LATE NEWS: Drew Goddard to Direct The Sinister Six Film

08 Apr

Hello again people of the internet, time for some more late film news and today is another superhero-related news story. The following info comes from superherohype:


Named as the likely candidate for the job back in December, Drew Goddard has officially entered negotiations to helm Columbia Pictures’ The Amazing Spider-Man spinoff The Sinister Six, SuperHeroHype has learned.

Goddard, who made his big screen directorial debut with The Cabin in the Woods (scripted by himself and Joss Whedon), was previously attached to provide the screenplay for The Sinister Six. He’s also exploring another corner of the Marvel Universe with the upcoming Netflix series “Daredevil.” As revealed in December, Goddard will write and direct the first episode of the 13-episode series, which will tie to the upcoming series “Jessica Jones,” “Iron Fist,” and “Luke Cage” before culminating in the crossover miniseries, “The Defenders.”

There’s no announced time frame as of yet for The Sinister Six, although it’s likely to follow The Amazing Spider-Man 3‘s June 10, 2016 release date. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, meanwhile, hits theaters on May 2.”

So it looks like Sony finally have someone to helm their Spider-Man villain spin-off villain ensemble. Now I liked Cabin in the Woods, but I saw it ages after everyone else and when I did watch it I was a bit disappointed considering the amount of hype and praise the film gets. Outside of that film he hasn’t handled any other big films, not that it is a bad thing. If he is being hired to do this film than he must have something that Sony want and all I can say is good luck to him.


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2 responses to “LATE NEWS: Drew Goddard to Direct The Sinister Six Film

  1. lauren

    April 8, 2014 at 1:11 pm

    I like Drew Goodard although he hasn’t handled anything on this scale before, but they must have some faith in him to hand him a major film like this.

  2. Tim The Film Guy

    April 9, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    Cool 😀


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