role of Quentin Lance. Quentin has a fairly substantial role in this season as he goes through hell at his job at the police, has to deal with family issues and chase after The Arrow. This time round we get to see a nice, more understanding and emotional side of Quentin and I really liked the this guy during this season, he was great moral support for both of his daughters. Katie Cassidy returns as Laurel Lance and does a good job, it was great to see her go through such a terrible time with the alcoholism and sibling problems with Sarah. While it did make Laurel a little less likeable, it did give Cassidy some good material to work with. A very good performance came from Susanna Thompson as Moira Queen who is a higher figure during this season, she was even more dangerous than before with even more secrets and lies and bridges with her family are put in jeopardy. Willa Holland as Thea Queen was still hot as hell and acted her scenes out very well.

Colton Haynes was great as Roy Harper who also got an expanded role in this season as well as he continued his relationship with Thea but also have to go through all the ups and downs with his secret life with The Arrow and gaining super strength. As for Summer Glau as Isabel Rochev, I LOVED her. Now I am a bit biased towards Glau because of her work on Firefly and Serenity, but she was really good in this show as her character was cold, calculated and yet very intriguing… And pretty damn hot too (again I’m biased). Also I thought that she was just an uptight bitch with a tiny bit of a nice side, however the fact that it was just a cover for her true intentions of taking over Oliver’s company and her collaboration with Slade was an interesting twist and then seeing her going in combat and kicking ass was just badass too. Kevin Alejandro is pretty good as Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood. He is an interesting character, he is again one of those bad guys who for all his evil motives actually has a questionable history and a bad childhood that fuels his ambitions. The return of Celina Jade as Shado was pretty nice and Bex Taylor-Klaus continued to be very cool and funny as Sin.


The return of John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer was very much appreciated as he was one of my favourite characters from last season and seeing him return and finding out about his connection to the Queen family (especially Thea) was nothing short of crazy cool. Also Grant Gustin as Barry Allen was a pretty funny, charismatic and interesting character who I liked a lot. And finally there was some great moments in time from Colin Salmon as Walter Steele, Cynthia Addai-Robinson as Amanda Waller, Audrey Marie Anderson as Lyla Michaels, Michael Rowe as Floyd Lawton/Deadshot and Michael Jai White as Ben Turner/Bronze Tiger.

The presentation once again is very nice. Visually the show is very nice again delivering some nice cinematography, good pacing and great action sequences with lovely fight choreography which is much fancier than it was before (especially when Arrow, Canary or Deathstroke is involved).


In conclusion the second season of Arrow is pretty much better than the last season in every way. The story is constantly shifting creating new, exciting and unexpected scenarios for the heroes to overcome. All of the established characters grow and develop while newcomers step and shake things up in an interesting way. And with awesome action sequences, lovely references to the comic book source material and foreshadowing for bigger things to come, Arrow is just firing on all cylinders and it’s awesome!

Rating: 9/10

So what did you think of the second season of Arrow? Whatever your thoughts are be sure to leave them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to come back for my review of season 2! 😀

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