New Dragon Ball Z Movie Set For Spring 2015!

15 Jul

Howdy ladies and gents, time for some film news and this is a special bit of news that I will be reporting today. I was just messing around on Facebook today and I saw in my news feed something related to a new Dragon Ball Z film I knew I had to blog about it. The following information comes from Saiyan Island:

Here we go! A brand new animated Dragon Ball Z movie is making it’s way to Japanese theaters in the Spring of 2015! The news comes from the September issue of V-Jump magazine which reveals Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball Z, brings his genius back once again with an original concept, screenplay and character designs for the movie. “The entire universe eagerly awaits!!”

The new Dragon Ball Z movie will be an animated film like it’s predecessor. Toriyama-sensei confirmed in the magazine it will have a new story, one he intended to have this during his manga’s original serialization. Although he did not plan on it, he is putting a lot of effort in drawing the art and “fussing over the smallest dialogue lines.” He also promised more action scenes and teased the story is still secret, but will be “utterly funny.”

Much work is going into the Z Warriors’ 2015 big screen release according to Toriyama-sensei and he is confident fans will be able to enjoy the movie. Toriyama-sensei even mentions his first manga editor praised him on the work he has done, even though he rarely ever does that!

Not much else is revealed, but the prospect of a new Dragon Ball Z movie is quite exciting! Nothing has been mentioned for an North America English dub at this point either, but we hope to keep you up-to-date with the latest right here on Saiyan Island!


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, the previous movie in the series, made it’s Japanese theatrical debut March 30, 2013. FUNimation, the North American licensor, has announced the movie will have over 350 theaters screening the English dubbed version of Battle of Gods throughout the United States and Canada in August of this year.

Well all I can say is heck yes! In recent years I’ve actually started to go off of Dragon Ball Z because of the recent line of crappy games and better anime I had experienced over the last few years. But after watching the last film; Battle of Gods (which I really liked), it showed me that I still have a lot of love for the Dragon Ball series and that I’m not done with DBZ just yet. So when I hear there’s a new DBZ film on the horizon with involvement from original creator Akira Toriyama I can’t help but feel joy and hope in my heart for what will come in the future. Now even though I liked Battle of Gods, it definitely wasn’t the best DBZ film or the best anime film I have seen, it lacked a lot of the best characters and fight sequences that made the series so much fun. So what I would like is a bit more of an adventure added to the story, more of a focus on other characters outside of Goku and more action sequences.

So what do you think of this news relating to a new DBZ film? Are you hyped or not bothered? Be sure to comment below and let me know! Laters. 😀

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