Reviews & Marathons Coming To This Blog For The Summer.

20 Jun

Howdy to all of my fellow subscribers and people of the internet. Today I thought I would give you a little taste of what’s coming up on this blog from now until the end of summer. Recently I’ve had a lot of stuff to do and sort out what with university being ending and me having to move house soon, so now that I’ve just about gotten things in order I think it is about time that I created some structure and consistency with this blog. So with all that in mind I want to give you lot some foreshadowing of what I’ve got planned. šŸ™‚

Film Reviews New & Old


So yeah my film reviews for this blog have a been a bit up and down since March of this year and it is only in the last month when things have started to stabilize and I’ve been able to have sessions at the cinema again. And even though June is a pretty dry month for films, July is nearly upon us and I promise to be around as frequently as possible and review as many films as possible. Most important of those film releases will be Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and even Transformers: Age of Extinction too haha (I hope I don’t live to regret this decision). But beyond that there are a lot of films I have in my DVD collection that I’ve always wanted to talk about on this blog so yeah I’ll be discussing those at some point as well.

Some More TV Reviews


So as some of you may be aware, I’ve been getting a more into my TV-based reviews since late last year and recently I’ve been reviewing a lot of Castle (mainly because of blind addiction). And while I have yet to catch up on season 6, I still have to get back to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and soon I will be talking about shows like Arrow, Ultimate Spider-Man (again) and will FINALLY be getting around to Hotel Babylon too.

More Song Reviews

I remember when I started doing song reviews on a consistent basis and then gave up on the weekly timing and just did it when I had a free hour in the day. But now I barely get to talk about some of my favourite songs, so I’m just letting you know that I have plenty coming up coming from The Smiths, Love Split Love, Puddle of Mudd, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more. I’ll also be doing a top 10 list of songs from my favourite anime opening songs and another thing I will be revisiting will be my favourite music in video games.

More Album Reviews


Reviewing music albums is something I’ve really started to enjoy after getting into the groove of it last year. Unfortunately I haven’t been doing very many of those recent. I’ve had a review of Pharrell’s last album in my drafts for MONTHS that I have yet to finish and being a massive fan of Jack White I really should have gotten around to reviewing his new album on here too. I also need to get back to my reviews of Deadmau5 that I started last summer too.

The No Doubt Marathon


In addition to the album reviews I mentioned above, I will be doing an album marathon review for one of my favourite bands ever, No Doubt. Over the course of 2012 to 2013 I was on a massive high with their music and went through every album and I’ve wanted to review their music on this blog but I wanted to make sure that if I did a review, it’d be all at once. So look forward to that craziness when it goes down.

Month of Comic Book Film Reviews 2


Yeah, I’m stepping back into this department again. Last year I did one of the craziest things I could have done on this blog, I did 30 days of film reviews dedicated to comic book films and it put me through the ringer. I got to watch a lot of films, some I loved, some I hated, some I had watched recently and some I had not seen in years. Overall it was fun… That being said, there are still many films I left untouched, some I have yet to see, some I do not wish to see again and there is some suffering that I shall endure for your entertainment, so look forward to the return of my comic book reviews when they come.

So that’s just a small taste of what’s coming on the horizon for this blog, so please stick around over the next two months as I have a lot of filthy things I’ll be bringing to this blog.

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