June, The Month of Drought For Films

12 Jun

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, time for a film-related blog post. But this time it isn’t so much news or a review as much as it is just an opinion-based piece on the month of June and its films in the cinema, or should I say lack of them, at least good ones…

searching_for_something__by_jashxxx-d317nbuThis is what it is like to look for big films in June, yeah it’s that difficult.

So yeah we’ve had a pretty good run of films since February, we’ve seen the likes of Lone Survivor, The Lego Movie, The Raid 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Edge of Tomorrow to name a few (2013 films released this year don’t count). The have been a few bumps in the road, but I’d say 2014 is on a better level than 2013 was for films by this point in the year.

But now we’ve come to June and now we’re in this barren wasteland for major film releases. I mean sure there’s 22 Jump Street, but besides that ONE film what else is coming out? Think about it… Have you gotten the answer yet? Yeah, that’s right. NOTHING! Obviously there will be films released during this month that will probably be worth watching, but when it comes to what’s come before or what will follow in July and August, it just doesn’t compare.

So you may be asking two things: 1) Why are you making this post? And 2) What does that mean for us? Firstly I am making this blog post to alert all major film-goers and casual people alike that there won’t be anything big or amazing going on in the cinema (at least for the UK), until July when things pick up again. And secondly what this means for us film people we’ll just have to sit down and endure this drought until the next month comes or jump into the cinema and find something of interest to hold us over or possibly just re-watch our favourite films from May if they’re still playing.

All I can say is bring on Dawn of Planet of the Apes in July! CAESER! 😀


So what do you lot think? Am I right about this film drought throughout July or am I wrong? Comment below yo.

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