My Thoughts on the new Godzilla image

27 Feb

Hello to all who may be reading this blog post, today I’m just doing a quick impressions post on the new Godzilla that debuted on the internet yesterday. Since the new trailer dropped recently, interest in this film has shot through the roof and understandably so. And now Godzilla is being shown in all his big glory for the world to see thanks to Empire magazine.

Here’s the image below:


I know I’m a bit late when it comes to talking about this image, but I couldn’t leave it unspoken about. In short it is awesome. This image really emphasizes how big and monstrous he is. He’s a frigging towering beast of destruction and he looks amazing. The whole image looks gorgeous with all the smoke, helicopter, men with parachutes in the sky and human soldiers at the bottom with the flare. What I really love is the design of Godzilla himself, for the longest time I’ve been hoping that this American version would get the look right, that we would look similar to the Japanese films but still have a bit more ferocity and fear added thanks to the special effects and it looks like the filmmakers have gotten it right. I really like the head and face design as they are really important aspects of the character.

It really does look like humanity is in trouble and I can’t wait to see how Godzilla wrecks America in this film. As I’ve said before and will say again, I pray that this film is good, because if it works this could mean the resurgence of the series and lead to an eventual Destroy All Monsters film!

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One response to “My Thoughts on the new Godzilla image

  1. Tim The Film Guy

    February 28, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    Was not expecting this to come out but wow 😀


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