We Will Get Our First Look At Guardians of the Galaxy During The Super Bowl

22 Jan

Howdy ladies and gents, time for some film-related news today and now we have the first of a two-parter related to the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. The following information comes from ComicBookMovie:


“Nothing set in stone here, but Screen Crush have updated their Super Bowl movie spot list with a report that Disney/Marvel are trying to get a third trailer in there, which would likely feature our first (official) glimpse of footage from Guardians Of The Galaxy. The site reckon that Disney are “actively trying to acquire a third spot during the 2014 Super Bowl, with speculation that they will use that time to publicly reveal the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.” The other two spots will go to Need For Speed and of course, the Captain America sequel. Short of any sort of conformation of this beforehand, we’ll find out for sure when the 2014 Super Bowl airs on FOX at 6pm on February 2. 

UPDATE: Several outlets have confirmed that we’ll see a GOTG Super Bowl spot.”

TwitterScreenshotYES, YES, YES! When I read this online I was SO happy, I actually shouted and got all crazy excited. FINALLY, FINALLY DAMMIT! This film has been hidden too much and needs to be seen in some form especially since August doesn’t seem that far away any more. GotG is one of my MOST anticipated films and I’ve been longing for Marvel to give us some bloody footage to work with especially since filming finished a little while ago. I want this film to be brilliant and honestly this trailer/tv spot will finally give us some kind of answer as to what to expect. Yes, I have another reason to watch the Super Bowl this year, 2014 is feeling like a good year. 😛


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3 responses to “We Will Get Our First Look At Guardians of the Galaxy During The Super Bowl

  1. Tim The Film Guy

    January 23, 2014 at 7:54 pm

    Told you so!

    Or I said it to someone else haha either way I called it, late jan or early feb 😀


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