Michael B. Jordan Comments on Fantastic Four Criticisms

07 Mar

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, time for a bit of film news and today’s news story is interesting as it focuses on Michael B. Jordan’s response to the recent backlash involving him taking on the role of Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch. The following information comes from superherohype:


“​Two weeks ago, the cast for Fox’s upcoming reboot of The Fantastic Four was revealed, and some fans were less than enthusiastic about some of the casting decisions. Speaking at an event in Rome (via, star Michael B. Jordan addressed some of the criticisms leveled at the film, specifically the outcry over his casting.

“It was expected. You kinda know going into it that people are used to seeing something one way, it’s a continuity thing more than anything. People don’t like change too much. But annoyed? Eh, you just kinda accept it, it is what it is. You can’t make everybody happy. You just gotta accept that and know. I’m an actor, I have to do my job. I’m going to do my job the best I can and the way I’ve been doing it my entire life, my entire career. I grew up a comic book guy, I read comic books as a kid growing up, and the Fantastic Four/Human Torch is one of my favorite characters so I’m going to give it my everything. I can’t wait. I don’t really let it bother me at all. I just want to go into it and do the best job I can. We’ll see what happens.”

Jordan also elaborated on why he decided on taking the role, saying it will give him an opportunity to do things he doesn’t often do on screen.

“The Human Torch is, ‘yknow, that’s fun. That’s going to be a good time…To play a superhero? That’s dreams coming true. It’s not going to be hard. It’s going to be fun to kind of show a side of me that I don’t really get to show on screen, to be a little bit lighter, funnier, just more personality. It’s going to be fun.”

Now I’ve already ranted about why I don’t like the casting decisions for this film already, but now that I’ve had time to calm down about it, I am willing to give this film a chance, a small chance. That being said I have nothing against Jordan, I like him, very much, just not for this role. And his comments are good, its great that he’s not flipping out over it, he professional and is taking on the world with good sensibilities which is the smart way to play it. The only thing that bugs me is when he says “I grew up a comic book guy, I read comic books as a kid growing up, and the Fantastic Four/Human Torch is one of my favorite characters”. That just sounds a bit fishy, I mean one person in the comments highlighted that and gave pretty much the response I was thinking and here it is:

“really? now every actor reads comics since childhood? and his favorite superhero is the one he is going to play? yeah right haha”

And to be fair this person’s comment does have a bit of weight to it. It just seems very convenient for Michael B. Jordan to grow up not only on comics, but also be a big fan of the Human Torch, the character that he is eventually going to be playing in the next live-action adaptation. Sounds suspicious to me. And going further than that, a lot of celebrities are claiming to be comic book fans prior to doing their films with only a handful actually being genuine, I prefer it when most are honest and say “I don’t know shit”, at you know and then can either slate them or give them a chance. Now maybe Jordan’s telling the truth, maybe he has read comics involving the FF and maybe the Human Torch is one of his favourites, but unless we go to his house and look we will never know.

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