In the Blood Trailer #1 Review

07 Mar

Howdy people and it is once again time for another trailer review and today’s review will be on In the Blood, the next film with a leading role for Gina Carano. Now I happened to catch this trailer by chance and thought that there looked like there’d be enough to talk about, so here we are haha.

Firstly check out the trailer below:

Okay, this seems cheesy as hell, but it also looks like it could be kind of fun.

I mean sure the plot seems very similar to stuff we’ve seen before and there is a lot of absurd and random stuff going on with Gina Carano’s character and the shit she gets up to, but sometimes if handled correctly it can lead to some guilty pleasure fun.

The cool stuff in this trailer just involves Gina Carano running around and kicking ass and to be honest I’m fine with that. Apparently she did well in Haywire and I loved her fight scenes in Fast 6 and while this film doesn’t have the same kind of creative talent, it looks like Carano will still unleash hell on all of these guys. Other cool points to not about the trailer was  Luis Guzmán, love that guy and then there’s Danny Trejo, whenever he makes an appearance in any film you know you’re in for a good time or at least a guilty pleasure kind of time. 🙂

So was there anything I didn’t like about the trailer? Well firstly, any trailer that starts out with dubstep is just asking for trouble, it is such an annoying sound and doesn’t make any trailer look good, AT ALL. Secondly, Carano’s character seems to go to great lengths just to find out what happened to her husband, she better be a cop or something because a lot that stuff she’s doing to people can’t be legal or done by a normal lady. And lastly there wasn’t enough Danny Trejo, that guy is awesome.


In conclusion the first trailer for In the Blood looks decent enough. We have another film where Gina Carano is in a starring role and the action looks pretty mental. The only thing that concerns me is the story, looks very similar to stuff I’ve seen before. This film could just end up being something average or bad, but I’m just hoping that it’ll be good film and that it’ll advance Carano’s acting career a bit.

So what do you think of the second official In the Blood trailer? Whatever your thoughts are, drop them in the comments below and I’ll see ya later! 😀

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