E3 2014: Sony Press Conference – My Highlights

10 Jun

Good day to you ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first instalment of my coverage on E3 2014. This event has a lot of stuff going but I will try to cover as much as possible so be sure to come back as soon as possible yo. I’ve already talked about Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft’s press conferences and now I’m ready to move on to the next big one yo.


So now we have the next press conference which is the next best important one next to that of Microsoft and Nintendo. Microsoft did a job, EA were cool and Ubisoft didn’t let up either so Sony had a lot to prove… In short Sony won, end of. I saw some pretty cool stuff in the previous press conferences but this was the one with all the games I wanted to play and it had by far my favourite gameplay and trailer reveals. Sure the press conference wasn’t all perfect with some moments of boring talk surround TV shows, the PS Vita and some games I didn’t care for, but otherwise it was solid.


So with that in mind here’s my highlights of the presence conference:


Well Sony sure know how to start a conference. Destiny, a game that’s been pretty invisible shows up at the start of this press conference with a great trailer and to be honest my interest went up by 1000! This time round we got a trailer that shows off so much more of the story and gameplay and it all looks awesome. The game’s visuals are STUNNING, I love the art direction, there is a rich and animation To know that the game will be playable via the beta in just around a month is such a cool thing to hear.

Order 1886

This game has a very slow, yet suspenseful trailer with a guy in some underground sewer arm with a gun and a flashlight, he then comes across a guy that’s eating something and then turns into a monster. And then the action begins and what was just in-game cinematic turns into gameplay in the most seemless transition in history and it happens a few times as the main character attempts to hide, take cover and attack his enemy. The game’s look is very dark and realistic with some very pretty animation too.

Little Big Planet 3

IGN called it before it even happened, so props to them. While I’ve never been the biggest fans of the Little Big Planet games, I do have an appreciation for the series’ creativity and fun multiplayer options. Besides the fact that this new games has some great new characters and fancy new powers and fancy graphics, the most glaring thing about this demonstration was the poor effort from the on-screen players. My god did they suck. They were so hard to watch at points especially trying to see that woman trying to wall jump, FAIL, FAIL, FAIL! But that montage at the end was so much fun and I LOVE my boy Toggle, he is by far the most impressive, funny and awesome of the new characters. LOVE TOGGLE, SPREAD THE LOVE RIGHT NOW!

Far Cry 4

Again we return to the world of Far Cry 4 with even more in-game footage with the character traversing through a mountain location. We get to see some the use some climbing equipment to get around to getting into firefight and creating explosions to a cool car chase to another moment where we fly through the sky with a fly suit apparently and even shooting stuff from a mini helicopter. The game has a lot going on and there is no end to the carnage on-screen. The game looks so gorgeous in movement, it is so clear and beautiful and the more I see of the game the more I want to play it.

Dead Island 2

This game looks awesome, if the game is anything like this trailer then I will be checking this game out when it launches. I really love the style of humour and over-the-top chaos going on. While I am not sure whether the trailer is in-game graphics (which it probably isn’t), I love the level of detail involved in the animation, detail in character models muscles, limbs, hair and super vivid colours. I love how as this one guy is running down the road there is all this mad stuff going on behind him, like helicopters being exploding into buildings, falling trees and various people getting eaten by zombies. I look forward to seeing in-game footage in the future.

Magicka 2

The trailer for this game is funny. Seeing that poor wizard on his own in his apartment, out of job and misusing his magic and killing his cat, that was some funny stuff. Then to see the actual gameplay for Magicka 2, the game looks just as crazy and fun as ever with loads of environments and loads of different spells. I’ll be looking out for this one.

No Man’s Sky

I really like the look of this game, it looks like the type of game that I know a lot of people have been looking forward to for a long time. To have a sci-fi game where you can play on the surface of a planet and then travel seamlessly into space and then back on the surface of another planet or be underwater, this game has a lot of environmental variation, I love it! Some of the stuff that stood out besides the seemless travel is the overall art style, the colour schemes look like old school sci-fi films and book covers, I also adore the creature designs and most of the gorgeous characters come in the form of the epic space battles and flying segments through the skies of many planets. I really want to play this game.

Mortal Kombat X

Now I thought that the trailer for the game looked good, but the in-game graphics engine makes MKX look so much more hardcore than the last edition on PS3 and Xbox 360. The fact that game moves so much faster than before and has the more interactive arenas like the recent Injustice: Gods Among Us makes the gameplay seem so much more frantic and fun than before. The new moves from Scorpion and Sub-Zero is so cool, but then there’s the two new characters that were shown off who are just as creative, brutal and random as some of the previous fighters in the series. But the key things that stand out for me is the look of the new X-ray moves and fatalities, they look FRIGGING INSANE! Stupidly insane! So much brutality and chaos and badassery, I just want to play the game now!

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The best way to describe my feelings for this game is that it looks great and that’s it. The problem is that there was no gameplay, it seemed like a montage of scenes in a long trailer for this game series which I think will only truly be appreciated by fans of the series who could possibly get a better idea of what’s going on. But regardless of the story details, the game’s in-game graphics looks SO beautiful and one can’t fault the MGS series for pushing the tech to its limits for visual flair.

Batman Arkham Knight

From the time the video begins all I see is awesomeness. When the camera moves away from Batman’s head and you realize that it is in-game visuals you can’t help but freak out. When Batman steps out into the city and starts to glide around you can see that this game is so much bigger than before. Gotham City has become so much bigger, layered and more dense than ever before with incredible lighting and animation. I love how fluid Batman’s movements are through the city and take people out, however the best thing is the Batmobile. That car is BEAST. The fact that it can crash through everything, has crazy guns and missiles for combat is amazing and the way Batman seamlessly can in and out car is mad. This game looks SO good, I NEED THIS!

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

I have a PS3 and I have yet to play an Uncharted game just because of lack of interest, that being said this game looks very pretty. The level of detail that has upgraded since last generation is mad. I know that there’s probably a lot of people freaking out about this game, but to me I’m only curious rather than excited, I like the way the game looks but until I see something gameplay-wise, I’m not jumping over the moon about it.

So what highlights stuck out for you? Be sure to comment below and let me know.

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