Karen Gillan Talks ‘Girlie Fights’ in Guardians of the Galaxy

11 Mar

Howdy ladies and gents, even though the day is nearly over, just before it disappears I have finally found some relevant Marvel film news to talk about so let’s get talking. The following info comes from superherohype:


“Not only does Marvel Studios’ upcoming film Guardians of the Galaxy have the distinction of starring a talking raccoon and a sentient tree, but it also features something else none of the other Marvel films have had, a female villain. While there was a female cohort in Iron Man 3, Guardians of the Galaxy will bring us Nebula as played by “Doctor Who” star Karen Gillan and her character will apparently have a very intense fight sequence with the female hero of the film, Gamora, as played by Zoe Saldana.

“Yeah, there’s a big girlie fight sequence, but it’s not that girlie,” Gillan said in an interview with MTV. “They made sure there weren’t any nice pirouettes or anything like that….(Zoe) is really experienced in the physical stuff, she was a ballerina. She’s really amazing at all of that stuff. She barely required any rehearsal, she was like, ‘I can do this.’ I required two months of rehearsals every day that I wasn’t shooting, because I looked like spaghetti when I started….This is the integral one for my character, because it’s not just a physical battle. Their relationship goes very deep, and there’s a huge history between them. So there’s a lot more to it than just the physical.”​

This is some good news, I like the sound of this. Firstly may I just say that Karen Gillan is a gorgeous woman and I am so happy that her career is advancing and she made into this film. Everything I hear about GotG makes me more and more excited and just this little interview gives me more and more hope. Before we continue allow me to go on a tangent for a second… Fight sequences are one of my favourite aspects of any action film and it needs to be done properly, especially when it comes to women. No offence to any of these fight choreographers but they really don’t give women nearly as hardcore and badass fight scenes as mean. I am sure there are specific reasons for that, however there are a few films that have delivered some kick ass fights for women. One good example would be the fight between Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano in Fast 6, now that was awesome, it was rough, brutal, wonderfully choreographed and didn’t look like some girly stuff. There needs to be more action for women like this.

Anyways back to Karen Gillan as Nebula. Basically I like Gillan’s comments, it sounds like we’re gonna have some cool fights on our hands and that there has been training for Gillan to play her part properly. I’m also interested to see how deep her and Gamora’s relationship goes. Also the article writer brings up a good point about Gillan being the first female villain in the MCU which when you think about it is a bit surprising, but the same time there’s not really been a significant threat of the female variety show up yet. At least Marvel Studios are starting here, hopefully we’ll eventually see others, especially Amora the Enchantress.

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