Castle Season 5 Review

06 Jun

Good day to you ladies and gentlemen, today I continue my TV reviews with the fifth season of Castle. This show has recently taken over my life and this only thing watch when I get home after uni or work, it’s THAT good. So with season 1, 23 and 4 being solid seasons of TV how does season 5 fare? Well read on and find out.


The plot for this show involves Richard Castle, a famous mystery novelist who is called in to assist the New York police when a serial killer begins committing copycat murders based on situations in his books. After Castle helps crack the case, he then decides to kill off his longtime character and create a new one, named “Nikki Heat,” and research her by shadowing Det. Kate Beckett. And now Castle and Beckett continue to work together on various crimes as they their relationship continues to grow and become deeper.

Story-wise this season is awesome, it still does the great balance between seriousness and humour but it does so in a way that’s a lot more inviting than last season and it feels like there is more of a light-hearted feel overall. This season has a lot of episodic stories that either relate to previous episodes or give us new stories to tell and most of them are great and varied. It is crazy after all this time how much more this show can give viewers in terms of new scenarios to experience like Christmas, science fiction conventions, Bigfoot, the world of pornography, reality TV and going overseas for missions is just a piece of the material going on in this show. But beyond the various stories in the centerpiece tale of Castle and Beckett’s relationship which is finally starting to blossom, the great thing is that it isn’t perfect, there are things to iron out, but it does seem like it is real love between them. These two go through some pretty crazy things as usual but it is very much different to what we have seen before for them individually and apart.


Episode highlights include:

  • After The Storm
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Murder (personal favourite)
  • Secret’s Safe with Me
  • Murder, He Wrote
  • Probable Cause (personal favourite)
  • The Final Frontier (personal favourite)
  • Secret Santa
  • Significant Others
  • Recoil
  • Reality Star Struck
  • Target and Hunt (personal favourite two-part episode)
  • The Wild Rover (personal favourite)
  • The Lives of Others
  • The Fast and the Furriest
  • The Squab and the Quail
  • Still (personal favourite)
  • The Human Factor
  • Watershed (personal favourite)

When it comes to the cast they are still great, there is not one bad performance from the primary cast members and more so than ever you feel really attached to them, like they are family or really good friends you can’t get enough of seeing.

So let’s start with Nathan Fillion who is still just the best as Richard Castle. Castle is still super funny and weird, but he has his useful sides and still proves to be an asset to the police and Beckett in solving crimes. This season we also get to see how much he loves Beckett just in the way he is around her which is a little more caring now that they are together. But this season also presented a few scenarios for him which I have wanted to see for ages and seeing how it rocked Castle’s world and brought him to darkest and most troubled of places was incredible and really showed off Fillion’s acting chops. Stana Katic is once again a delight as Kate Beckett, now that her and Castle are together I feel like Beckett has finally let her hair down a bit and become more fun, but she’s still sassy and driven and has some work from previous episodes to deal with as well as life-changing scenarios on the horizon too. Together Fillion and Katic have the best chemistry ever especially because the experiences that they have shared together, their now ongoing relationship and the different individual stories that bring these two closer together on many occasions.


There is a lot less of Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle mainly because of her life at university but when se is around she is very good and this season might be her most important one for a while now. Susan Sullivan also takes a backseat to the rest of the cast as Martha Rodgers, however she is still as relevant as ever and her advice to Castle is still as important as ever. I’m still loving Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever as Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan. Both of them have their individual quirks and whether their together or just making general conversation with Castle or Beckett, it’s a good time. While I think Esposito is my favourite of the pair, Ryan definitely had his moment to shine this season and I totally loved him for it. Tamala Jones is given a lot less screen time as Lanie Parish, but Jones still plays the character well and looks beautiful as usual. I’ve also really started to take a liking to Penny Johnson Jerald  as Victoria Gates, she’s still serious and all about getting the job done, but now she feels like she belongs because she looks like she cares about the team.

castle-the-wild-rover3 Castle-season-5-episode-19-Beckett-Ryan-Espo

So is there anything I didn’t like? Well there were a few things I wasn’t overly keen on. This season felt like it lacked a certain level of danger and excitement that previous seasons had, also even though I didn’t expect Castle and Beckett’s relationship to be completely solid from the beginning, I was a little troubled with the way the writers kept giving us viewers reason for the relationship to fall apart only after it just started. Oh and one more thing, there wasn’t enough Lanie in this season, boo. 😛


In conclusion Castle season 5 is great season that really pushes the envelope in terms of story and character development by presenting fresh and interesting scenarios for the viewer to become invested in. There was a whole new dynamic brought on by Castle and Beckett’s relationship but luckily it felt forced or boring, it was still fun, exciting and there was multiple emotion moments for us to be invested in. This season felt more like the show I loved in season 3 and I’m really interested to see what happens in season 6, bring it on yo!

Rating: 9/10

So have you do watched Castle and if so are you casual watcher or an avid fan? And if not you’re watching this show, then why not? Whatever your thoughts are be sure to drop them in the comments below and I’ll see you on the next review yo. 😀


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