E3 2014: EA Press Conference – My Highlights

09 Jun

Good day to you ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first instalment of my coverage on E3 2014. This event has a lot of stuff going but I will try to cover as much as possible so be sure to come back as soon as possible yo. If you wish to read my thoughts on the Microsoft press conference then click here.


So next conference that went down today is EA. Now these guys have been a bit hit and miss with their games in the past, but they’ve definitely been improving in the last year. This press conference was pretty good, not as shocking or surprising as Microsoft’s, but still had some really fun and interesting moments.


So with that in mind here’s my highlights of the presence conference:

Star Wars Battlefront

So the EA conference starts and the first thing I hear is Star Wars music and there I am thinking, “Am I gonna see something for Battlefront? Gimme footage please!” And what viewers were was nothing short of awesomeness. The early footage of the game looks frigging INSANE! I have never seen a Star Wars game look so good and realistic since they attempted realism in The Force Unleashed. I love how passionate the developers are for the source material and to see that they even went to that they went to the old set of Hot from Empire Strikes Back is very heart-warming to me. There wasn’t much in the way of gameplay, but the visual material looks GORGEOUS, the scene with the guy fleeing imperials on Endor was so beautiful, I want that game now. 2015 is shaping up to be a fancy year for next year games.

Mirror’s Edge 2

This was a game I had heard was gonna appear at E3, but didn’t expect to see anything on it at all. Simply put Mirror’s Edge 2 looks awesome. I love what the developers are saying about the game, however they keeping the look and style very clean but defining, how they are advancing in the parkour and continuing to build upon the foundation that they made with the first game. I like the attention to detail in the animation department and how well it mimics the real life movements of the parkour guy they showed in their video.

Battlefield Hardline

When I saw this game I thought it looked like it had that Battlefield style, but didn’t have the look at all and then I hear that it is a BF game and it is a different kind of approach to the basic formula. I appreciate the more ‘cops and robbers’ approach to the game and how it feels very intimate, but the scale looks just as mad as the regular BF games, the levels of detail in destruction is beautiful and pretty.

Dragon Age Inquisition

So again today we got to see more from DA Inquisition and it looks lovely, most of the stuff related to the story is completely irrelevant to me because I know nothing of the plot concerning these games. But hey at least it looks cool.

Talk from Bioware about Mass Effect 4 and a new IP

It was interesting to hear from the people at Bioware that they were not only working on the next game in the Mass Effect series but also on a brand new IP. Sure we didn’t get any trailers, but to see that there was at least some early development images and stuff was cool. The new IP is what really interests me though, the behind-the-scenes footage looks very pretty and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

New Criterion game

When I first saw this developers and I thought they were developing a new Need For Speed game, however that was not the case. Instead what we see is their developing is mad, the fact that they have so many vehicles types from helicopters to ATVs to speedboats and many other things, it was crazy. From what they are saying it sounds like a pretty ambitious project, I just wonder what the heck it could be that could involve so many vehicles in one place.

So what highlights stuck out for you? Be sure to comment below and let me know.


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